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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 8/24/21

August 25, 2021 | 26 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! Were getting closer to Thursday and DX’s eviction but he’s not going out without a fight.  At least we’ve seen people campaign and really try to stay this year. Christian and Britini tried hard and DX is too.  His situation is a bit different because Christian went out on a true back door and Britini became last weeks target because of a twist. DX is being backdoored too but he could’ve played the comp for the twist and secured his safety. Hannah talked him out of it and he didn’t. Of all 3 of them, DX could’ve done the most for himself to make sure he wouldn’t leave this week.

DX campaigning to Xavier

I could look past people not picking up on the Cook Out earlier in the game.  I don’t think the 6 have ever met as a group, even one time. However, every week that goes by should make it more and more obvious. The longer players stay in the house, the more responsible I think they are for not seeing it.  I’m mentioning this because there’s one glaring clue DX has had in front of him the entire time.  DX, Tiffany and Hannah came up with 50 different plans this week but this one should have told him something.  It’s when they came up with the idea to try and get SB to put Hannah up instead of DX.   Hannah supported this plan and the question should’ve been ‘why?’  Why would Hannah be so laid back about going up, especially during a week when the HOH was someone who tried extremely hard to get Hannah out and very recently?  Obviously, I don’t fault Claire for this one because she wasn’t aware of the plan.

I can’t wait to see the edit for the episode tonight. (Sarcasm)  I’m just wondering how much of a mastermind Big D will be on the show.  Production was almost ready to throw him under the BB bus and touched on the way he spoke about some of the women in the house. Immediately after that, the tv audience gave him all that BB money and production said ‘ahh, hell no, we gotta throw this BB bus into reverse!’  (Actually, if feels like the bus was moving down the highway and DX decided to jump out. After that, Big D said he’d drive because it was a job he could do sitting down) If they’re (production)gonna lose DX, I’m guessing they’re going to let Big D fill the role of Americas fave.

I’d also like to see Kyland get the credit he deserves for this week on the episode too. I know some people are sick of him and how condescending he’s become but it doesn’t change what he managed to do this week. It was HUGE for the Cook Out and mainly, the men in the Cook Out.

Here’s the summary of what happened yesterday:

  •  Xavier was putting in some work since he knew he’d be away from everyone for 24 hours. He knew he needed to lock down DX leaving this week.  (What he was really doing was making sure Tiffany couldn’t do any damage while he’s in his 24 hour lockdown)
  •  Hannah has been throwing Tiffany under the bus a little bit to the guys in the cook out. It’s working because she’s positioning herself to be the top choice of the Cook Out women to keep, possibly even over Azha.
  •  Kyand talked to Tiffany about her campaigning for DX. He said Hannah was coming to him saying she didn’t think it was fair she was having to convince other people in the cookout to take DX out. She’d said, especially since DX is supposed to be her person. Tiffany asked Ky if he was talking about her and he said not if she wasn’t the one doing it. (Haha) He said maybe it was other people. (yeah, sure) He went over (for the 1000th time) how much work he’d put in this week for the group and how it shouldn’t go to waste. This obviously pissed her off but she tried to be nice. (By nice, I mean that way Tiffany is nice but it’s dripping with sarcasm) She said it was obvious that up to this point, the guys have been pulling all the weight and doing all the work so she was just going to go with the flow, didn’t want to talk about it anymore and didn’t have an opinion. (Yeah, that’s not even a little true)
  • Xavier, Kyland and Big D have a plan for Big D to win the coin of destiny and take out SB but blame it on Tiffany. There’s also talk of Tiffany and Claire going on the block to take Claire out. Xavier pushed to Big D the idea that Tiffany just doesn’t want to go on the block with Claire and that’s why she’s doing a lot of the stuff she’s doing. (Azha and Tiffany are the only people left who haven’t been otb)

Speaking of going otb, I’m curious to see if X would’ve won the veto without taking the punishment to be the 3rd nom. The others arn’t a big deal but that was a stupid move and really unnecessary imo.

  •  Hannah continued to try to help DX with his campaign while simultaneously sabotaging it to Xavier and Ky. (This seems like a lot of extra energy and honestly I don’t get it)  I’m sure DX is mature enough that he can handle the fact that Hannah lied to him and has been in another alliance all along. What I think is going to piss him off is shit like this.
  • Claire campaigned too.  I’m not sure what to say beyond that because she was sooooo bad at it.  I really like Claire but she sounded like she was giving a 2nd grade presentation in front of her class…and one she hadn’t really prepared to give.
  • Tiffany told X that SB proved DX wasn’t untouchable because she managed to get him otb. (Tiff wants to keep DX because she knows he’s good for her game but that’s not the only reason. It’s been mentioned before so I’m not speculating on this one.  It’s driving her crazy that SB will have getting DX out on Her resume, if for some reason SB made it to the end) Tiffany was also trying to say she didn’t know where Claire’s head was anymore to make her seem like more of a wildcard than DX. X wasn’t biting on it at all.
  •  There was a funny moment when Azha was talking to the camera. She was complaining about America only giving her 50 bucks so why should she try to keep america’s fave. DX’s campaign really worked on her.  I just said yesterday morning, she wasn’t messing around and told Hannah no about keeping DX. He really convinced her and even choked up a little while talking to her. DX said he knew he couldn’t win the game anymore but he wanted to see the women he was close to do well and he’d like to stay long enough to help them.
  • Azha looks great in yellow:
  • Azha spent a considerable amount of time debating Xavier on the issue and that honestly, surprised me.
  •  Tiffany switched from trying to campaign for DX to giving him advice on what to say to specific people, mainly X and Ky.
  •  SB and Big D were bonding over DX leaving this week. (At least, SB thinks they are) She went around looking for assurance her plan will go through. (Well, Ky’s plan) Big D told her he wanted DX out and said it was because he tried to get him out last week. (I don’t know what the hell Big D was talking about. I have to stop and remember, he’s playing an entirely different game in his head than the one going on in the house) He claims to still be mad and feels betrayed by DX from the 1st week, when Frenchie was there.  Obviously, I can’t fault Big D for wanting DX to go but his reasoning is just nuts!
  •  Hannah and Tiffany talked about the attitude the men in the cook out are starting to get. They don’t like the guys seem arrogant and are acting like they’ve carried them through the game. They acknowledged the guys have been winning the comps but Tiffany pointed out, it’s been the women who’ve done a lot of work to keep the guys from being targets. (She ain’t lyin’)  Hannah was also feeling a little paranoid over knowing Ky told Tiffany the shit she’d said to Ky about Tiffany trying to keep DX.
  •  SB complained to Ky that no one was coming to her to talk to her about the vote.  They also hung out with Big D. SB talked about celebrating when Ky wins his 3rd hoh.  (4th) SB is convinced that Big D will keep her safe next week with the coin power….the guy who plans on using it to take her out.
  • There was tons of campaigning from DX and it was good campaigning but I didn’t get into much of the specifics because it wasn’t working, except on Azha for a while.

I like DX so much more than Sarah Beth (not saying I don’t like her) but it’s weird, I’ve spent more time this week thinking about her game. With the numbers getting lopsided, it was going to be hard for anyone not in the 6 to make it to the end. SB took it to another level tho because this was a really bad move for her even if the 6 didn’t exist. She put up Claire, who is in an alliance with her, the week was completely controlled by someone else and she didn’t do, even close to what it seemed like she had planned at the beginning of her HOH. Her game is over at this point and if by some miracle she gets to the end, she’ll never get the votes.  The entire house will know she was a puppet. She talked to the cameras again and said we could give DX AFP to make up for the 5k he let her have if we wanted.   Is if this had actually been her HOH, this would’ve been funny. (I don’t mind when players give a big FU to the fans because it’s good for their games) SB could make a good BB villain if she wasn’t so wrong about everything.

Have a great Wednesday!



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