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Big Brother 23- Thursday Recap for 9/9/21

September 10, 2021 | 22 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all!  After the first of 2 double evictions, the Cook Out has made it to the final 6. It’s now a fact that statistically, the Cook Out is the best alliance in the history of Big Brother. Never has an alliance of this size made it all the way through without losing one of its members. (Hannah had also always been a member of the CO.  Azha didn’t view her as a full member and the others didn’t want to tell her the name too early because she was young and they were afraid she would spill it)

I mentioned yesterday, I’d only recently realized I wanted to see the Cook Out pull this off and they did. (I’d also like Tiffany to win the entire season but that ain’t looking too good at the moment. Lol)  If this is now the men vs the women, hey, that’s the choice they made. Well, it’s more like men vs women, with an assist from Azha.

I’m not going to get into the details of the episode too much other than a few things. My heart broke for Claire all over again when she left. It was good that she tried to make Xavier’s target bigger (although it may be too late) and poor Alyssa left still not having a clue what happened.

Lets get to the real important questions tho. Who the hell Murray is and why is he gloved up like a superhero to escort them off the stage?

I talked about Claire this week but I want to say one more thing about her. I think it’s unfair to Claire for people to say she was only being understanding because ‘she’s afraid to say what she thinks’ or ‘production got in her head.’ To me, it’s like saying, it’s impossible for Claire to actually be Claire. I had never heard of her before the season so how could I possibly know what she thinks? I’ve only had her camera talks to go by. If you’re questioning her motives, I’d suggest checking out her social media accounts and her best friends comments on them and the person that’s been put in charge of them.  They’ve said, this is who Claire is and she’s being completely sincere. Why try to take that away from her if she means it? Claire also addressed the lack of hugs last night too.  She said she didn’t want the hugs because they were fake. She said people act like they’re upset they evicted you when they absolutely wanted to evict you. Lol

Did you hear Alyssa ask about someone packing her things last night? X immediately said he’d take care of it and you know she’s not getting all her shit back. He’s been ridiculous about his crush on Alyssa. He’s keeping something! The funniest part about the double was all that drama between Tiffany and Xavier over who got to keep their person for what, 30 minutes longer? Hahaha!

Was it dumb for Hannah to win the 2nd HOH last night? I don’t think so. Ya, she’s in trouble now but she didn’t have a crystal ball and she or Tiffany could’ve easily gone home if Alyssa had pulled out a win last night.

I know when she put Ky up to replace Xavier, Ky was pissed. I didn’t understand until later why he was upset. It wasn’t because he’d gone on the block.  It was because Derek had tossed out the idea of giving Alyssa a sympathy vote and that freaked him out a little bit. He’d actually volunteered to go up as a last resort already.

The HOH at the final 6 was crucial and the players knew it too. It’s why Ky, X and Tiffany have been doing mental gymnastics trying to give themselves an edge.  After the HOH comp Kyland came out on top…for now.

With Kyland as the new HOH, he plans to put Hannah and Tiffany on the block.  He spoke to the cameras and said he didn’t want to win this one and I believed him. He doesn’t want to be the person to target Tiffany and Hannah but he DOES want them targeted.  He also said he’d really like to put Xavier and Tiffany up and have them fight it out but said he won’t. We know the comp involved eggs and my guess is, it’s the comp where you roll the egg down a ramp. (Wasn’t it Jackson who figured out it rolled better if you shook the egg first?) It also sounded like Derek was close to winning it and Ky told him he didn’t win on purpose. He said he felt bad and felt like he took the win away from Derek. Derek was bummed but took it ok and even said he couldn’t ask anyone to just give him a win. (Who are you and what did you do with Big D?)  Honestly, I don’t think the loss stuck with him too long because he’s thrilled at the possibility of finally getting rid of Tiffany.

Hannah and Tiffany celebrated privately over the results last night and…well, let’s hope that’s all they were celebrating. (This week is about to get fun!)

Kyland told everyone he only wanted quick 5 to 10 minute meetings last night and plans to have longer ones today. (Wow Steve, you’re screwed!)

Ky’s been trying to fix things with Azha this past week and he kept that going last night. He told her he doesn’t want to put her up, was serious about a final 4 and suggested making a final 3 more official. He said it was fine if she wanted to take some time and think about it.

Ky explained his concern over the votes with Derek and his going otb during the double to Hannah. She’d kept apologizing for putting him up. Hannah also apologized to X but he told her not to worry about it.  Hannah told the cameras, she’s going to have to really put on an act this week and she’s already started.  I really don’t think it matters because if Tiffany doesn’t win the veto, I’d imagine Tiffany’s gone.

Hannah is already starting to downplay her relationship with Tiffany to the others. She told Derek she was nervous about people thinking she and Tiffany were close. Haha

Ky told X he was serious about going to the end with him. X agreed and said they needed each other. (I don’t think X sees the game the way Ky does at all)

Ky started talking about his end game during SB’s last week in the house. He was telling her the way he wanted to play the game and said he wanted to be at the end with the strongest players. SB tried to tell him he was nuts but he just said she didn’t understand. (Quite frankly, I don’t either) I’d think Kyland was a front runner to win the season over both Tiffany and Xavier, if not for this one thing because he’s great in all kinds of comps. He’s pissed a lot of people off but he also has SB and maybe even DX in the jury. He was also able to fade into the background this past week. If Ky could realize that beating the best players meant kicking them out of the damn house, he could actually win this game. We’ve seen how stubborn he is and he feels the way to beat the best is ONLY to beat them at the end. He’s said to the cameras, (and SB) he thought the best players were Tiffany and X. Last night, he said he thought Xavier was the best so I think it really is Xavier’s season to lose now. ( If you follow Ky’s thinking, why doesn’t he go ahead and put up both Tiffany and Xavier? Let them battle it out and show Ky who really is the best.  I’m not saying it’s a good move. It would just follow his own logic.) The thing is, Ky thinks he’ll beat X in a F2 anyway. He told SB that X has an “unearned likeability.”  Even for Ky speak, this this was a unique one.  I guess he thinks the jury will see that Xavier’s likability was “unearned” and it will somehow give Ky the win. Who the hell knows? (I’m familiar with earning respect and other things but likability?)

When Ky spoke with Hannah and Tiffany, he was looking everywhere except directly at them. Hannah may have been picking up on it but I don’t know about Tiffany. (She may actually think she’s fine today. Yikes!) This is why I didn’t waste my time recapping anything that happened in that HOH room between them this week.  It didn’t mean shit! Ky really would be better off if Hannah left this week over Tiffany and maybe that’s what he’s hoping will happen. I don’t know.

Regardless of what happens this week, I’m gonna guess the comp throwing is over!

Check back later for the nomination results and have a nice weekend!


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