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Big Brother 23 – Tuesday Feed Updates

July 20, 2021 | 39 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house which means Frenchie will be spending the next two days coming up with some scheme to stay in the house!  I’m kidding.  He’s toast and he knows it so he’s been spending the last few days just talking about how great of a player he is. He’s also running around telling people they need to entertain the feeders when he’s gone because he apparently thinks he’s Captain BB.

To be fair, I’m beginning to think he’s not wrong so far. This house has been very dull when not talking about Frenchie. I mean he’s been such a big part of the season, the only intro I can talk about is mentioning him giving up. Hopefully, it’s like all things and when a big personality is removed, there becomes a vacuum and someone ends up stepping in. I’m just worried because I’m not seeing a ton of potential for drama with the remaining guys. Who is going to stir stuff up?  Kyland? No way. DX? Nope. Christian is too busy drooling over Alyssa to care about anything else. X is way too chill. On the female side, there never was a lot of drama potential to begin with. I can definitely see Whit getting in some shit if someone rubs her the wrong way, but who is going to do that?

The backyard is still open today which likely means this week’s HoH competition will be a trivia or something non-endurancy. That’s sad because we haven’t had an endurance comp yet which is always fun. Who wouldn’t wanna see Big D hanging from a rope spinning?

So with not much going on, I’m going to start the updates!

  • 11:30 am – DX and Kyland are outside playing pool. Everyone else doing random stuff
    • Feeds are up and down of course but going to try not to complain about it today.  But if I suddenly go missing it’s because I’ve lost my mind and ran off into the woods to sit there yelling at a tree for an hour.
    • The house is planning on some prom. Christian asks ‘Is that today?’ referring to the prom and Claire responds ‘I think it’s Taco Tuesday’.  Claire would be me lol.  Who cares about prom, let’s have tacos!
    • Hannah and Azah are in the bedroom chatting
    • Azah says she’s worried about Derek and Britini.  Hannah says if Claire’s team wins she thinks they’ll go after her team because they’re still full and stacked
    • Hannah thinks if Frenchie didn’t push for the two rogue votes, he’d be okay this week. I doubt it
    • When Azah said she’s worried about Britini she is talking about worrying for her, not about her. She says Brit is her girl so I’m guessing she meant Big D and Brit being vulnerable on Thursday
    • They think Brent has to go soon
  • 12:15 pm – Big D makes his way into the room to talk to Azah
    • Azah tells him that Brent has to go
    • Azah asks Big D about giving him the rundown on what I think is penis size on the guys in the house.  Feeds cut because apparently that is too much?
    • Seems that’s the reason because feeds return and the topic has changed.  They really can’t handle that talk?
    • Meanwhile, most are hanging out in Tiffany’s hair salon
    • She just did Brent’s hair and now working on Christian
    • On this angle, Christian says ‘Not even a single camera on me’.  Guess they forgot about the mirrors.
    • Sarah talking to Big D.  Hannah likes Derek X.  I’d love to see them together!
    • Big DX apparently likes tall girls. Sarah says she thinks DX likes Alyssa
    • The final look
  • 12:55 pm – Hannah is with DX while he cooks.
    • I really don’t like showmances but this needs to happen yesterday. I’d love them as a couple

Going to step out for a bit some stuff came up but the house is just kind of chillin’ around the living room right now anyway

Sorry for the delay in updates today.  This post will explain more

  • 7:00 pm – For obvious reasons I won’t be too upbeat tonight but I’m still here and watching the feeds
    • Just Britini hanging around the table talking.

Actually, I can’t do this tonight. I’m sorry. I will be updating on a normal schedule tomorrow

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