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Big Brother 23 – Two Hour Double Eviction Discussion

September 16, 2021 | 109 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s the second to last Thursday in the Big Brother 23 season and after tonight, we’ll be down to 4 remaining in the house.  In what feels like the blink of an eye, the season is coming to a close and we’ll all be thinking of the next Celebrity Big Brother that will keep us occupied for a few weeks in the dead of winter.

There isn’t a whole lot to talk about considering the feeds have been down for over 24 hours now and production has been keeping a super tight lid on leaks, so I’m just going to assume Tiffany is already gone and Hannah will be leaving tonight. Just a guess, however, because there is a very real chance Hannah can win the next veto or HoH which will throw off the final 4.

Seeing as this is one of the last major nights of the season, I want to thank everyone for a wonderful season!  Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere until finale, but I like to get out my thank you before people lose interest these last 2ish weeks before tuning back in to see who wins the season.

It’s been a pretty difficult season to blog considering all of the racial issues and endless stream of complaints from viewers like I’m the official CBS site (spoiler: I’m not).  I even went for a walk today and one of my neighbors comes up to me and starts ranting about this season how racist it was blah blah.  I won’t even repeat the wording he used, but let me say when I hear stuff like that, it makes me understand the motive for the cookout more and more.

While I don’t agree with certain wording people like Xavier have said (specifically bragging about getting rid of the ‘white people’), the rest of the cookout has been completely respectful with their motives and intentions all season. This was far more of a case of similar people who banded together to help each other rather than groups with evil intentions.

It is absolutely no different to me than a female alliance trying to secure a female winner.  So long as they don’t spend the entire season bashing men, I really just don’t have a problem with it.  And that is basically what the cookout did except for the very few handful of comments mentioned above by X. Even then it was so few and far between that I didn’t let it get to me at all.

Moving back to the thanks, you guys have been extremely generous with your donations this season and I am so humbled.  And speaking of that, I never got a chance to thank Michelle as she donated during the downtime when I didn’t have a live update thread going. Thank you so much!  I appreciate you and all the readers all season long regardless of donations. You’re all wonderful and make my job so much easier.

Wow, I guess I’ll have to carry the thanks over to another thread because this is much longer than anticipated and covering two hours will be even longer so I’m going to start my live coverage here:

  • Here we go!
  • Some feed highlights.  Highlighting the accomplishments of the cookout which I’m sure is making my neighbor rage lol
  • A clip of Kyland rambling and freaking out Azah
  • They’re going to show some clips of Tiffany trying to stay and building that up
  • Julie talks to the house which was pretty boring. Now the jury segment
    • DX points out how SB was a pretty weak pick to leave. He was hoping a stronger player
    • SB tells the house that Claire will most likely be the next juror (SB basically knows about the cookout)
    • SB tells jury about her goodbye messages
    • SB mentions the mission of the cookout and DX still doesn’t get it.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the show so I don’t think he realized the past winners.
    • DX says it’s impressive if they get to final 6
    • Alyssa and Claire jury next
    • DX says he’s pretty upset at Tiffany because he wants to give his vote to the most strategic and that wasn’t the most strategic (it wasn’t)
    • Jury is very impressed with X.  He’s going to win easily if he makes f2
  • That’s over.  Now I’m confused. I’m guessing the double happened yesterday and tonight isn’t live at all?
  • Votes –
    • Big D – Tiffany
    • X – Tiffany
    • Azah – Tiffany
  • As expected, Tiffany out first
  • Julie reveals the double. Azah looked pretty shookup about it
  • HoH time!
    • Two round comp.  First comp is knocking all the balls off the ramp.
    • Hannah and X crushing it.
    • X wins round 1. Azah comes from behind and wins round 1.  One of those two will win HoH
  • Round 2
    • Same comp but now they need to roll the balls on to the grass.
    • Person with the most balls on the grass at the end wins (After 10 shots)
    • Azah in the lead 3-2 toward the end of the comp
    • 4-3 Azah.  1 more ball
    • Azah wins HoH!
  • Should be interesting to see what she does
  • Azah says she’s putting X and Hannah up.  She claims she wants X out but not sure how truthful she is
  • Hannah points out how she won’t have the votes but Azah says it’ll be a tie and she’ll break the tie in her favor. Ok lol
  • Noms –
    • Azah nominates Xavier and Hannah
  • Veto comp time!
  • Must win for Hannah or she’s likely gone.
    • What the bleep (they practiced this yesterday)
    • 7 Rounds
    • Round 1 – Kyland, Hannah, X with the lead
    • Round 2 – Kyland, X with the lead
    • Round 3 – Kyland and X still lead with 3
    • Round 4 – Kyland and X with 4
    • Round 5 – Kyland, X, and Hannah are tied
    • Round 6 – Kyland and X back with the lead
    • Round 7 – Kyland and X tied. Go to the tiebreaker
    • Tiebreaker – Kyland wins the PoV
  • Veto meeting time.  What will he do……..
    • Kyland saves Xavier.
    • Big D or Hannah will leave (Hannah)
  • Votes time.
    • Hannah knows she is screwed
    • Kyland – Hannah
    • Xavier – Hannah
  • Looks like we won’t find out who the next HoH is for another 3 hours.  Feeds won’t return until 1am est

Alright, check back later to find out the next HoH

CBS’s twitter feed was wrong. Feeds are back. Finding out who won HoH and posting a new thread

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