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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Evening Updates

July 14, 2021 | 28 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s the night before evictions and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… blah blah blah I don’t have the brainpower to create a new song

On the bright side, it’s Wednesday night which is typically campaign night!  In normal seasons, Wednesday night is typically the time when the last-minute scrambling happens because Thursday is usually too busy to campaign for safety.  Will we see some scrambling? Will Frenchie flip another few more times before the end of his HoH reign?  I guess we’ll find out here.

I’m going to jump into the feeds, because there is already some chatter starting and it’s rare the feeds are up this long


  • 6:20 pm – Travis goes to the big fish Frenchie to begin his campaigning.
    • I’m not sure why he hasn’t been campaigning to Frenchie all week seeing as he proved he’s more than willing to flip his decision, but here we are
    • Travis has 4 points
      • Alyssa has potential for showmances – Smart, tug on the ‘showmance killer’ part.  They throw X and Christian under the bus as potential showmance partners for Alyssa. Low, but okay
      • Travis’ loyalty – Travis proved how honest and loyal he is so far.
      • Potential girl alliance – A guy would go home if he went home and tomorrow’s comp will be luck. If a girl wins, a guy is going home and the girls will run the house (note – they are guessing tomorrow’s comp)
      • Potential big target on Frenchie’s back next week – If they keep Travis, he’s a shield for Frenchie moving forward. And if he (T) wins HoH, they’re cruising.
    • I’m actually super impressed that Travis said he had 4 points and actually got to all 4. Very well-spoken. Most people in this house get to a point or two then trail off and forget whatever they were talking about.  I’ve dealt a lot in the business world and you can tell for sure that Travis is a sales consultant
    • Travis leaves, Brent talks. He says it was a good argument but he doesn’t realize they (Frenchie, Brent) are aligned with most of the house.  They love his effort (as do I), but it didn’t move the meter. With someone like Frenchie, you need to really hammer the point home though. It’s not a business proposal.
  • 6:40 pm – Frenchie pulls Tiffany up to the HoH room
    • He is worried that DerekX won’t be a big target next week. He needs to keep Derek as a big target
    • Frenchie talking about a hinky vote like it really makes a big difference.  He really thinks casting one will instantly make DerekX the main target.  Tiffany offers to throw a rogue vote and he says yes.
    • Tiff is only okay with doing this in one condition – Frenchie will never tell anyone they had this conversation. If they find out, she’ll know he said something because only he knows.
    • Talk quickly breaks up
    • And we may be on a record. Feeds haven’t gone down since I started blogging tonight
    • Literally just as I hit enter, feeds drop.  Fortunately, it was for about 10 seconds though.  BB is messing with me
  • 6:50 pm – Whitney is talking with Alyssa in the bedroom.  Whitney tells her that Claire, Britini, Tiffany, and Azah have an alliance and she found out because they asked Frenchie to help them go after the big guys in the house
    • They wonder why they weren’t invited, but then they realize it’s likely because they hang around with most of the guys in the house.
    • So, they will let the girls alliance take out the big guys, but they’re still loyal to their own alliance (slaughterhouse).  They say Hannah needs to stick around the longest because she’s not in either alliance.
    • The two feel really good about their position because they think the girls and guys will go at each other and they’ll be on the sidelines
    • Talks are slowing for now. I’m sure they’ll pick back up. Right now it’s mostly Alyssa securing her vote
    • It’s dinner time in the house and we’re still on friendly terms where they all eat together

A huge thank you to Jennifer for your donation!  I am super grateful and you all are wonderful!

  • 8:10 pm – Dinner is done and the meetings begin again
    • Alyssa talking with Sarah about the game. They talk about an alliance that Frenchie tried to form called the Slaughterhouse.  Alyssa says it probably didn’t happen while Sarah says it does but doesn’t involve them (Sarah is half right. Alyssa is part of it)
    • Alyssa plans on sleeping downstairs tonight because she’s worried about Travis going up and having the last word with Frenchie to flip him
    • Alyssa asks if there are alliances already or if she’s naive.  Sarah says she thinks there are.
  • 9:00 pm – Christian and Alyssa are talking and it’s seriously pathetic. The guy fishes for compliments and acts like he’s the best looking person to ever enter the house.
    • Alyssa is saying how Britini is possibly a suck-up. She just isn’t really feeling Brit, Sarah, and Claire. Christian says because they’re jealous. Christian, not everything is about looks.
    • Christian keeps mentioning having a showmance. Sealing a final 2 with a kiss.  Etc.  Come on.
  • 10:00 pm – Alyssa is grinding tonight.  It would be pretty sad if Travis somehow stays because he’s done nothing this week.
    • She works X even though he’s in the bag.  But she’s about done now.

Pretty frustrating night because there was so much game talk, so little downtime, yet nothing was really accomplished. Alyssa busted her ass to stay while Travis made a little pitch.  While Alyssa made her pitches, the rest of the house hung around in the living room goofing off. So I definitely appreciate the feeds actually remaining up and hopefully that’s a trend for the weekend but tonight was very dull.

With that, getting some rest.  I have to work my other job tomorrow afternoon but I don’t really do updates on Thursdays anyway due to the downtime.  Mel should be back with a recap tomorrow morning but she may come back Friday or later.  Have a good night!

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