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Big Brother 23 – Tuesday Feed Updates

August 24, 2021 | 39 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house and it’s the last full day of Xavier in the house before he enters the 24h punishment he earned from the veto competition. Based on what they said, he should be entering solitary around 5pm tomorrow night and won’t get out until 5pm on live eviction night which means he’ll have no time to finalize any votes before the show.  I mean he can still talk through the door and I believe he’ll be in the HN room so it’s fairly secluded in general. I’m sure Alyssa will be hanging out by the door chatting with him to keep him company and people will check in occasionally. I don’t think they’ll risk shouting game talk through the door, but you never know.

Why this is important is because it shortens the campaigning time DX and Claire have with X as they won’t really be able to starting tomorrow. This means if DX is going to flip X, he has to really come up with some super strong argument about it today.  Right now he’s coming up mostly empty with his arguments other than promising safety due to him likely being able to win the next gambling power. However, DX doesn’t realize the only people with even a shot at playing that game right now are in X’s alliance – unless of course, they give more money outside that one vote. Claire has 100 right now and if she wins 100 next week, she’ll need another 50 to play.

Speaking of the BB Bucks, I had a dream last night about the show – yes, that’s my life – and they really should add in a permanent way to earn safety every week. Something based on chance but also possible fan involvement. Similar to BB Bucks as it is surprisingly the one twist that actually really impacted the house (I mean it literally sent Britini home when she was pretty safe).  I was thinking something like this – There is fan interaction and possibly an ongoing popularity poll. Every few days coins are given out based on popularity (similar to BB Bucks). With those coins, they can play a vending machine-style game you see at arcades.  This makes it pretty luck-based where everyone can play but well-liked players can try a few more times.  Then if they win, they enter a room to do a skill-based challenge.  If they win, they get individual safety that week.

This way it allows luck to mitigate overly popular people steamrolling the game and then even if the person is lucky enough to enter the room, they still have one chance to do a skill challenge otherwise they’re booted from the room and have to start all over with the machine game again.

By doing just one person with safety for one week, it isn’t completely game-breaking. It just adds another wrinkle to the game instead of just the standard hoh, nom, twist, veto, vote format.  Shit, maybe it’s not even popularity-based. Maybe fans vote on challenges that are posted on a board. Anyone who completes those challenges wins the associated coin prize with it.  Easier the challenge, smaller the reward.

Just a thought.  I know there are a ton of wrinkles people will think on how that wouldn’t work but it’s just something I’d like to see them sit around a table and discuss for future seasons.  A way to both get fans more involved, give more stuff for them to do, and a small safety prize each week.


  • 12:30 pm – Not a whole lot going on.  Just an outdoor yoga session that started with DX and Claire but expanded

    • Everyone else just kind of sitting around relaxing
  • 2:45 pm – Tiffany does some cam talking

    • Tiffany says she isn’t going to work the cookout to keep DX but she is going to give him ideas on how to campaign to them to try and stay.
    • Basically, she wants to walk a fine line between appearing too loyal to DX over her alliance and helping him stay.  She would like him to stay
    • I think the reality is starting to form that DX is wildly popular outside the house and this may help her win some BB Bucks (just speculation). Maybe earn some votes for AFP.
    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she’d be happy with DX staying in the house but this entire cookout plan of duos and shit was her idea and she knew she’d be forced to cut ties. And the ironic thing is, DX wasn’t even her pairing. He was supposed to be Hannahs.
    • Another thing that makes me think she wants to keep him is the fact that he’s a shield and a sword.  She knows there will only be 3 non-cookout members left after this week. The clock is ticking on their ‘agreement’ not to target each other.  If it happens where it’s just the CO remaining, she is going to be going against Xavier, Kyland, and Hannah who are all really intelligent and two of them are definitely physically gifted as well (I really don’t know how physical Hannah is because she keeps a low profile. Never works out, etc). Azah is also a threat and Big D is the ideal person to carry to the final 3.  Getting out Claire and SB is going to be easy compared to the real challenge of what Tiffany will face once she fights the CO and she needs a sword in the fight.
    • The same really applies to Hannah as she’s in a similar situation as Tiffany heading into the final 6. Is she really going to want to evict one of the few people she can count on who wouldn’t nominate her moving forward?
    • So while DX is really in a bad situation, it’s looking better the longer the week goes on.  The more they realize how Friday will look when Claire is in the house rather than DX. And you know I love Claire, but she’s no comp beast who will carry Tiffany to the final 2.

Thank you to Zack and Alda for your donation!  I really, really appreciate it!

Speaking of donations, I updated my donation page as I plan to give a big chunk of any remaining donations to my local feline rescue society 🙂

  • 3:15 pm – Alyssa talking to X saying she doesn’t want to tell DX he’s gone by she does

    • Look at this comp beast!  (she legit bragged about her comp wins last night.  Yes, the one she was handed to by Kyland and the other she played with no competition).
    • They talk about DX more and say they think he threw the veto during his HoH week because he didn’t want to do the dirty work.
  • 3:45 pm – DX working Azah now. Telling her that he knows he’ll go. He doesn’t have a chance this season. But wants to make it further to help her, Tiffany, etc
    • He pushes with his general pitch how he can play and keep her safe etc.  I’m not sure how much any of them are buying it but she claims it’s extremely convincing. She’s going to think on it
    • DX leaves and Azah camtalks. Fuck, I love this cast and how much they talk to us.

    • Her feelings are real. She said she was certain he had to go until 30 minutes ago and he brought up some really good points. She then jokes ‘I have a bone to pick with ya’ll, why aren’t you giving me money?’ Don’t worry Azah, it’s not that we don’t like you.  You’re cool. You’re just acting more as furniture than anything else.  You’re a fantastic person though
    • She wants him to take out Alyssa if he wins
    • He wants to just stay a week because America gave him the money and he feels like he let them down by not playing the wheel.  She knows he wants more than a week but she knows she has the numbers to still get rid of him after that.
    • Now she’s getting a bit snarky.  “You all want me to vote to keep Big D (she means Little D) but you haven’t been showing me any love the last two weeks. You want me to keep your favorite guy. That’s cute. Real cute”  Listen, don’t be upset at us because you’re boring and get virtually zero DR time because of it.
    • She says ‘Pros – He is a shield and someone who will go after Alyssa and SB..  Cons – He would target X and Kyland after SB’ – Azah, that’s a fucking pro.  Do you think you’ll be beating either of them in the final 3?  You’re going to need someone to take them both out if you want to get in the finals. Granted it would be with DX, but you have 5 votes on the jury in that situation.  Assuming you don’t screw over your alliance.
  • 6:30 pm – Claire, Tiffany, and DX chatting outside.  X and Azah inside
    • Note – Earlier in the season, I shipped DX and Hannah.  I broke them up.  Now I want DX and Claire
    • Meanwhile, X is working Azah to vote out DX.

Let’s break down DX a minute – He needs 4 votes out of 5 people because X and Alyssa are essentially locked to vote him out.   He may have Tiffany and Hannah but now needs 2 out of Big D, Azah, and Kyland.  Even if he flips Azah and she doesn’t just fall back under X’s mist, she still has to work on Big D and Kyland. There is really no reason why Kyland would want to keep him other than tricking him into casting a pity vote without him realizing DX has the majority with that vote (not happening). Big D has zero reason to keep him as that’s not only his biggest threat in the comp next week, but he brings nothing to D’s table. Claire is simply easier to beat and has a much weaker resume. So in the wild event that Claire somehow finds herself in the final 2 with D, he’ll win 750k with ease. The same can’t be said about DX.

So while it’s nice to hope there is a flip happening, the numbers are just not there for DX.  Not with X and Alyssa so locked in on voting him out.  So, while I’d like to see DX remain and shake up the house, don’t get your hopes up no matter how CBS edits tomorrow or Thursday’s episode.


8:00 pm – Very quiet night in the house. Dinner time for them.

Check back for updates

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