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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Feed Updates

August 25, 2021 | 55 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house, and if you missed it late last night, I published my power rankings for the week. I did it at 3am so many may not have seen it – and many may not even care. But it’s there.

In the house, DX continues to push to stay, but it continues to be a lost cause as he hasn’t made any progress on Xavier who is heading into solitary in about 4.5 hours from now.  According to the house, he is scheduled to be in solitary right up until he votes.  At first, I thought it was up until the live show, but it sounds like he’ll even be in there for the first 30 minutes of the show which makes sense. I’m sure Julie will love to talk to him in there. The punishment is to prevent him from being involved in any last-minute decisions so it kind of defeats the purpose of it if he’s let out and allowed to socialize with the house for 30 minutes before voting.

As I mentioned yesterday as well, regarding DX and the votes, it’s just not looking good for him. While he’s certainly giving it a good effort and he does have an average argument to stay (being the sword and shield of people like Tiffany and Azah), it’s just too late in the season and he ironically took out his best chance to stay with his HoH (again, as I said at the time, good feeds, bad move). If Christian were still in the house, the girls would be far more likely to want to keep DX to fight Christian off as we wind down the season, but he took out his own shield so they don’t have a ton of use for him.  Sure, he can help get X and Kyland out, but then who gets DX out?

And while the math certainly works in the favor of any cookout member sitting next to DX, the reality is for a few of them it may be far too close for comfort. Take Azah, for example. Let’s say she goes against the cookout to keep DX who then goes out and takes out Kyland, X, and Tiffany. She ends up sitting in the final 2 with DX, is she a winner? While the rest of the CO can give her the 5 votes needed to win, is it a guarantee at that point?  She would have screwed over the alliance and their cause and then expects them to vote her way?  (note – Azah is not thinking about doing this, I’m just using her as an example.  Kyland could be another one.  Would Tiffany vote for someone she already disliked who also screwed her over rather than DX? Unlikely)

So really, no matter how many different scenarios I try to think of for DX, he has very little argument for actually staying. The one argument he is using is probably his best available because he doesn’t fully know about the cookout, but because the cookout exists, his argument just won’t work. The numbers just don’t add up now that Christian is gone.

Let’s get to some updates:

  • 1:40 pm – Jeez, took me 40 minutes to write this?  Damn distractions.  Anyway, X has about 4 hours now before he’s sent into isolation.

    • Alyssa, Aza, and Big D are in the back room talking.  Alyssa talking about how sure Hannah doesn’t have the money because she played in the balancing thing (she didn’t)
    • Big D says he has an instinct and can sniff out bullshit. Alyssa says ‘I do too’ and is sure Hannah can’t play. Alyssa, you’re bad at this game and your instincts are crap and you still haven’t won a comp in my eyes. Sorry for the fact check there.
    • D keeps telling her that Hannah probably didn’t play but Alyssa is sure of it.
    • Alyssa then admits DX fooled her by saying he’s not backdooring Christian.  So you don’t have a good bullshit detector.
    • X comes in and they talk about him pooping. Cool. Azah says she does it every other day while Alyssa poops 3x a day.  The things you learn in the house.
  • 2:00 pm – DX tells Tiffany he’s working Kyland for a sympathy vote
    • He says Kyland is going to ask permission to vote for a sympathy vote.
    • They talk a bit about that but it’s just not changing much
  • Claire is going around doing one-on-ones
  • 3:00 pm – More one-on-ones. Tiffany is talking to SB right now. I gotta give her (T) credit, she fakes being nice to someone she doesn’t like really well
    • With that, going to step out, eat, and then probably watch the veto episode
  • 6:00 pm – Feeds have mostly been down for the last hour because they are putting X in solitary plus I think they are giving them stuff to memorize for tomorrow
  • 7:30 pm – Xavier is in his room for the night all settled in. Has a little bathroom he can use which I’m sure he’s happy about lol

    • Meanwhile, Claire is stuck campaigning to Kyland which is going to take up pretty much her entire night
  • Upstairs, Big D is talking with Sarah Beth about the coin of destiny
    • He is talking about the thing mentioned earlier with Alyssa. SB thinks Big D is the only one who could play but D points out how Hannah might.  SB says that Hannah claimed she played, but Big D said she has to be lying.  She came out with her jacket off, that’s it.  Meanwhile, Alyssa came down with her hair messy
    • He also mentions how everyone knows he should be the only one who has the money so if something strange happens, they’re going to blame him.  I’m not sure how anything strange could happen other than him doing it but okay.  Unless he means strange like someone else got money in secret and were able to play and blame him
  • 8:25 pm – Big D talks with Tiffany

    • He asks what’s the deal with DX
    • She says whatever the cookout wants.
    • She also says Kyland can’t win tomorrow and if he does, the 6 is done because they need to get SB out next
    • She tells Big D not to tell Kyland this because she basically wants to test his loyalty
    • Minutes later, Big D goes to Kyland and reminds him not to win the HoH tomorrow
  • 10:30 pm – House has mostly been studying what they saw earlier for the HoH tomorrow night.  So with that, I’m out.

Check in tomorrow!

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