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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Feed Updates

August 4, 2021 | 11 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, Junkies!

It’s another Wednesday in the Big Brother house, but unfortunately, it’s another Wednesday in the Big Brother 23 house which likely means a whole lot of meetings, discussions, and campaigning for nothing. For the third week in a row, the house pretty much had their target by Thursday night after the HoH competition and it didn’t change.  First Frenchie, then Brent, now Whitney.  Frenchie came into the house like a wrecking ball making even Miley Cyrus proud, but then the worst thing that could happen ended up happening. That is Kyland won HoH. This is nothing against Kyland, in fact, it’s very complimentary to him as a person, but he had a smooth HoH. The house saw that and liked it, especially after Frenchie.

Kyland’s HoH was like having a nice big glass of water after an intense 3-hour workout in the sun, and the house was hooked. They decided it was easier on the overall stress level of the house to just pick a target and stick with it. Sure, Xavier got a bit tricky by tricking Brent into thinking he was safe, but Brent made that easier by living in denial. Now it’s Whitney’s turn and she hasn’t even tried anything because she’s basically checked out more than Keesha was during week 1 last season. She doesn’t want to really campaign against Hannah and is fine going home and seeing her kids. Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful!

Fortunately, we’re about all out of the floater types to send home which means we should be close to some sort of excitement.  Hopefully. Maybe.  Ugh.

I’ll just jump into the feed updates…

  • 12:25 pm – Hannah heads into the bathroom to jokingly (?) vent to Whitney about the house picking on her.
    • She says it’s because the house called her and X elitist but she said she’s not elitist, she’s meritocratic. Oh.  Good way to not show off intellienge.
    • But overall, they are preparing to have the pointless campaign pitch meetings that aren’t going to change a single vote.  Speaking of pitch meetings, watch these videos on Youtube. Freakin hilarious. And I don’t say that often about stuff on Youtube.

    • Whitney is at least dressing for the occasion.  May as well go through your wardrobe if you only have 1 day left
  • Meanwhile, in the HoH room, we have Alyssa talking to Big D with Christian sitting around not able to get a word in
    • This is a painful conversation to listen to.  Every time Big D starts sharing a story, Alyssa starts talking over him with an experience of her own that isn’t even remotely as bad as Big D’s but she feels the need to tell it anyway despite nobody caring.
    • Here is an example – D is talking about financial issues.  He is like “Going into the house, I had negative $500 in my debit because I’m allowed to overdraft. I also have a CC with $1k limit which is nearly maxed” and in between that one sentence, Alyssa interrupted about 3x with how she has multiple credit cards and how she stresses when she has less than $1k in the bank etc etc.
    • Alyssa …. when someone is talking about legit money issues like having a negative debit account, don’t interrupt with any stories because it’s super unlikely you’ve ever experienced anything resembling that type of debt so nobody cares about how your life compares. Let the man vent.
    • Big D over here wondering how he’s going to pay rent because a roommate moved out which increased his rent by $200/month and he only had 1 month covered while in the house and Alyssa jumps in to share a story of how her ex bf’s father is her landlord and hooked her up with a good lease and how she milked her regular customers for tips and saved up and paid off months of rent in advance because she knew she was going to be on BB this season due to her making it to the finals last year (of casting). Painful.  Absolutely painful to listen to lol
  • And to make it even more painful, feeds keep dropping as they’ve been doing more and more the last few days. I actually put in a complaint to the person trying to tell me to push the live feeds for the endurance episode. I told them I just can’t, the feeds are terrible this season.  They said they’d ‘look into it’ which will likely mean nothing but I’m trying.
  • 2:00 pm– Christian cooking in kitchen and Hannah, Dx, and Tiff having small talk in bathroom.
    • Looks like Hannah felt underdressed compared to Whitney today so she got all done up.
    • Claire doing some cam-talking but she’s always difficult to listen to because she whispers low even for the cam
    • She is saying how she feels she can work with Alyssa
    • She is curious to hear Whitney’s pitch. Sounds like she’s keeping a slight open mind about the eviction tomorrow but she’s only one
    • In another room, Hannah briefly camtalks and says she needs to clear things up with Azah.
    • DX enters to listen to her pitch
    • Hannah says her pitch will change from person to person but her overall theme will be vague.
    • She also tells DX how one of the Kings threw out Hannah’s name to Azah. They told Azah that Hannah was coming for her.  Hannah speculates it was SB
    • DX asks if he takes out a guy before jury would the girls run the house. I’m sure he’s thinking Christian.
    • DX doesn’t see SB winning comps over him, Hannah, and Kyland.
  • 3:15 pm – Whitney is chatting with Big D

    • Big D says it kills him to have Whitney leaving. He then corrects himself and says ‘if you leave’
    • I don’t understand why these new players wait until Wednesday to campaign. They do light talking all week and then try some ridiculous last-minute weird campaign that never changes votes.
    • Considering like 75% of these people put ‘Dan’s Funeral’ as their goto BB moment, you’d think they would know better.  Perhaps it’s a case of the Mandela Effect going on but people seem to forget that move happened on Sunday night. Before the veto meeting! He didn’t heroically save himself at the last minute by hosting a funeral on Wednesday night.
    • Let me refresh how that worked – He got a punishment during the Saturday veto competition where he had to spend 24h in solitary. He was released from the room on Sunday night and called the house into the living room for his ‘goodbye’ speech where he complimented the shit out of everyone except Danielle who was sitting on the block with him. He trashed her bad. He said he picked her because he thought she would be another Memphis but she was nothing close. She’s useless, etc. Really the entire house felt awful for Danielle at that moment as it was a verbal beat down.
    • Dan then took Frank upstairs (who was the HoH) and confessed to everything in the house. He then said they should work together because Frank is in a bind of his own losing Boogie.  By managing to convince Frank to work with Dan, he also convinced him to swap him on the block with Britney.
    • Basically, by Monday night, Dan was safe and sound and he was set off to work on the votes to save Danielle which he did with ease. Dan and Danielle started off on the block but Britney went home because Dan got to work on Sunday night, not Wednesday. Wednesday is typically used by good players to simply finalize the seeds they’ve been planting all week and secure the votes for Thursday. Anyone who begins campaigning on Wednesday is doomed to fail.
  • 3:45 pm – Alright, these ridiculous one-on-ones continue with Whitney talking to Britini
    • She says she should have started with Britini because she needed to get advice from someone who survived the block twice.  I’m sure this has to just be flattery because Whitney can’t be that naive. Britini survived the block by being a pawn against people who threw in the towel lol.
  • 6:30 pm – Looks like the painful talks are done. Now people are lounging around before summer camp games begin.
    • I have some work to do so I’ll be watching the feeds on my second monitor to see if something comes up and will update you if it does
    • Sorry the season has been so slow. I think the problem is they’re going safer and safer with casting for fear of backlash even though backlash probably gets them ratings.  I mean look at this cast. They found the least controversial people on the planet to play this game. Don’t get me wrong, I like this cast. They’re really good people. But they’re boring. At least for now.
  • 7:30 pm – Alright, Whit has some time with Christian. Let’s follow along this conversation and see how her last pitch effort goes

    • Blah blah blah we’re teammates we can’t talk bad about each other
    • She does have some reasons why it would be beneficial to keep her over Hannah though
    • Whit begins by ranting about DX not immediately backing her up while throwing in Xavier as how much she adores him
    • Circles back around to how DX probably told Kyland she wanted Ky out.  Still pointing more to DX
    • Comp beast Whit is willing to throw the next HoH comp to the Kings so they take out DX and they’ll have her loyalty
    • Christian pretty much shits on her idea by saying he actually wants DX to stay because he’s a good shield for Christian
    • She tells Christian she’d vote for him to win over any woman
    • He asks who she’d put on the block next week. She’d put up Kyland but then says she’d ask Christian
    • They finish it up and Christian says she made the best argument (but it’s pointless because nothing will change. Another predictable week)

Check back for updates

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