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Big Brother 23 – Wacky Wednesday Feed Updates

August 11, 2021 | 88 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house which means it’s campaign day for those on the block. So far this season, this is when I shit on the houseguests for their super weak attempts to remain in the house as they wait for the last minute to begin campaigning. However, I think today is going to be different because Christian has been lightly campaigning since he became a nom and I only expect that to ramp up today. He’s not leaving this house quietly like the last four houseguests which is a huge relief to see.  I was beginning to wonder if this cast were just lifeless zombies going through the motion of the game.

While I still think he has little shot at remaining, my odds went from zero to maybe 1% lol. Not a whole lot of movement, but there is movement. This is largely because many people in the house really don’t have the urge to send him home. He’s been a good houseguest to them (unlike say Brent) and everyone knows when he’s gone, that just exposes themselves that much more. The shield is in full effect here and this may be one of the few times I’d suggest keeping that shield around. It’s simply too early to get him out and I even lowered DX’s rank in my power rankings because of this.  Had he made this move 5 evictions from now it’d be brilliant but now? No.

Let’s get to some updates!

But first, thank you to Scott for your really generous donation!  I am truly grateful!


  • 10:10 am – Christian is wasting no time today
    • He is in the hanvenot room basically prepping with his lawyer (X) on how to campaign for the day. It’s pretty funny listening to X and people not thinking Big D is on to something when he calls him a lawyer.  He’s literally sitting there with Christian having a mock debate to prep him for any questions that could come up during his one-on-ones
    • X is telling him to prepare people for the long game.  His pitch is going to be “Let’s say I’m gone this week who are you going after next week. Likely SB.  Then maybe Kyland and DX.  Now after that, who is the target?  With Christian gone, they become the big targets and there is still plenty of time to get rid of them” (them being whoever he’s talking to)
    • Ohhh X is really going deep into the future. He is pushing Christian to suggest OTHERS be the people to take him out later in the season because it’ll help their resume rather than DX

    • X suggests that as the trio is winding down (SB, Kyland, DX), Christian can win HoH to help eliminate one of them. At that point, he’ll be vulnerable again which allows the house to take another shot at him (and build their resume and keep a shield around)
    • They are also going to try and downplay Christian’s comp wins by saying things like SB should have won the puzzle comp but they didn’t understand the rules
    • Christian says “What if there isn’t another opportunity to get you out” (referring to potential questions he may receive) and Christian answers his own hypothetical “bitch, this is week 5 there are tons of comps”.  X tells him maybe it’s a good idea to leave ‘bitch’ out of it lol
  • 11:30 am – They finished the prep and are waiting for people to get up before really hounding them about votes.
    • When X left the room, he asked to be called to the DR so he can explain his plan
    • Christian did talk with Azah and she basically gave him the runaround and he could tell

    • After she leaves, his crew (X and Alyssa) join the HN room and Christian is pissed because everyone seems scared to sway from the house. He knows he’s going home after that conversation
    • Azah tells him she thought and prayed and she’s sticking with her decision so far but there is still time.  Yup, he knows he’s screwed
  • 1:15 pm – Big D a little worked up today at Tiffany
    • This is because last night Tiffany came in and started ‘barking orders at Britini’ according to D.
    • Tiffany is apparently playing victim to Christian while also putting pressure on the Jokers as being the swing votes
    • Azah jumps in and says she’s willing to even cut Tiffany before the final 6 because she’s that pissed.  Did I put her too high in my rankings? Do I give people the kiss of death?
    • Needless to say, Azah and Big D are really pissed at Tiffany and things could blow up soon
  • Anyway, Alyssa came in during the conversation and they talk about good-bye messages

    • X says this will be the first time both messages will be sincere.  Alyssa jumps in and jokes hers will definitely be sincere, too lol
  • Alyssa leaves and Big D begins to re-tell the Tiffany situation to X
    • This is what Big D is re-telling “You need to go and have Britini tell him (Chris) yes or no because he’s pressuring me (Tiffany) that I’m the swing vote”
    • Tiffany said ‘all three of you are liars’ to Brit, Azah, and Big D.
  • 1:50 pm – Only showing SB doing one-on-ones right now which are boring
  • It’s weird how they’re not showing Tiffany on camera much at all today.
  • 3:30 pm – Alright, Tiffany talking to DX

    • Well, first she was alone in the HoH room and locked the door.  DX came in and was like ‘wtf’? lol
    • Tiffany says ‘I don’t know if I trust your people, he is presenting a really good case’ (thanks to the lawyer)
    • She begins to re-tell him about last night with Azah and crew
    • She tells DX how Britini basically lied to Christian and told him that she’s on the fence which makes Tiff the swing vote.  TIff told Britini to tell him the truth but that pissed off Azah. Tiffany says ‘Azah can’t stand anything that comes out of my mouth’ (trouble in the cookout)
    • Tiff is getting really worked up re-telling the conversation
    • DX tells Tiffany ‘If we don’t take Christian out now he’s never leaving the house’ and Tiffany says she doesn’t think she agrees with that.
    • Tiff says this is the first time in the game she has felt unsure and she doesn’t like it
  • 4:15 pm – Feeds drop for about 10 minutes and DX turns into X.  Seriously, stop with this dropping the feed bullshit
    • Tiffany is laying the groundwork with X for Christian to stay
    • They say if this happens, DX is basically on an island
    • Lol this is insane. It’s like watching a peace negotiation.   Tiffany wants Christian to work a deal with DX for safety and they’re figuring who he’d actually go after

    • They are using the chess pieces to figure out the future
  • 5:00 pm – DF is all worked up over the situation and finally snaps a bit

    • He tells his group he’s going to get it over with and go tell Christian he’s going home because he’s tired of all this shit
    • He says he’s not saying anything to Tiffany. He’s pissed at her.
    • So while Tiffany is in the HOH room talking to Claire about now possibly keeping Christian, Big D is going to tell him he’s going
    • This is insane.  Big D looking for Christian. Christian goes into Big D’s room while D is in the HN room.  Xavier intercepts D and Christian comes into the room finally
    • Christian finds D and they kick him out of the HN room so they can talk lol.   This flip really may happen.
  • In the other room, Tiffany flipped Claire to keep Christian. Now Xavier is working BigD to keep him
    • Xavier tells D that ‘if you vote for him to leave, you won’t be in the majority’
    • X breaks it down:  SB has Kyland, probably Hannah, and probably Azah.  Christian has X, Claire, Tiff, and Alyssa.  So Big D can flip the vote if he wants
    • D keeps worrying that Christian is going to go after him. X tells him he’s not even close to being on his radar
  • 6:30 pm – It’s up in the air right now but tomorrow is going to be tight.
    • Nothing much happening in the house right now.  Kyland just catching up with SB
    • SB says if Big D puts her on the block next week after this week she’ll go Bad Girls Club
  • 8:00 pm – HOUSE MEETING!

    • Alyssa and Christian don’t look impressed. I think they think it’s going to be a game
    • False alarm. Christian and Alyssa sniffed it out. It’s a lame game of mafia unless X has a hidden agenda
    • I will say, in this game, Tiffany already said she accuses SB of whatever because of the cold stare SB is giving her.  Tiff is still heated and she’s trying really hard to keep her cool.


Check back for updates

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