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Big Brother 23- Wednesday Recap for 7/28/21

July 29, 2021 | 18 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everybody! It’s eviction Thursday again and this one has the potential to be really good. Blindsides are weird because they’re great entertainment while leaving you a little uncomfortable too. (at least that’s how it is for me) It’s like having 2nd hand embarassment. It’s worth it tho and I can’t wait….assuming Brent isn’t told today. Derek F told him he didn’t have the votes to stay and Christian slipped up and said something about 3 guys going home. Brent heard both comments but he just thinks they’re wrong, I guess.

Seeing grown men in tutus never gets old to me!


The house is non stop gaming and yesterday was no exception. I heard someone say on a podcast that this cast plays a couple weeks of BB in a day and it’s so true! This can’t possibly cover all the conversations from the day but here’s a summary:

  • Britini campaigned to everyone and used the time to try and find out who other people would target. They may not have all told her the truth but she does have a little bit of gaming inside of her, after all. She recognized she needed to campaign, in spite of being told she was safe and recognized she should use that time to get info from others if possible. Sure, after the way she’s been otb, the bar is set pretty low, but I felt she did a decent job yesterday.
  • Azha did some moonwalking:
  • Until she fell down:
  •  Hannah was finally made aware she isn’t safe going in to tonights HOH. Kyland and Tiffany both told her separately that her name has came up, Whitney could be a target and Hannah could go up as a pawn.
  •  The talk with Tiffany seemed to do the most for her. They had spoken the day before and Hannah wasn’t very receptive to it or at least that’s the way it left Tiffany feeling.  It seemed like yesterday, Tiffany finally got from Hannah what she was needing in order to feel comfortable teaming up with her more.
  • Tiffany also suggested to Hannah that she ask Derek X to be her #1 so he could be her side parachute person and she did.
  •  Tiffany made the rounds speaking to members of the cook out. She talked about the plan for each of them to have an extra person except for Derrick F. (I guess she knows it’s hard for him to have a person since he doesn’t leave the room) Azha and Tiffany still can’t get on the same page as to who they’d like to leave next. This was a little confusing to me and I apologize, because maybe I missed something, but I thought this plan was already in place. (the one to each have an extra person) I also thought it was Azha’s suggestion originally.  Azha, once again made it clear, she did not consider Hannah a part of the cookout. (I really don’t know what her problem is with Hannah) There was some disagreement over the order people should be evicted, assuming things are able to go according to plan. Tiffany also ran into this a little when she spoke to Xavier. Tiffany thinks Alyssa should go before Christian but Xavier disagreed. He recognizes how well Christian could possibly do in comps and that concerns him. (It doesn’t concern Tiffany because she has a kind of, sort of, final 4 with him and she has worked their relationship since the beginning) I’m actually going to credit Derek X with one of Christian or Alyssa being a target soon because he did that with Kyland and Tiffany both.
  •  Tiffany’s plan or whoever’s plan also involves them potentially needing to go on the block with their side person. For example, she said she knew when it was Claire’s time to go, she would probably have to go up besides her and so on.
  •  Azha, who doesn’t consider Hannah a member of the cook out, slipped up and told Hannah the name. She tried to cover by saying it’s just what she called the group in her head but hadn’t told anyone yet. She told the others about this and Tiffany and Kyland both told her it wasn’t that big of a deal.
  • People have said they want to throw hoh to the Jokers but Azha doubts them because she said they lied about it before. There was a funny moment when Britini pointed out to her, they really couldn’t before since the Jokers were out of the comp so early. (Finally! Thank you!)
  •  Brent made his campaign rounds too. His was mostly bragging about how many votes he would have to keep him to everyone. His pitch to the Jokers was that Britini would continue to be put up until she was gone and Azha & Derek F would be on their own.  He’s also said he was the only person in the house who would go after the Kings. (The entire house will go after the Kings now) He told a couple of people, there should only be 4 votes against him and apparently, he had told Hannah it should be 2. While Brent spoke with Tiffany, she made a comment about it being amazing if the vote ended up being unanimous. (Haha, I love her!)
  •  Claire suggested an alliance name for herself and Tiffany called Snake Eyes. I don’t know if production will let this one happen since there’s a movie with that name but we’ll see.

Hannah realizes she needs to go for this HOH, Britini wants her team to win it but she doesn’t want to win it herself. Most people outside of the Kings plan on going for it,at least until they know all people on the Kings can’t win and after that, they’d like to throw it to one of the Jokers. (I know they have a plan and all, but this this sounds dangerous to me. The jokers are the one team so far that plays more on emotion.  I wouldn’t throw to them unless I planned on kissing their ass the entire week.) Since we have no idea what the HOH comp will be, we also have no idea if directing the win to someone else is even possible.


I don’t like twists but this team one hasn’t been too bad. It’s added an extra layer for strategy because of the safety it could provide. Having said that, I’ll be ready for it to end. I’m anxious for an endurance comp. I don’t see us getting one of those until the teams are over because of the extra Wild Card comp.

I think this could be a very pivotal week in the house because they’re running out of people who the entire house can agree on for eviction. While a few might need persuaded, I could see mostly everyone getting on board with Whitney leaving but that’s about it.

After thinking about it, I’m not even rooting for anyone to win the HOH because I think it could be interesting for almost any scenario. All of these people have their own targets, no matter what they’re saying to each other. This is early to think about but I like the idea of a F2 duo of Tiffany and Kyland. They seem to be the two dominant power players so far. I would be equally happy with a Tiffany and Claire F2. It would be great if Hannah and Derek X were in the F2. For me, it just goes on and on like this. This season makes me feel like it’s my birthday every day.

If you don’t watch the live feeds and you rely on live feed updates and daily recaps, you’re kind of missing out on how great the cast is this year. I can’t do justice to Derek X in a recap explaining how funny he is or how quick witted Hannah can be. Tiffanys camera talking is amazing too. (Yes, I do agree with Steve that she may go down the overthinking tunnel a little bit but I still think she’s amazing) Even Britini, as annoying as she’s been, can can be hilarious sometimes too. I don’t want anyone evicted, I want them all evicted, I want them all to win HOH so I don’t have a preference for who wins this one. I’m rooting for them all but so far this season, the viewers are the winners.

Have a great Thursday!

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