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Big Brother 23 – Tuesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house which is typically a wind-down type of day as they usually do nothing but chill today. Sunday and Tuesday are the big days of the week where they kind of take a break from the game and refocus a bit.  Wednesday is the other day they have no ‘official’ business going on, but they typically spend the day doing one-on-ones, campaigning, etc.

So what do we have going on?  Well, Alyssa is finally putting the pieces together now that she’s made the final 7 and has 0 real allies in the house so that’s always good (Xavier is an ally, but he’s loyal to the CO first – maybe). Last night she pointed out how the house is going to be all minorities once Claire is gone and Big D said something like ‘oh, I didn’t notice’.  How many red flags will be waved in front of Alyssa’s face before she actually gets it?  Big D didn’t notice? Dude notices everything but she believes he didn’t notice this?

She did ask Xavier if she’ll be voted out next because she’s half-white and he asks why she’d ask that (because she’s right).

Side thought – remember when Hannah was debating on waiting to tell people in their good-bye messages about the cookout?  I originally said she’ll only be able to tell 1 person when that happens but now I just realized she won’t be able to tell anyone due to the double (assuming Alyssa leaves). What a missed opportunity to pretend you had much more to do with the alliance than you actually did.

Oh, and last night Kyland spent another night in the HoH bed with Tiffany. I don’t even know what to make of that.  Is that what happens when you go 2 months without any action? Did they actually hook up?  I don’t know, but they’re definitely getting flirty.


  • 10:45 am – Kyland, Alyssa, and X are hanging around the bedroom casually chatting
  • 1:45 pm – We have reached reading cereal box levels of boredom now

    • Meanwhile, upstairs Al is chatting with Big D and he’s humoring her about the future
    • She is talking about how Tiffany needs to go on the block next to Kyland next blah blah.  She’s so clueless.
    • He says zingbot is going to change her ‘dim’ zing to sunshine.  He’s so good at humoring her
    • D says ‘she has to be working with Kyland if she’s willing to lose Claire’ (referring to Tiffany)  Alyssa says ‘for sure!’  yup, sunshine
    • Alyssa is still shocked Claire is on the block because she was totally expecting Kyland.  This secured Tiffany’s secret alliance with Kyland in her mind.  She’s going to be so shocked on Thursday
  • 3:00 pm – Some afternoon snuggles

  • 4:40 pm – Claire is making a pitch to Azah which – like every week – is a waste of time because the votes are locked
    • Claire is pulling out all the stops – ‘Did you come here to play. Take risks’ – it’s useless, Claire.
    • Talk breaks up and Azah gives Claire a ‘you’re going home’ hug and I think Claire knows it because she looked defeated after the conversation

    • I think I’m just a bitter person but I’d really have a hard time voting for Tiffany if I were Claire.  It’s unlikely she’ll even have that problem because Tiff will be the first or second to go once the CO eats itself but I would be bitter. I think I’d be less bitter if it were a game move, but for someone to screw me over who I worked with all season just so they can help someone else win the game?  Nope. That wouldn’t fly with me.
  • 7:50 pm – House is playing the dating game. This house is incredibly slow tonight so I’m out early

Check back tomorrow!


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