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Big Brother 23 – We Have A Final 3

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Good afternoon, everyone!


So, that was an interesting night.  This is surprisingly my first time posting since the live show so I haven’t had a chance to talk about Kyland.  I was going to post the results of the HoH competition last night, but the feeds didn’t even return until like 2 and I was just too tired. I got a notification while in bed the feeds returned and debated posting it, but we pretty much all knew what those results would be.

And, I was right… Xavier won Round 1 of the HoH!


Of course, this was predicted a week ago once he won the recent HoH competition and it’s just one of those things we needed to wait to become official. The bigger question will be who he’ll face in the final round of the HoH competition.  While it’s fully expected to be Azah due to the competition style of round 2, Big Brother can always throw a wrench in it and have it be a competition that D can compete in. I didn’t realize he’d get as far as he did with the balance beam thing, and nearly won the egg comp. So, it’s not like he can’t win comps. However, if it’s one of those comps where they’re climbing walls or running nonstop the entire comp, he’s screwed.

That comp will almost certainly be played tomorrow as it basically takes the form of a typical veto competition.  Mostly athletic and likely some memory involved (memory reserved for later comps in the season). It’s funny because it’s usually one of the more elaborate setups of the season that is almost never a cake-walk comp yet only two people get to play in it.

Now, let’s talk about Kyland. I gotta say, I’m torn. That’s right, I’m torn. I personally would be just as angry and show it a lot more if that happened to me, so I don’t blame him there. However, I also wouldn’t have brought X’s nephew into it. I just would have called him a bunch of names, maybe flipped a table or two over and stormed out without giving any hugs (I mean, why be fake?).  That said, I also wouldn’t have saved Xavier during the double eviction so I never would have been in that situation to begin with.


I’m sure it was certainly refreshing for Tiffany and Hannah fans to watch karma come around to smack Kyland, and they’re right…. to an extent. I’ve spoken with quite a few BB fans over this and they love seeing Kyland get screwed over after breaking his alliance with the girls, but let’s be a bit real here. That was never a serious alliance to begin with so I don’t really put much weight into him ‘breaking’ it.  Yes, he made some deal with Tiffany early in the season but that deal expired like your car warranty when Kyland became BFFs with SB and Tiffany with Claire. Tiffany was just one of those people calling Kyland looking to extend that warranty now that she needed it.

“Hi Kyland, this is Tiffany. I’ve been trying to reach you about our alliance’s extended warranty. Please call me back at your earliest convenience”

Now, I’m not saying Kyland didn’t make a mistake by ditching them. There is definitely a chance they would have taken him to the final 3 (although I do think it was slim regardless of what they say), but I’m just not buying the karma aspect like he completely screwed over Tiffany.  They barely spoke game with each other for like 75% of the season and only became close again once their  ‘plus 1s’ were out.  That’s like dating someone for a week, going your separate ways, hooking back up 2 months later and them trying to hold you to stuff you said that first week.

Am I thinking too much into this? Yea, probably.  The point is, I just don’t feel Kyland ‘deserved’ it through karma. He deserved it because he couldn’t win the most important HoH or PoV when he needed it which is a crucial part of being the ‘comp beast’ of the season. That was his game and he failed.  He completely misread his position in the house and felt he was far more important to the rest of the people than he actually was, so when he was booted, it was an embarrassing reality check on national TV.


I’m sure others will probably have different takes than me, but that’s just how I feel. I’ve watched a lot of the feeds and other than the super random overnight cuddling sessions that one week, Tiffany and Kyland virtually had nothing to do with each other all season.

And right now, the three are sitting around the table playing cards. The next few days, we’ll have a paranoid Big D wondering if he’ll be cut at the final 2 while Azah telling him over and over she’ll likely take him.

Like always, I’ll jump in and update this if something happens, but I’m not going to do play-by-play updates on their card games or sex talk.  If I don’t post again today, I’ll update tomorrow when Azah wins round 2!


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