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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 7/20/21

July 21, 2021 | 34 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone. I’ve sit here this morning not knowing what to write.  Last night ended on a huge low for many of us.  I read everyone’s comments last night and felt they could have been my own words.  I want to say something about my own relationship with Nickie but I’ve decided to do the recap first. This way, all of you can make the choice whether or not you just want to read about BB today. It is not my intention to continue to make everyone sad but I do have something that I’d like to share later.


We are still in the waiting period for Frenchies eviction so most of the hgs had casual conversations yesterday.  To be honest this, hasn’t bothered me this week. I think it’s because the first week was so fast paced with game that we didn’t really get to know the the hgs in more of a personal way.  As far as the game, if I had to pinpoint the 7 main topics in the house at the moment, they would be…

1. Brent wants a “female” to leave next.  He talks about this openly and in front of women. He’s also started saying that 2 guys have gone home so he’s moved on from Frenchie as if Thursday has already happened.  Brent is also very consumed with himself and talking about himself.  He can talk about himself for hours and hours. Azha is his next target because she corrected something he said in front of other people.  I believe he misused the terms coaster and floater. (Personally, I love someone who knows the difference but Brent does not)  We know Christian was the one who was potentially going to be on Love Island instead of BB but I’m wondering if that isn’t the case for Brent as well because this dude really wants a showmance! Alyssa liking Christian bugs him and Hannah likeing Derek X bugs him. (Brent bugs me)

I’m with Steve, I like the idea of Hannah and Derek X.

2.  Almost the entire house plans to go after Brent next. Derek X can’t but he seems willing to throw the hoh to allow other people to do it. Derek F has sounded like he agrees that Brent needs to leave but he is also on board for a couple of women to leave. Britini said she would target him but I think she  would rather target Hannah. Except for these people, I really think most of the house has made Brent their target next.  She may not be the only one but Tiffany has put in a ton of work to make this happen.

3.  Britini REALLY doesn’t like  Hannah.  I know with moving and everything, I’ve missed some things but I really don’t get Britini’s dislike of Hannah.  She has said it’s because Hannah doesn’t talk game with her but I’m not buying it. If anyone knows what is going on with this, please share.  It isn’t what Britini has said, it’s more how often it’s said. I’ve already lost count of the times she’s worked Hannah’s name into a conversation about her being a target.  This also isn’t one of the main things going on in the house so it probably shouldn’t be on this list. It’s more like something I think we should keep an eye on going forward.  Hannah is very blunt and sarcastic so I’m wondering if she made some snarky comment to Britini early on that Britini is hanging on to because I can’t seem to find another reason.  I could see a sensitive person not thinking Hannah is as funny as I do.

I envision this as Frenchie waving good bye to us.

4. Frenchie has a lot of words and yesterday, he wanted to use all of them.  Remember when he didn’t want to stay if there was a battle back because that was too long to be away from his kids? (It’s the same amount of time to go to jury or to stay and win the game but…nevermind)  Now, he’s telling everyone that wouldn’t be so bad because if he wins a battle back, he will come back when its time to start jury.  He also has a new take on what happened to his game. (He says it alot on camera and does it in a way, that he acts as if he’s part of production and they were just messing with him) The legend he is living, in his own mind, seems to believe that production put 5 “meat heads” in the house with him because they KNEW he did NOT like “meat heads.” It’s as if the entire casting of the season was centered around Frenchie just to challenge him.  Forget about the fact that he lied to most everyone in the house, made an alliance with said meat heads or any of the other 50 things he’s done to harm his game. I also don’t think this is a “meat head” or Bro-ing it up season so far. Sure, there are some guys who are very fit but Kyland and Xavier don’t act as if a bro thing is important to them. Christian is all about the showmance but he DOES socialize with other people in the house, including the women.  He’s been quite receptive to the relationship Tiffany had offered him. Derek X doesn’t fit the bro stereotype and neither does Derek F.  Perhaps Travis wood have wanted a bro alliance but he was also a pretty nice guy.  Honestly, Brent is really the only guy on the cast who seems to do the bro thing. He was Frenchies first target but was talked out of it in 5 minutes by Brent and quickly became his BFF instead.  (The Bro slayer showed up to this party with a match stick instead of a torch)  Frenchie told Tiffany that Hannah was who messed up his hoh week. (This was a new revelation)  He said he thinks Hannah was the one who told Brent about his alliance with the women. Frenchie is actually who told Brent. I know this because well, I have a memory and Frenchie is who tells everyone, everything.

5. Hannah has been talking a lot more game with Tiffany and Claire. This is a good thing because the first week, it almost seemed as if she could be an easy target because she wasn’t being social enough with everyone.  She kind of had the same problem as Azha but in a different way. Azha stayed in her room alot and wanted alone time. Hannah talked to people, she just didn’t open up very much and it made her look suspicious. Hannah was floating around the idea of Alyssa going next over Brent because she thinks Whitney and Brent wouldn’t be very connected without Alyssa there. She discussed this with Tiffany and Claire. They agreed Alyssa could be a problem and discussed which could be the better scenario in the event one of them got the hoh on Thursday. Tiffany and Claire decided later that Alyssa should stay awhile since she’s feeding them info. They’ve also been trying to make a F4 with Christian and Alyssa, even if it’s just for temporary protection that Hannah doesnt know about.

6. Christian still wants out Derek X. Alyssa is trying to talk him out of it and wants them to throw the hoh if possible so they can stay good with Slaughterhouse. Alyssa may be shomancing which is nauseating to me but I’ve always said I didn’t care if they were playing the game. Alyssa is playing the game so good for her.

7. Sarah Beth is more loyal to Kyand than I think he is to her. She doesn’t want to win the next hoh either. (This could be a really easy win for someone since no one appears to want it)  I really like the alliance she has with Tiffany and Claire and depending on how things play out, I could see her trust in Kyland being her downfall.  I know it’s too soon for that but these are the kind of small, early things I like to keep an eye on.  I do think he is loyal to her. I just think he’s more loyal, at least for now, to the Cookout.

That’s it for my recap of yesterday but like I said, I’d like to say something more personal before I finish today.


Steves BBJ blog is not the only update and spoiler site I started out reading years ago. I would read multiple site and also read the first few comments on those sites as well. Honestly, it didn’t even occur to me to leave a comment, even though I had lots of opinions and thoughts. I also wanted someone to share the BB viewing experience with because no one in my family watched Big Brother at the time.  I don’t know if any of you have experienced this and maybe it seems silly but there was something intimidating about joining in the conversation.  While reading comments from people, you quickly figured out, they had a relationship or a history with each other that’s built over time and you knew you weren’t a part of that history.  Not to mention, all the times I watched someone (obviously new) comment on some site and see all the regulars verbally flog them as if it were sport.

Steve’s way of writing and NK’s hilarious comments kept me coming back to this site more and more. Not only was she welcoming to everyone new, she had a way of encouraging that in others.  One day, I finally left a comment, which quickly turned into very lengthy comments, which turned into jokes about how lengthy my comments were.  NK and others were very welcoming here and this became my BB home. I was always apologizing for how long my posts were and NK was always telling me to stop apologizing. This turned into a very kind invitation from Steve to write occasionaly that year on his blog. (I used to say NK got him to make the offer just so I would stop clogging up the comment section)  Just like leaving comments, this felt very intimidating to me at first.  I felt very comfortable at the bottom of the page but not so much at the top of it.  NK was full of kindness and praise in the comment section whenever I would post something but what no one ever read were the private msgs she sent me.  They were full of snarky jokes and lots of encouragement on my writing.  She was obviously someone who believed in lifting people up rather than tearing them down.  She helped me so much that first season and no one ever knew it.  Over time, we built a friendship, a real friendship.  Sometimes, we would joke about whichever of her BBJ “children” she had to keep in line from the night before, amongst other things.  She was one of the quickest witted people I think I’ve ever known.

I know internet friendships are nothing new but it was to me because I wasn’t really interactive online before, except for here.  Steve, Nickie and the people on this site were really my first experience with growing to care about people I’d never actually met.

I hope Steve is successful in locating her family because she touched so many people here and I’d like for them to know it.  The way she loved all things BB is what I’ve been reminding myself since last night.  It’s what I had to keep in my head in order to do a recap today. It’s probably how Steve will need to think in order to do his afternoon blog and that’s how I hope all of you will be able to comment and continue to share the experience this season.

After getting to know her, as much as one can online,  I truly believe Nickie would want us to enjoy our time here together.  I also think she would want thoughts, memories and shared stories of her to be happy and light hearted.

I know I didn’t do justice to her with what I just wrote. I know what’s in my heart but it just won’t come out in words. I hope you can understand and I have a feeling, you do. For those of you who weren’t familiar with her, please be patient with the rest of us.

Until tomorrow, I hope you all have the best Wednesday possible and NkogNeeTow, RIP my friend.


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