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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 8/3/21

August 4, 2021 | 14 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning friends!  Game, game, game. It is constant gaming in this house. Whether it’s a game they’ve created for fun or strategizing for the actual game they are there to play, it’s a lot and its all the time!

This group of houseguests are so funny, quick witted and intelligent, that I don’t even seem to mind the thing they’ve came up with to entertain themselves. Things like potball from BB17 or charades from multiple seasons have never been my cup of tea. (Ya’ll know I’m more of a coffee girl anyway) However, I’m not even bored when they’re making up songs, dances or having a mock trial.  How could I be? These are a talented group of people. (You just know, Tommy from BB21 feels like he was cast for the wrong season, although I don’t think he could’ve handled the competition on this one)


They don’t let their personal entertainment get in the way from actual gaming and yesterday was no exception. Today, I’ll just sum up where people are at in the house heading into Thursday. I’m basing it off the game talk from yesterday so it will still be a recap.

We’ve been speculating the wall camp could be this week since it’s one they tend to let us see on the feeds. It may be something different but for the purpose of speculation, I’m going to go with the wall. Obviously, there are exceptions as to who can do well in a wall comp. (We saw Jackson win it in BB21)  If I take that out of it and simply base it on body types that tend to do well, here’s who I think would have the best odds: Alyssa, Hannah and Derek X. (I’m not sure Derek X would want it tho and he may be a bit tall for it) Sarah Beth could do well, I think Claire may be too tall for it and Tiffany could do well but I don’t think she’d want it. Kyland could also do well if you factor in the Jackson thing. I know he’s talked about trying to downplay his physical strength but he’s admitted it’s hard because he said ego gets in the way. (there’s been some workouts he’s wanted to join in and do but has held himself back)  Hell, Britini could win it.

Now that I’ve really thought about it, anything could happen on Thursday. (so much for predicting how next week might go) I’ll just go back to summing up the games of the houseguests.

  • Whitney She’s done.  She hasn’t strategized, she hasn’t campaigned and she’s going home. To be fair, there isn’t anything Whitney can do to save herself. On the other hand, there were things she could’ve been doing the past couple of weeks to avoid being in the position she’s in so it’s still her fault she’s leaving imo.
  • Tiffany She’s in the best position in the house and by far.  She could also be walking a bit of a tight rope because she’s got a lot of balls in the air. (I think I just combined 2 different circus acts but you get the point)  Everyone trusts her, everyone wants to work with her and everyone tells her stuff.  I agree with her that Claire is smart and could catch on to her other alliance but I don’t agree with wanting to take Claire out this soon.  (She’s talking about getting Claire out right after jury starts) I think that’s a mistake but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. We know Tiffany changes her mind often and adjusts her game based on new information so she may change her mind about it.  I also don’t think it’s smart for Tiffany’s own personal game to stick with the cook out till the end.  I just don’t see a scenario where the cook out lets her get past final 5 or 6.  At some point they’re going to see how well positioned she is, aren’t they?
  • Kyland He’s in a little trouble but he’s still positioned well. After Tiffany told him he needed to lay low recently, he’s laid too low. He still has a F2 with Tiffany. (She says she doesn’t want it anymore but that could change) He’s in a F3 with Big D and Xavier, a F2 with Derek X and people still want to work with him.  He’ll take a hit if they get rid of Sarah Beth but he also wouldn’t seem as threatening anymore if she was gone.
  • Sarah Beth She really tanked her game this week.  She pushed way too hard to get what she wanted and she didn’t have any leverage to begin with. You can’t go in wanting to lay low and float, while also acting like you’re in a position of power and try to call the shots.  I think it was good for her to suggest they take out Hannah and even do a little manipulating to try to get it to happen. Once she saw no one was biting on it, she needed to file that info in her brain, try to secretly figure out why Hannah was so protected but move on.  She shouldn’t have told the entire Royal Flush alliance that she needed Hannah out for her OWN game. (I mean, so what? They don’t and you’re not the HOH) She never should’ve told Kyland about her Jackpot alliance with Claire and Tiffany (which he let slip to Tiffany) and she should’ve kept working the Jackpot alliance but she hasn’t done that. She could also win the HOH on Thursday or the Veto (if she’s on the block) and it could be a whole new game. I like SB but I’m not sure her game can bounce back from this.
  • Derek X  He started the game about as far to the bottom as a person can start. He also knew very little about BB. I’ve been really impressed with him so far but like Claire, he’s getting himself into a bad position. Hannah (one of his closest allies) is more loyal to Tiffany than him and that’s not good. Whitney leaving is terrible for his game.  She trusted him before this week and she could have been a number for him. Luckily, he has 3 things going for him which can buy him some time. First, Tiffany has it in her head that Derek X has to be the one to take out Christian. (this means Tiff doesn’t want him to leave soon) Second, he’s shown he’s good in comps.  Just because they decide it’s his week to leave, doesn’t mean Derek X is going to let that happen. Third, he has a close game relationship with Kyland.  I don’t think Kyland is going to just lay down and let Tiffany take out both Sarah Beth and Derek X without putting up a fight.  I would feel better about his game if he’d gone to Kyland and tried to build his own thing with him and Sarah Beth instead of helping to target her. With Tiffany in Hannah’s ear, that may not have been possible tho. (Out of the cook out, Kyland has seemed the most open to not staying loyal to it and  that could be the opening Derek X needs)
  • Hannah For someone otb, her position has greatly improved.  She has no chance of going home on Thursday, Tiffany has decided she’d like to have a final 2 with her and Derek X is very loyal to her. She has the cook out protecting her (except for maybe Azha) and she’s not scared to make moves in the game.  Her downside could also be Tiffany.  She has a lot to do with Hannah’s new position and that could go away as easily as it came.  Sarah Beth. as of now, is the only person targeting her.
  • Claire  She’s always talked game with Derek X but she’s been doing more of it lately on her own. (without Tiffany)  She’s also starting to suspect there is another alliance within their larger one and that’s good.  It’s bad that Tiffany’s on this new kick about wanting her to go to jury soon but it’s good that she’s guaranteed safety for another week. Like Derek X, this buys her some time. (I’m not sure what she can do with that time.  Every person Claire has a relationship with, Tiffany has a closer one.  I think the best thing she could do for herself is try to win the HOH after this one.  Being in a power position could allow her some leverage to form something new with other people.  She has good gaming instincts and she’s the one who got the ball rolling for Tiffany not to trust Kyland as much.  She almost needs to do the impossible, which is to make Tiffany doubt her other close allies.  For the moment, I think that’s just too many people.
  • Xavier He’s laid very low and almost too low.  He doesn’t seem to be in the middle of the main strategizing going on but he was also just the HOH and managed to leave the week with no one after him.  He’s included in alot of alliances that are F4’s and F3’s.  It’s almost like Kylands loss was his gain this week.
  • Christian He’s the hoh, has won alot of comps and no one wants him out yet? Wth? His social game is very good, people seem to like him and if he goes otb with his shomance, half the house would rather Alyssa be the one to go.  It’s a good strategy to use him as a shield like Tiffany is doing but there’s a problem with it. If the entire house wants to use someone as a shield, are you still a shield?  I think at that point, you just become someone in the house that no one wants to take out.  He and Britini discussed a potential F2 which they finalized so he’s also playing a little self interested and I didn’t see that coming from him.
  • Alyssa  She’s been able to benefit from the hoh without being the hoh.  She has her fake final 4 with Tiffany and Claire but it may be real to her and Christian. Sure, it’s bad that she doesn’t know about the cook out but it helps her not be a target yet.  She also used this week to create a deal with Hannah and Derek X. They’ve agreed not to target each other. Even though she didn’t do the best job selling it to Hannah, it could still buy them a couple of weeks.
  • Britini I don’t think her position has changed, in spite of the new F2 with Christian.  She could have used this free week off the block to build something with other people but she hasn’t.  Even if she’s not the target next week,  she’s an easy person to go up beside the target. If the target wins the veto, she could be an easy person to take out as a consolation prize.
  • Azha She’s well protected by the cook out but what if someone like Alyssa wins the hoh?  She’s been mentioned as a target by a few people and Alyssa is one of those people.  She still has this weird thing with Hannah and refuses to include her in the 6. She refers to the cook out as “the 5 plus Hannah” as recently as yesterday. If Hannah and Azha somehow end up otb together, I think they’ll just let Azha go. She’s too hard to strategize with and I don’t think she’s going to play self interested even when the teams end. She suggested to Claire the Jokers and Queens should team up to take out the Kings. (Welcome to BB Azha, you just happen to be a couple of weeks behind)
  • Big D  Like Britini, I don’t see him winning this game. I do see him going as far as F3 if someone wants to drag him there.  His game consists of obsessing over there being too many women in the house. That’s pretty much it.  I could also see him not making it to the end because if the cook out needs to lose somebody, I could see it being him, like with Azha.  He talks daily about what he would do if he wins the HOH while having no intention of winning the HOH.  Claire is the only person I’ve heard mention the need to possibly get him out sooner vs later.  She doesn’t see him as a threat but rather someone people could want to take to the end.  She’s smart enough to know, that’s what makes him a threat.

Here’s the other main topics from yesterday that weren’t covered by going over the players games:

  1.  Claire and Tiffany talked about trying to get DX to take Christian out during the double, the possible need for Kyland to go on the block with Sarah Beth. He wouldn’t be the target but it’s sure going to piss him off.
  2. Azha, who hasn’t been on board with taking out SB,  told Tiffany she’d be ok with it.
  3. Kyland and Tiffany had a convo trying to fix the weird tension between them. They both said things are good….they aren’t.
  4. Alyssa is still lying to Hannah about whether or not SB was targeting her. Hannah knows she’s lying.

Have a great Wednesday!


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