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Big Brother 23- Tuesday Recap for 8/31/21

September 1, 2021 | 28 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all. Wow, I can’t beleive it’s September! Even with some of the boring down time, I feel like this season has flown by. (I really can’t beleive it’s Sept. and I still only have working outlets on 1 side of my living room but that’s another issue!) It was a slow day in the house anyway.  Things won’t change this week but at least Sarah Beth plans to campaign today….finally.

I know some people feel like it doesn’t matter because nothing will change. I still like to see what players do because it helps evaluate them as players. This season has been harder to analyze because we’ve been having to look at two seperate games. There’s the reality of what’s happening and then there’s what a player thinks is happening. Sarah Beth has no chance inside the house with the game structured the way it is but she’s a bad player regardless imo. I don’t mind being air quoted on it either.

Last week, I said SB was making a terrible move for herself, even if the Cook Out didn’t exist. She’s done nothing but hang out with Kyland and if you look at the game the way she sees it, why would she do that? She’s just a bad player. (I do think she’s an interesting person tho)

She’s intentionally planned to wait until today to campaign which is a choice, I suppose. She’s never bothered to build anything with anyone other than Kyland so even if the Cook Out wasn’t there, no one is invested in her and no one wants to keep her. She’s just there, taking up space until tomorrow. She threw away the 1 alliance she had after the Royal Flush broke up by putting Claire otb. She’s out the door so enough about SB.

The people in the 6 have made getting all of them to the F6 priority #1 but that doesn’t mean they arn’t trying to set things up to give themselves an advantage once they get to F6. That’s mostly what was going on yesterday. Here’s the recap from the day:

  • Players speculated on which hoh comp they might have Thursday. Some are expecting an endurance since they lost the yard already. (I do too. This would be a good week for the slip and slide since it’s endurance. With the stupid twist being over, doing an endurance now makes sense. It would also be an easy one for Claire to throw)
  • There was more talk of a double, battle back, etc.. Hannah has finally decided, she doesn’t think they’ll have a battle back due to covid. (Haha) That didn’t stop her for planning for a battle back tho. (Know it alls are annoying but it’s not a bad thing to try and plan for as much as you can. I won’t knock her for that)
  • The debate over Claire or Alyssa leaving next still continues and this will probably continue for days after the next hoh. (The CO is a group of planners, I’ll give them that)

Side note: For anyone who watched BB Canada this spring, don’t they remind you of the Thruple…except with better players? They beat every decision to death and debate it at least 50 times. They were a great cast but REALLY bad players. The CO does that too, they’re just better players) In fairness to the CO, some of their rehashing is actually trying to convince people to do what they want while acting like they’re considering both options.  I’ve also thought of BBCAN lately because maybe the best line of the season came from Ty when he said “enjoy jury, Beth.”  I think about that every time I’ve thought about SB leaving.

  • Anyway, back to the season we’re watching…Hannah and Tiffany know it’s better for them if Claire stays till 7 but they know they need a better pitch to give the guys. They’ll have to work on that one.
  • Kyland tried to do damage control yesterday, after spending this week hurting his game. He spoke with Derek and Azha about the next hoh. He said he, Derek or Azha needed to win so they could put up Claire & Alyssa. He said he was fine with Derek or Azha winning it over him.
  • There was some discussion about telling SB she’s leaving ahead of time. Hannah doesn’t plan to commit to anything about her vote when she talks to SB. She and Tiffany agreed they shouldn’t surprise her but they don’t want to tell her before Thursday.
  • Before you start feeling bad for SB, she had a talk with who else?? Kyland, of course. She was being pissy over the comment Tiffany made to her about cutting off her legs when she took out DX. SB said she didn’t get Tiffany’s obsession with DX. Ky admitted he felt that way about DX too. She said DX didn’t have that effect on her. SB made comments about Tiffany needing a man in the game to help her and shield her. (No, SB didn’t see the irony in what she was saying) SB doesn’t see that Tiffany DOES want a shield….she wants SB’s shield and that’s why she has to go!
  • SB also talked about dreading the fans not liking her and dreading her interview with Julie. (That part made me sad a little) Ky didn’t really help when he suggested Julie may ask her why she backstabbed everyone. (That won’t be what Julie asks about)
  • It’s killing Kyland he can’t tell SB about the CO. He skirted around it…ALOT. They talked about past alliances and he asked her stuff about how far other alliances got in past seasons and how many the alliance lost along the way. (He wants to brag so badly!) He’s also already been prepping SB to work the jury. I’m not surprised since he was the one who told DX there was an alliance from the beginning working together in his good bye msg. (Boy, was I wrong! My money was always on Derek F to be the blabber mouth)
  • This was more of Ky, Kysplaining shit to SB but I won’t torture you with it.
  • Hannah made an alliance with Alyssa that was a F3 with X too. Alyssa suggested Hannah bring in a 4th so she wouldn’t feel outnumbered. Hannah suggested Tiffany and this could be important after Thursday. It was also some good work from Hannah. Alyssa was saying she’d put Ky and Claire up as noms. If Alyssa happens to win the next hoh, it should keep Hannah and Tiffany safe and that’s the only purpose of this alliance to Hannah.
  • Kyland and X cleaned the over from the fire the day before. Apparently, Azha was grilling meat or something and that’s what started it. Hannah’s injury was unrelated and it sounds like she fell off the hammock and maybe sprained her wrist.
  • They got a little alcohol last night, had dinner and played 2 truths and a lie. SB even made a rare appearance!
  • There was a funny moment when X had a turn. His 3 things were: he was thrown from a horse as a child, had to break a mini horse and I don’t remember the 3rd. It doesn’t matter because before they could get to the part where they ask him questions about each of the 3, Azha started making comments about X abusing animals and “breaking” an animals spirit. SB joined in and accused him of kicking a cat. He tried to explain it only meant “tame.”  X became frustrated and left the table. No, no one is actually accusing X of abusing animals. They were just acting hung up on the word “break” and giving him shit.
  • The interesting part was watching X get irritated and walk off. Like Kyland, he doesn’t do well when things dont go the way he wants. (Then again, do any of them do well with it?)
  • Alyssa wasted no time in following after X like a puppy. Derek told Azha she should go check on X.
  • Azha said she thought Alyssa had it covered.
  • Get it? Covered. Ok, that may have been lame…
  • Kyland and Tiffany talked about the end game. Tiffany reminded him AGAIN that X is playing a good game. (SB has too which probably helps Tiffany) Ky said he wanted to stick with their F2. (They’ve had one since almost the start of the game) She explained why she thought Derek needed to be the first of the 6 to go and Ky said he was fine with it. They agreed a F3 with Hannah may be the best plan.
  • Tiffany groomed Derek a bit. These 2 are a big part of the reason the CO had been successful imo. They sincerely dislike each other and I don’t think anyone would ever think Derek and Tiffany would be in an alliance together.
  • Claire camera talked and said her good bye mags would explain her game to people. She also said she wasn’t set up very well to win the game. (No, she sure isn’t and like SB, that isn’t all the CO’s fault. Forget floater or coaster, is there a BB game style term that refers to being a door mat?)
  • Tiffany camera talked later and said she wanted to go to the end with Hannah but said she wasn’t going to complain if Ky chose her. She talked about not wanting to cut Hannah for Ky but if Hannah cut Ky at the F3, she wouldn’t be breaking her word to Ky.

Side note: I know there’s been this whole thing with conspiracy theories about SB this season and wondering if her GF is real. There’s always some amount of that stuff every season. However, this is a great group of people they cast this year. In recent seasons, we’ve seen people be isolated from the house and treated poorly when everyone knows they’re leaving. People have stopped hanging out with friends and allies just so they arn’t the next target in recent years. Everyone being evicted this season has not only been treated with kindness, most of the hg’s have tried to make sure they feel included…right up to the moment they kick them out. (Hey, that’s the game) The house just has a different vibe this year and it’s a good one. I don’t agree with people saying they’re faking it and they don’t really care when their friends leave or have real emotions over it. I’ve never played so don’t take my word for it. It’s past player and past winners who say you truly become closer than normal and at a faster pace to the people in the house. BB16 Derrick winner recently commented on it too.  He said, add up the hours in 3 months you spend with your regular friends and compare it to the BB house and the time they spend together. He said it’s comparable to a 20 year friendship. There also aren’t any distractions in the house. The only things they have to do are strategize and get to know each other.

There were so many comments about Hannah online when DX left. People said she was faking it because if it was real, she’d have kept him. Why can’t she be doing both? The CO is evicting people they’ve grown to care for, in spite of the fact that they’ve grown to care for them. It’s what good BB players have the ability to do.

I don’t care SB is leaving and I don’t care that Claire and Alyssa may be next, in whichever order they go. Claire’s played like a doormat, Alyssa is proud when she tears herself away from X long enough to talk game once a day with anyone and SB doesn’t even bother to do that much.  For the people constantly complaining about the CO alliance, here’s a positive to focus on for ya’: The F6 will probably include 4 people who’ve played better games this season than most of the cast. That’s supposed to be a good thing.

As Xavier says…peace, love and cocoa butter…plus, have a great Wednesday!


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