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Big Brother 23 – Veto Comp Results | Feed Updates

September 4, 2021 | 69 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Sorry about the late post. I was out and feeds came back exactly when I predicted, but I wasn’t able to make it home in time.  Zingbot is usually a fairly quick competition due to the person being stuck in that suit in the summer days.  Anyway, the big story of the day is who won the veto:

Alyssa won the power of veto

What does this mean? Well, it means Alyssa will be following Claire to the jury on Thursday rather than the other way around. Pretty exciting stuff, I know. Will the house take this opportunity to actually use Claire as a pawn and get out a huge threat to their game moving forward (X)?  No.  And it’ll be sad because I’m almost certain that Tiffany will just convince Claire she should be a pawn because nobody will vote her out over X (wrong).

Seeing as I’m so far behind, I’m just going to post this and start blogging


  • 6:00 pm – Big D in the bedroom venting about Tiffany. I guess she’s being a sore loser so tensions getting high

    • D feels like Tiff’s punching bag but he’s getting really sick of it
    • X tells him he has a plan he thinks will work to save Tiff.  I’m sure the plan is going to be telling Claire she’s a pawn
    • He says he’ll talk to her later
  • X talking to Alyssa

    • He tells her how he was contemplating using the veto on her if he won it.  Sure
    • Alyssa’s Zing was along the lines of ‘you come from the sunshine state, but you’re pretty dim’
    • Alyssa didn’t get it because she doesn’t think she’s dumb.
    • Listen to that again.  She didn’t get the joke about being called ‘dim’ because she’s too smart
    • X randomly says they’re Analyse and Jack, except he’s not racist.  Wellllllllll……  I’m not defending Jack at all, he’s trash. But he didn’t openly make a plan to evict all the black people in the house.
    • I’m not calling X racist, because I know he isn’t, but I do know his segment of talking to himself in the bathroom was far worse than anything Jack actually said.  Jack was just implied racist and possibly racist by proxy of being friends with Jackson
    • And yes, I need to go puke now due to actually defending Jack.

Also, I have received a few applications for comment moderator. Please contact me if you’d like to be a moderator (not everyone gets it, although I just made it sound like it).  I’ll be in touch with people by the end of the weekend.

  • Meanwhile, Tiffany is working her inner Beth Harmon before X comes up

    • He says his brain has been working for her
    • Let’s hear X’s brilliant strategy
    • They rule out Hannah as the replacement nom because X would go home.
    • As expected, Tiffany says she’ll send out Claire but she doesn’t want to go on the block next week.
  • X heads to the kitchen where Azah is giving him a massive cold shoulder
    • Apparently, her zing was X related and she was not a fan.
  • 8:30 pm – Outside, Big D is having yet another pity party, this time to Alyssa and X
    • He complains about possibly being a pawn AGAIN and they both tell him it’s better than being the target.  No kidding. I’m not sure if his whining is an act to get people to feel bad for him or he’s a legit baby
    • Kyland comes out and helps Big D study while Alyssa and X go back to playing pool

  • 9:30 pm – Hannah, Alyssa, and Azah were talking
    • They were making all these random situations to try to get Kyland out. At this point, I’m not even sure I should blog about these conversations because they’re all fake. Claire is leaving this week and the goal over the next 2 days is to convince both Alyssa that Claire is the right person to leave while convincing Claire she’s the right pawn. It’s a delicate balance.  Or they can just say ‘f it’ and be open about their alliance, but they won’t do that.


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