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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Evening Feed Updates

July 21, 2021 | 51 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s Wednesday night in the Big Brother house, and it means we’re down to the final 24 hours of the Frenchie time in the house. I think the biggest surprise is that production didn’t keep Travis in sequester in the event they wanted to give Frenchie another chance. But, Travis has been seen out of the house and has done interviews which means there is no chance of a pre-jury battle back. It’s over for the French Fry which means he can go home, be all over social media and start pushing charity events.  Just a tip, Frenchie, don’t take any advice on organizing a charity event from Swaggy C.

Right now in the house, Britini is cramping the style of Christian and Alyssa who have grown very close now that the showmance killer is on the way out. Meanwhile, Kyland is making final use of his HoH by hanging with Tiffany and Claire. This morning, I pointed out how the house is becoming divided, but I wanted to emphasize how it’s becoming divided. Pretend you’re watching a visual chart of dumping a bunch of oil in a glass of water. At first, it’s all over the place, but over time it settles into a clear divide. Well, Frenchie’s week 1 was so chaotic that he was his own droplet of oil and the house was water. Now that he’s gone (tomorrow), we’re going to start seeing more of the two sides forming.

Oh, and I forgot that the “teams twist” was able to slow down the inevitable divide as well.  As mentioned, Kyland is in the HoH room with his team and that will likely stick a bit for another week or so. Teams surprisingly stuck longer than anticipated, but it’s coming to an end in two weeks regardless what happens so it’ll be a different vibe.

Let’s get to updates:

  • 6:30 pm – Kyland, Claire, and Tiffany chatting in the HoH room
    • Britini, Christian, and Alyssa are in another room
    • Kyland and crew are just having small talk about the game.
    • Kyland says women in the house have felt intimidation during the scramble for Frenchie’s HoH.  He wants to give Frenchie a head’s up so he can hopefully clue him in before he goes
    • After listening more to Kylandspeak, it basically sums up that Kyland worries Frenchie may have come across as a bully to women in the house and wants to let him know so he can make amends before he leaves.
    • Tiffany says she hasn’t really been a part of that and he (Kyland) really shouldn’t say anything because it’ll come off as embarrassing for Frenchie on the feeds and he may react poorly (she’s right)
    • Kyland gives an example where Frenchie would say ‘I know you were doing this’ and that instantly reminds me of how spoke to Alyssa and accusing her of being in an alliance.
    • The group is talking about how big of an ego Frenchie has. How he’s mentioned casually how he’ll come back to play as if being asked is a guarantee.
  • The Aces come in the HoH room to talk
    • Brent with his NY accent says ‘We can offer you protection’ and the room laughs because he sounds like a mob boss
    • Brent says he knows of the girls alliance called French Kisses.  He also says he thinks Britini was the rogue vote (it wasn’t)
    • Oh jeez, Brent wants to give this group a name. They want a chess name.
    • And they go with ‘The Mafia’…. because that’s BB23 for you
  • The group leaves and Claire makes this face like ‘wtf just happened’
    • Alyssa walks in when she’s doing it and she is like ‘busted!’ and asks what they’re doing. Tiffany and Claire try hard to change the subject
    • Kings come in and have a meeting. They say they want to work together and they actually mean it with this alliance lol
    • They open up and tell them about the fake alliance with the Aces
    • They joke about how Frenchie has the votes and he’s going to stay.  They then talk seriously how Frenchie was telling people he had 7 votes and Tiffany was one of them. She was shocked to hear
    • So this is the new alliance. The Kings and Queens plus DerekX.  No name yet.
    • Tiffany and Claire recap on what was said
    • They talk about how Brent did allllll the talking
    • They agree Kyland would be good with Whitney going home next
  • 8:15 pm – Game talk has broken up for now
    • Let’s summarize – Queens made an alliance with the Aces called The Mafia
    • Queens have zero intention of holding true to that alliance and then created one with the Kings. No name yet because DerekX wasn’t in the room but he’s in their upcoming alliance
    • They call DX the ‘ace up the sleeve’ so it’s the Kings, Queens, and Ace up the sleeve.
    • Jokers are a sinking ship
    • But, Jokers have two people in arguably the most stable alliance so far this season which is the Cookout. So, basically, Britini is fucked.
    • She’s not entirely fucked yet as some of the next few targets will be Brent and Whitney.  She still has time to survive teams breaking up and possibly be a part of a real alliance
  • I’m putting this out here now on Day whatever (14?) – Kyland in final 3

With that, I have a headache so I’m going to take some Tylenol and rest my eyes. I’ll be monitoring feeds so if anything breaks I’ll return to post (especially a fight). If not, catch you tomorrow

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