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Big Brother 23 – Tuesday Feed Updates

August 10, 2021 | 34 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, Junkies!

It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house which means if the last few weeks were any indication, the house will sit around and do nothing until tomorrow night when SB and Christian will make boring ass rounds around the house that will not change anyone’s mind. Will it work that way? Hopefully not, but I’m not holding my breath waiting to find out.

I do have a feeling Christian has much more of a fight in him to stay than Brent, Whitney, or Frenchie did so hopefully we’ll get a full week of campaigning to see some action.  Do I really care who stays or goes? No. But I want good feeds and typically good feeds aren’t just people sitting around hoping a miracle happens.

If you missed it yesterday, the rest of the punishments were handed out.  Claire has to wear a unitard and play 52 card pickup whenever the speaker tells her to.  She throws up a deck of cards and is forced to pick them all up.  Much better than kicking soccer balls into a net or other punishments we’ve seen. Meanwhile, Kyland has to cook a club sandwich every time he’s told to.  Not nearly as bad as Alex’s punishment of carrying around her camping gear and setting it all up to cook every time she was asked to. Production is getting soft!

Christian just went into the HoH room so I’m going to jump in there and start live blogging now

  • 12:25 pm – Christian and DX talking in the HoH room

    • DX is trying to convince Christian they’re both similar comp beasts
    • D is telling Christian that he is making the move to him before Christian makes it back to him.  Christian tries to flip it by saying last week he had the chance to evict DX but didn’t.
    • Christian is going to try really hard to cut a deal with DX.  Not sure it’s ever going to happen because the shot has been fired
    • Christian says he’s willing to go after DX’s target so long as it’s not Alyssa
    • Christian wants to keep the Royal Flush together if he stays – lol
  • Meanwhile, Claire gets called for a 52 pickup.

    • She makes it rain with the cards

    • Then has to pick them all up
  • Back in the HoH room.
    • Christian is saying Kyland is leading the Royal Flush and is a big threat
    • Christian tells DX that Kyland said DX was sneaky
    • Christian says ‘everyone has their person’ which is an odd phrase considering that’s Tiffany’s theory
    • DX asks for how long for a cease-fire. I don’t see this having a chance of working.  DX would be a fool to keep Christian after taking the shot.
    • Christian points out if he makes this deal and then sends him to jury, he’s fucked because DX can ruin him in jury.  Right, but that doesn’t count if someone else takes DX out. Someone like maybe X or Alyssa
  • 1:00 pm – After the meeting, all that really came from it is that DX knows he will likely have to target Kyland sooner than later
  • 1:30 pm – Alyssa heads into the HoH room for a meeting with DX

    • Alyssa calls him out right away on how he told her there was no backdoor plan. She asks if he lied. He says no
    • Alyssa says there was someone in the kings who really wanted Hannah out – badly (referring to SB)
    • She’s really pushing an anti-SB campaign
    • Alyssa starts shitting on Christian’s mental comp abilities.  She’s not being mean about Christian but just saying her version of the truth that he’s terrible at mental comps and will likely suffer later on in the season when those become more common.  She then points out SB carried them through the puzzle comp and if she were the one to put the piece on last, Hannah would be out the door.
  • 4:30 pm – DX recapping with his boss Tiffany
  • 5:15 pm – Britini and Claire outside talking about how they’re voting out Christian but they are nervous about actually telling him the truth

    • Britini is really stressing about this Christian thing. Maybe she should have just remained on the block. She wouldn’t have to worry about a vote
  • 6:30 pm – DX chatting with Claire some more while Kyland downstairs making some club sandwiches.
  • 9:30 pm – Alyssa and Christian in the back yard begging us to keep Christian this week

    • Okay we’ll get right on it, bro
    • Surprisingly, Alyssa says she wants Kyland and SB on the block if she wins and wants Kyland gone
    • They are trying to think of a lie that Christian overhead SB tell Kyland ‘now that we got to jury, we have to split it’
    • Sounds like they want to make SB sound like America’s Player
  • 10:45 pm – Outside, Christian is now talking to Britini
    • He tells her that SB doesn’t have a gf.  He says he’s going to tell Azah if SB is willing to lie about something so small what else is she lying about?

I’m heading to bed soon. Christian plans to put his lie in play tomorrow.  While it’s Wednesday and it probably won’t work, the fact that he’s been brewing this up on a Tuesday to prepare for his Wednesday pitch is a slight improvement over the pathetic attempts at campaigning this season. I still don’t think Christian has a shot in hell but I’ll give him three claps for this little attempt

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