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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 8/10/21

August 11, 2021 | 6 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies. Sorry I’m a little late today. I have put off so much work lately, I had a ton of appointments I had to set up before doing the recap. At a certain point, you remember all this remodeling has to be paid for so time to focus more on work. I’m still working on the remodel and yesterday, I built out closets. At least I’ll finally be able to unpack more of my stuff! I’ve mentioned before, I have a power tool obsession and working with wood but unfortunately, my passion for it exceeds my skill level. I swear, I think everything I do takes me 4 times longer than it would someone who actually knew what they were doing!

Things are amping up a little in the BB house and personalities are starting to clash more.  Christian and Alyssa did more campaigning and Sarah Beth wondered if she should be campaigning.  Christian has gotten creative and offered complete control of his HOH (if he gets another one) to the Jokers to control as long as it isn’t Alyssa going up.  Unfortunately for him, Alyssa is who Britini and Azha would prefer leave next.

He’s also came up with a plan to tell people (Tiffany) he overheard SB and Kyland talking about earning money because they’ve made it to jury. This is a little out there but honestly, in a different situation, this could probably work. It’s because there’s already been speculation over SB being some type of America’s player.

Heres a rundown of the day: 

  •  Kyland kept making sandwiches and Claire continued with her 52 card pick up.
  •  The Jokers have been lying to Christian and saying they’re going to keep him. Britini has taken it further. She’s acting like she’s working for Christian this week.
  • Azha warned Kyland about how the house is starting to view he and SB as too close.
  •  Everyone keeps telling SB to lay low and not do too much. (We’ve seen this before and its a frustrating situation to be in because you want to campaign, just to be sure, but you don’t want to annoy people when they’ve already told you they’re keeping you)  SB doesn’t seem to comprehend that it isn’t a do nothing or campaign to stay choice. If they told me I was staying, I’m not going to keep asking. What I AM gonna do tho, is hang out with them alot, have a good time with them and try to have talks about next week or anything at all.  It’s a way not to hound them over the vote but still build those relationships.
  •  Christian campaigned to DX which doesn’t make sense because there won’t even be a tie breaker this week.  He said a couple of good things but the problem is, he should’ve said them last week, while he was the HOH.  That was the time to have those conversations. Sure, he made an agreement with Hannah and DX last week but Alyssa did almost all of the talking and Hannah was already sitting on the block at the time. (he didn’t sell it or put in any effort)
  •  Claire did some camera talking and wondered if the Jokers would try to keep Christian. Claire isn’t the best social player but she has a good strategic mind so I can understand why she’d think this was a possibility. (The best move for the Jokers is absolutely to keep Christian and someone who is strategic can see that)

Side note:

The Jokers have never had any power in this game. (Yes, I know teams are gone, it’s just a faster way to say: Big D, Britini and Azha)  Anyway, they’ve never got to pick the target or have any influence over it. Keeping Christian, while simultaneously having Tiffany and Claire NOT keep him, would completely shift the power in the house. He’s great in comps and would probably be loyal to them moving forward because they kept him. (missed opportunity)

  • Christian campaigned to Hannah and she reminded him that he’d put her otb last week. She asked if he could come back to her with a good reason as to why he put her up. (She’s so direct. Lol)
  • DX talked to Tiffany and expressed his concerns about working with Xavier.  Tiffany told him that it was only because Christian was still there and X should be better with him after Christian left. (Tiffany trying to force DX and X to work together is the equivalent of the square peg, round hole)  Dx has picked up on the fact that Tiffany is more distant from Kyland than she was at the beginning of the game.  He mentioned this to her and she admitted it was true.  They discussed how X would be pissed off if they tried to take out Alyssa right after Christian and both agreed that taking out SB would weaken Kyland.  (We already know Tiffany wants it to happen and DX said he would be OK with it too.)

  •  During his campaigning, Christian told DX that Kyland said DX is sketchy. Later, DX told this to Hannah. He’s starting to feel like they’re best option is to stick with Tiffany and Claire to the F4. He feels he and Hannah can beat them in comps at the end. Hannah said she thinks that’s a good plan and thinks Big D and Azha should be 5 and 6.  DX said he thought maybe it should be Kyland and SB because he feels if its Big D and Azha, Tiffany and Claire will try to take out DX and Hannah over them. If it’s Kyland and SB, he thinks they’d go for them instead. (Tiffany has put the work in to pull DX away from Ky)
  • They’re also hoping Alyssa keeps thinking either Ky or SB are responsible for this week to take some heat off DX. (This would be great for DX except for the fact that Xavier knows its DX. X is the biggest threat to DX’s game right now.  Where Alyssa would probably put up DX and SB, Xavier might put up DX and a pawn….or if Tiff keeps working on X, he may just put DX up with Ky)
  •  Christian and Alyssa made plans for more campaigning today and they think their focus needs to be Claire, Britini and Azha. (No, no, no!  If this has a chance in hell of working, he needs to focus on Azha, Britini and Big D.  If he has all 3 Jokers, he doesn’t NEED the Queens.  I’m not saying there’s a high percentage it would happen, but it’s his best option imo. He should also be pounding home Big D’s fear of sending more men home since Big D has been obsessed with that this season.)

Side note:

Christian filled in Britini on his plan to make Tiffany think SB is Americas player. Later, she seemed to be waffling a little over the vote and Azha reminded her that Christian needed to go. Britini had been stressing because Christian keeps involving her so much. Well…its because Britini was enjoying tricking Christian and wanted to be in the middle of it.  You can’t be stressed out that Christian keeps cornering you to talk while simultaneously sticking yourself right in the middle of it. (Memphis did one thing well last season and that was just telling people shortly after noms were locked that he wasn’t keeping them.  He never had to deal with people campaigning to him all season and they walked away from it actually respecting the fact that he was up front with them)

  • Tiffany is annoyed over Christian hounding her about the vote. (She’d already told him she didn’t know what she’d do this week)  Because the Jokers keep leading Christian to think they’ll keep him, she said it’s making Christian think she is a swing vote and she’s tired of it. (mainly Big D and Britini. Azha told Christian she hasn’t decided yet)  Tiffany told big D, Azha and Britini, they needed to tell Christian they weren’t keeping him. (This didn’t go over very well)  She told them they were lying to him and it was putting her in a bad spot. Britini expressed to Tiffany she didn’t want to tell Christian because it would put her in a bad spot if he knew. Tiffany correctly pointed out that allowing Alyssa to think Britini was keeping Christian if she isn’t, while Alyssa is staying in the game, isn’t a smart move.
  •  Christian had also already asked Britini to hold some kind of meeting with his potential voters. (You know, the ole ‘get them in a room together and have them agree to it’ kind of meeting)
  •  Tiffany just wants to tell him and said she plans on telling him that her vote is not a swing vote and he does NOT have the votes to stay. (Claire has already hinted at this to him) Britini and Azha are not happy with this plan.  The only thing they agree on is that Britini shouldn’t have the meeting Christian wanted her to have.
  •  After Tiffany left, Big D and Azha we’re ticked off at Tiffany. Big D started talking again about taking out Tiffany.  He’s been saying once they got to the 6, Tiffany needed to be the first to go. Last night, he said he didn’t care about the cook out anymore and he wanted her to go before they got down to the 6. Azha, who is equally frustrated with Tiffany, tried to talk Big D off of this idea.  He said he at least wanted to win and use Tiffany as a pawn to show her that she can’t boss him around. (Haha, he’s gotta win one first but I’d love to see this happen!)  Big D took offense to Tiffany calling them liars too.
  • Tiffany was talking about them lying to Christian but I think this touched a nerve with Big D. For some reason, his strategy is to tell everyone, every week, he’s voting to keep them.  It’s almost like Tiffany was calling his game strategies stupid, without realizing that’s what she was doing. Big D said he’s done with Tiffany.
  • Azha is convinced Britini was the only person who was in on the backdoor plan this week.  She thinks Tiffany still wants SB to leave and thinks Tiffany is just pissed off because she isn’t getting her way this week. (Ummmm, no)
  • DX cam talked about things Kyland recently told him. (He’s been working on DX after laying down on the job lately)  Kyland told him he wants the 2 of them to go to the end together and said he doesn’t want to go to the end with a woman since there will be so many women in the jury. Ky also told him SB isn’t his #1 and his relationship with SB helps the two of them. He’d said it was because when Ky gets put on the block, he’ll probably get put up with SB instead of DX. (DX sounded like he beleived Kyland.
  • Every time Tiff pulls DX away, Ky pulls him back. It’s a fun tug of war to watch, poor DX)

We’ll have to wait and see how much trouble Tiffany has gotten herself into this week.  Tiffany doesn’t do well (I’ve mentioned this before) relating to Big D and Azha on an emotional level.  Tiffany recently realized she had a hard time communicating game strategy with Azha but her solution was was to stop talking game with her as much.  I think that’s a mistake because she doesn’t need to stop. She needs to change the way she approaches it with emotionally driven players….basically, all 3 former Jokers.

Have a great Wednesday!


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