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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 8/30/21

August 31, 2021 | 41 Comments
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Author: Mel

Mornin’ my BB Junkies! I’d like to say yesterday had me on the edge of my seat buuuutttttt, it didn’t. Hey, every day can’t be a feeds party. Yesterday was more like the hangover day after a party. (Boy, do I remember hangovers!)  I wonder how many people in their 20’s look at hangovers as a challenge.  I’m not saying that only happens in your 20’s but it just seems to be a decade where you go out of your way to torture yourself. Rather than learning, you tend to say ‘You will not defeat me!’ or ‘I accept this challenge….again!’  (I swear I’m not drunk this morning and have no idea where that came from)

I did warn you, it wasn’t a busy day on the feeds. There may have been an accident or a small fire in the house or something?? Xavier made a comment about having to rewash all the dishes because of the fire extinguisher and Hannah’s arm was also bandaged.  It wasn’t the kind of bandage you’d normally use for a burn so I don’t know what the hell happened. I’m going to guess whatever it was, it wasn’t too big of a deal because it didn’t seem to be a topic in the house. (They should’ve called Sam)

The best thing I saw last night was a Twitter thread of people digging up Kylands old customer service complaints to a TON of different companies and it was hilarious Here’s a couple of my favorites Tweets: (it was pretty good natured)

  • I live in the midwest so eggs are less than $2 a dozen, not that anyone cares.
  • This one cracked me up:

We haven’t had much of that stuff this season and as long as it stays harmless, I enjoy it. Remember the clip of Holly at the Miss Wyoming pageant? “Holly Allen, 24, Wyoming.”  A couple years before that, there was Raven and cataloging all her illnesses. (good times)

The only thing I really noticed making the rounds this season was a bunch of videos of Sarah Beth in her cosplay costumes performing songs. It’s not my cup of tea but if people who didn’t like her thought they were gonna drag her on Twitter with those, they may have to dig deeper. They were silly and cute and if it’s something she’s into, go for it. You do you, SB!

I don’t know how many of you have have seen the clip that’s been circulating of Tiffany saying “fuck Sarah Beth and I said that shit.” It cracks me up every time I watch it. If it wasn’t for having grand kids around so often, I swear I’d make it my ringtone. Tiffany made the comment one night when the hg’s were sitting around assigning everyone animals to represent them. I think Sarah Beth suggested a Llama or something similar for Tiffany. (This was after it was suggested Sarah Beth was a sloth) Anyway, I’d put the clip on here if I knew how but ad you all know….I don’t. (Sometimes, it boggles my mind that Steve keeps me around. Anyone who assists someone with blogging on a website should be able to operate a computer, wouldn’t you think?  Let’s just say, Steve is a very kind man) Here’s a screenshot of it and another Tweet someone made about it:

Yesterdays highlights: (Finally, right?)

  •  Xavier, along with others continued to be annoyed with Kyland. Xavier told Hannah (I think) that he’d never seen anyone hold one-on-one meetings before a veto ceremony. He’d already told Ky he needed to stop because he was going to freak everyone out. He said he understood him talking to Hannah since she had the veto. He said Claire and Alyssa would get suspicious over him campaigning to everyone for Hannah to use it. (Ky’s been doing way too much but I’m with Ky on this one.  I think it would look more suspicious if he wasn’t acting nervous and campaigning)  The issue is that they KNOW he isn’t acting. He was determined to get off that block so he could give SB a sympathy vote.
  • Most of the morning consisted of Ky trying to get off the block. He was really annoyed X was coming down.

Side note:  I don’t get the worry over the “sympathy” votes.  Other than wanting Ky to stay on the block because he’s pissed everyone off, they don’t want him to give SB a sympathy vote, when he also got to give one to DX. It isn’t a good argument for Ky because quite frankly, if SB isn’t bitter, I don’t see her voting for anyone at the end over Ky, if he’s in the F2. If she IS bitter, there’s no damn sympathy vote that’s gonna help him with SB. On the flip side, why does everyone else care? These aren’t stupid players so once the alliance comes out, people will know they were ONLY sympathy votes and not real ones!

Speaking of them not being stupid players, there’s one thing that’s had me shaking my head for weeks. Most of this cast are BB fans. They’re aware there wasn’t a battleback last season and they know why. Why in the hell can’t they figure out there might not be one this year and for the same reason?  I did finally hear Xavier say they probably wouldn’t have one because of covid but that’s about it.  The reason they decided not to out the Cook Out in their goodbye messages was over a potential battleback.  That’s a smart decision and I’m not saying it isn’t. I’m only saying, how can a group of people who are so tuned in to the comps, the schedule and so on not even consider the possibility there might not be a battle back this year? Anyway, moving on…

  • Hannah used the veto on Xavier. (insert Kyland sad face here)
  • Derek started in on Azha about wanting Claire out next.  (I’m just going with Derek now since there’s only 1) Azha suggested putting Alyssa and Claire up together next week. (no shit) Derek didn’t like the idea and basically told Azha it was a dumb plan.  She told him she felt like he was saying she was dumb. He said he  thought if they both went up, X could use the veto on Alyssa. (X and D have also talked about the cook out being more obvious if Alyssa and Claire went up together)
  •  There was a lot of talk over the next HOH and Ky being so focused on winning it.
  • X and Hannah agreed X couldn’t win and maybe have to take out Alyssa on his hoh. She agreed she didn’t want Ky to win again but told X, if it came down to him and Ky, it was better to let Ky take it.
  • X is fueling the fire a little with Derek over Ky wanting the next hoh too.  Derek said he wanted himself or Azha to win it and if Ky didn’t throw it to one of them, he was done with Ky. He said he wants all of them to have a chance at an hoh this season.

Side note #2: He does have a chance, it’s called winning the comp!  I’m not against throwing comps for strategic reasons. Once SB is gone, Ky can take out Claire or Alyssa just as easily as Derek or Azha can.  He won’t have a conflict of interest anymore. Ky’s probably nervous sitting otb but he’s also worried about his own end game and looking more impressive than Xavier to the jury. Ky also can’t stand that his fate has been in the hands of Tiffany and Hannah this week. As long as no one in the Cook Out wins it who can’t or won’t put up their side person, why does it matter? For example, Xavier doesn’t have any business winning it because of Alyssa. It’s also why Tiffany will throw it, even tho she can play for it again.

  • Derek is adamant Claire should go next. He thinks she’ll come after him because she doesn’t talk game with him and considered keeping Britini over him. (fair) Azha thinks Alyssa should go next and said Alyssa scared her more in comps.
  • SB told Ky she would wait until Wednesday to do her campaigning. (Naturally, she’s waited the entire season to have conversations with anyone other than Ky. Why change that up now?)
  •  Tiffany was trying to convince Derek that Claire wasn’t coming after him. She said Claire only preferred Britini stay and said that’s different from actively trying to get someone out. (It’s actually not true because Claire’s the only person I’ve heard talk about Derek being drug to the end if they didn’t get him out and she’s said it more than once)
  • X had a minor freak over something Alyssa said.  She either told X that she’d told Claire she was going to be the last white person left in the house or she told X she’d already said it to Claire.  Honestly, I don’t know what the big deal is because this is something Alyssa’s mentioned several times so far this season. Christian said stuff like that too. I don’t know which one said it first and got the other one  thinking about it.  Either way, it’s nothing new and so much for that theory that people would be afraid to say it. (It’s been said several times this season.  The Cook Outs just played a good enough game that when it crosses their minds as a possibility, they simply reject it)  Alyssa has said a lot of things Xavier isn’t aware of because before Christian left, he didn’t get to spend this much time with her. Xavier has started thinking that Alyssa may need to go next because of her comment so that’s the relevant part.
  • X and Derek talked about who should leave next. X doesn’t want both Alyssa and Claire otb so they don’t figure out the Cook Out. Derek, who shot down this idea when Azha said it, told X, he thinks they need to go up together to make sure one of Claire or Alyssa leaves. (Does he just like to argue or can’t he handle Azha having a good plan?) X has definitely been spending more time with Derek lately or at least, having more game talk with him.  He’s wanting to swoop in and steal Derek away from Ky.  They both agreed they would each try to take out Claire but acknowledged some of the others in the Cook Out, may go after Alyssa.
  • Ky told X he wasn’t being greedy and he was fine with someone else winning the hoh. He said he just thought it would be easier for him to put Alyssa and Claire up over the others. He said he was fine with either X or Derek taking it. (we’ll see)
  • Hannah told Ky she’d prefer Claire to leave next. Hannah’s been working Alyssa lately so she thinks she’s good with her. (She’s definitely good with Claire so I don’t know her reasoning for it. It may not even be true. This may just be Hannah trying to work Ky a little bit)
  •  There was mostly alot of casual conversation and chilling out last night along with the feeds cutting out.
  • The only other thing that kind of stood out for me was Sarah Beth telling Xavier she didn’t think they’d have a bitter jury this year. (We’re about to find out SB, we’re about to find out. Haha)
  • SB should be able to feel she’s leaving. This was her expression when Tiffany won the hoh:

I think I may be in the minority opinion on something about Claire. I truly don’t believe Claire has a clue about the Cook Out. I don’t think it’s a situation where she knows it but doesn’t want to say it out loud, blah, blah, blah. Yes, she and Derek X jokingly referred to something like that in a conversation before. DX has confirmed in interviews that it was a joke and neither were seriously considering a larger alliance controlling everything.  He said he and Claire always saw the house as having 2 sides. Even after an interviewer asked DX a leading question, he still didn’t have the group figured out. On top of that, let’s say it were true that Claire had figured the alliance out but feared saying anything about it. (Where’s the fear of suggesting it anyway? Alyssa and Christian have made plenty of remarks about it this season.  Neither of them felt like they were actually onto something) If Claire knew, why didn’t she make different noms this week? She could’ve changed the noms and made up some other reason for them if she’d wanted. I’m telling you, Claire doesn’t know. I don’t mind taking that position because like the Coin of Destiny, there’s a 50% chance I’m right. If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time and I can live with that too.

Have a great Tuesday!


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