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Big Brother 23- Wednesday Recap for 8/11/21

August 12, 2021 | 64 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all. Well, yesterday sure was a messy day!  We’ve been saying things were on the verge of going sideways and without Hannah and Xavier, they might’ve gone full tilt.

Steve’s been saying that Tiffany was playing too hard and I didn’t agree, only because I don’t think you can play too hard.  However, I do think you can play too messy and this week, Tiffany really got messy.  Week after week, watching her control so many people in the house, gave me the feeling that she was going to keep it up. Steve was right and I was wrong on this one because she just did way too much! Ok, let’s do this….

The day pretty much picked up where it had ended with the same issues from the night before. Big D and Azha are still really pissed at Tiffany! They don’t like the way she talked to them the night before and they feel she tries to boss them around. (She does) Big D especially, talks like he’s completely done with her.

We know this has been building and their personalities already clashed but the way Tiffany approached them the night before really caused most of this to happen imo.  Personally, I don’t think there was anything wrong with Tiffany trying to get them to tell Christian they weren’t going to keep him. It was going to make it easier on her to say ‘sorry Christian, I would keep you but you don’t have the votes anyway.’  I mean, it was worth a try but unfortunately, they knew why she was doing it and they wouldn’t allow her to have it. (Why would they?) Sure, they were lying but so was Tiffany by trying to blame the vote on the former Jokers. I do think they (Big D, Azha) were too hung up on feeling like she called them liars. Tiffany meant they were lying about the vote but they took it as if she meant they were liars in general.  Well, Britini and Big D WERE lying to Christian, weren’t they? I’ve talked about how direct Tiffany is and how that doesn’t work for Big D and Azha.  Sometimes, her delivery just sucks and this was definitely one of those times!

Meanwhile, Xavier was giving it one more effort for Christian to stay and he worked with Christian on the points he should make while campaigning.  This is where his lawyering comes in handy because he helped Christian predict reasons people might turn him down. After that, he helped him come up with arguments for those reasons.

Azha decided she was just going to tell Christian she wasn’t keeping him but Britini continued going back-and-forth. (To me, this isn’t that complicated. For crying out loud, he’s leaving PRE-jury and his girlfriend is staying in the damn game. Tell him already if you know you arn’t keeping him!!)

Azha told Christian she was voting him out. He campaigned to her more and pointed out reasons she should change her mind. She said she would factor in the things he’d said but as of now, she was voting him out.

Christian was pretty upset and it wasn’t because of her 1 vote. He feels like they (the jokers) will vote together so he thinks if he loses Azha, he loses all 3 votes.  He told Alyssa and Xavier what Azha said and was visibly upset over it. He really wants to stay and even if some of his arguments were a little out there, I appreciate how hard he’s fighting. This guy is a model who’s done some commercials. He fits the description of someone who went on BB for the exposure but he took on the challenge of playing BB and he’s really given it his all.  On top of that, he’s a pretty likable guy and I’m not dying to see him leave.

Britini told Azha she thought they should talk to Xavier and get her plan started. (I think I forgot to mention this, sorry)  Britini came up with a plan right after Christian went on the block. She thought they could pull Xavier closer to their side if they told him about Christians campaign to them. (This was the one where Christian offered to let them run his next HOH and take out whoever they wanted, as long as it wasn’t Alyssa)  Britini said they could point out to Xavier, Christians deal did not include safety for Xavier. (Azha told X about this around 5 minutes after Britini said they should wait for Wed. to do it) Big D told Azha they should do it and she had to remind him they already had. Lol

Alyssa gave Christian a strange pep talk over continuing to fight to stay. She said if he came there to win and not hang out with a girl he met, he should keep trying. She said they could hang out after the show ended. (I say it’s strange because that ship has sailed. That’s the advice they should have both taken weeks ago. Instead, they wanted to bounce between telling people they have a brother/sister relationship to trick people and then go off and make out somewhere. (They tricked no one) I have a brother and…just…eewww! Why even say that?)

Alyssa also talked to Kyland about SB not trusting her anymore.  Ky said he thought SB thought her taking the money in the veto caused a problem.  Alyssa simply can’t understand why SB started doubting her. (I’m just gonna take a wild guess and say maybe it had something to do with SB finding out her former team was going to try to flip the vote and evict her if she’d been otb with Big D)

Big D has talked the Tiffany issue to death with Azha and Britini so he had to move on to Kyland and Xavier. (I agree he and Azha have a right to be annoyed with the way Tiffany approaches them but Big D is all about the drama…ALL the time)  Sure, he doesn’t want Tiffany trying to control his game so maybe get off that damn couch and go try to control some shit. He thinks sitting in 1 room bitching about Tiffany is the way to control the game. (then again, maybe he’s right because the way it’s going, he’ll probably be there after Tiffany gets evicted)

Side note:  He and Azha both feel like Tiffany doesn’t factor them into plans until after things have been decided. That’s true, but so far, most of their plans have been kinda’ stupid and they don’t exactly give off the impression that they’re trying to help do the work. I guess, I can just see both sides in this situation. I blame Tiffany for her approach but not necessarily her actions. (Usually) Every time she’s tried to talk game with Azha, it’s gone badly, partly because Azha starts talking about morals, principles, not manipulating people and blah blah blah. (How in the hell could Azha have said he 2 favorite players were Dan and Jun?  I mean, did production just pull names out of their asses and assign it to the players this year and say “hey, say this is your favorite player, ok?”)  She reminds me a little of BB20 Sam and not the side of Sam that was entertaining.  It’s the side that claimed to be too good of a person to play BB and basically called Haleigh and Kaitlyn whores when she put them on the block. (Haha, good times)

After Christian campaigned again to Tiffany, she was once again, considering trying to flip the vote. (I really didn’t think she’d try this again. I think it’s great that Tiffany can play the game and not take things personally because she understands it’s just a game. I also like that she considers all her options but dang girl, how many times do you have to consider them?) Tiffany talked to DX and said she thought maybe it was a mistake to take out Christian and went through some of the reasons. (DX look like a deer caught in headlights)  Tiffany tried convincing DX that along with other reasons, Britini may secretly be planning on keeping Christian and that the vote may not go the way he wants anyway. DX said he didn’t believe that was true.

Tiffany met up with Xavier and talked about flipping the vote. She said she was concerned because she knew she would be at odds with DX going forward if it happened.  She tried to come up with ways to keep Christian but also keep DX on her side. Obviously, Xavier was all for this plan  and they both got to work trying to make a 5-4 vote happen in favor of Christian. Claire quickly got on board with. (why not, it’s bad for her game if Christian leaves)  Xavier ran off to tell Christian they may have the votes and said they couldn’t go after DX next week because that’s what he and Tiffany had discussed. (Yeah, I’m sure 1 whole week of safety is really going to make DX thrilled with this plan)  Claire seemed to think if the jokers found out they were keeping Christian, they would get on board too. (They had no idea that at the time, I think big D and Azha would’ve voted out their own mothers if it went against what Tiffany wanted to do.)

Since Tiffany had him freaked out, DX decided to check in with the jokers. Azha and Britini assured him their votes weren’t changing and Big D offered to hold a house meeting to tell Christian he was voting him out. DX told him that really wasn’t necessary.  (Haha) Big D also used the opportunity to complain about Tiffany some more.

Xavier went to work on Big D but he wasn’t really getting anywhere. Big D said he was tired of Christian and Alyssa together and said he wasn’t changing his mind. (For someone who is so obsessed over the women taking over and too many guys getting evicted, he wasn’t considering it.)

The feeds were down for most of whatever drama happened but this seems to be what happened:

Tiffany wanted to speak to Britini alone because she felt she could get Britini to be the 5th vote to keep Christian. (It sounds like Hannah turned it down because she didn’t want to go against DX) They already had Tiffany, Xavier, Alyssa and Claire. She was going to speak with her in the HOH room but instead of Britini coming to talk with her, it was Britini, Big D and Azha.  Tiffany was ticked off she wasn’t being allowed to talk to Britini alone. Big D and Azha were ticked off because they felt like Tiffany wanted to ambush and harass Britini.  Tiffany was pretty worked up during her retells of what happened.

Hannah was trying to convince Xavier that Christian’s pitch couldn’t be believed because he was promising everyone in the house safety for their votes.  Claire was busy trying to convince DX that Christian would probably go after Ky and SB instead of DX. DX was busy saying Ky and SB leaving wasn’t good for them if Christian and Alyssa were still there together. Tiffany was complaining about the way she was spoken to when she was trying to meet with Britini. Big D was pissed off, calling Tiffany an “old woman” and saying he needed to stay away from her so “he didn’t pop off.” Big D also said he doesn’t like the way Tiffany talks down to Britini and he wasn’t going to sit there and keep quiet. Kyland was busy telling SB what Tiffany was doing but said it wouldn’t work.

I don’t know what was said but later, when Tiffany told Xavier about it, she said she’d never go at Big D or Azha the way they came at her. Xavier agreed with her, said they were wrong to do that but said they had to let go of the vote flip.  He said the cook out had to come first, he said he’d asked everyone in the 6 who they wanted to stay and it came down 4 to 2 in favor of getting rid of Christian. He told Tiffany the majority had to win this one.

Xavier worked to calm down Tiffany and Hannah worked to calm down Big D.  Big D is convinced he’ll go on the block if Tiffany wins the next HOH and said it’s because “she’s that kind of woman.”  Tiffany was saying to Xavier that she’s always been loyal to the 6 and it would be easier for her game if she wasn’t.  Xavier also decided that he wanted to have a conversation with Tiffany and Azha and then again with Big D and Tiffany to try and mediate for them.

Hannah and Tiffany talked and Tiffany let her know she wasn’t trying to flip the vote anymore. She said she was more upset at the way big D and Azha had spoken to her. Hannah was worried about the 6 being able to work together moving forward. Tiffany told Hannah she’d always been loyal to the 6. She also said Big D and Azha didn’t like the way Tiffany played the game because they didn’t understand the game. (This might be the kind of comment that pisses people off)

Christian told Britini he knew he wasn’t staying and said she should vote with the house. He advised her to work with Xavier and Alyssa moving forward.

Tiffany talked to the cameras and still sounded bothered by the fact that she was close to flipping the vote but it wasn’t going to happen. (She could’ve flipped it earlier in the week successfully. She let her friendship with DX get in the way)

I mistakenly thought for a few minutes they were having a house meeting but it ended up just being another game of mafia. Christian seems to have accepted he’ll be leaving and Hannah & Xavier may have just taken on a big responsibility. These 2 may have just accepted the job of keeping the cook out together, in spite of all their differences.

Holy crap, what a day! Relationships haven’t been mended and they may not be.  To sum all this up, Big D and Azha feel like afterthoughts in the decision making for the 6 and they don’t like it. They especially don’t like feeling as if Tiffany is dictating everything to them. For Tiffany’s side, she feels she is completely loyal to the 6 because she’s working to protect them and would never come after them.  Therefore, it shouldn’t matter to them what she’s doing regarding the rest of her game.

Even with Christian leaving, which I’m assuming is going to happen, some damage was done yesterday. I’m not talking about Big D and Azha because if the 6 wants to work together, they’ll keep doing it, in spite of yesterday.  I think the more immediate issues are that DX is aware that Tiffany was willing to totally screw his game to keep Christian. Hannah has proven herself to be extremely level headed but she could also end up having a problem with this. Hannah knows that Tiffany was aware how badly Hannah believed Christian should leave. I don’t think Kyland needed anymore confirmation Tiffany had moved him way down on her priority list but he knows for certain how badly Tiffany wants Sarah Beth out.

Have a great Thursday!


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