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Big Brother 23- Wednesday Recap for 8/19/21

August 19, 2021 | 24 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello everyone, we’re halfway thru the season already! I don’t know about you but it feels fast to me and it’s probably because I really like this cast. Honestly, I’d be fine if Big D left tonight (he won’t) but I’m really not wanting anyone else to go. Britini’s pretty funny sometimes and I’ve mostly enjoyed her.  Someone does have to go every week so I’ll have to get over wanting to keep them all.

Before the recap, I need to go over 2 situatons that I may not have covered well enough before. Hopefully, it will prevent yesterdays game talk from being confusing.

The first thing involves DX wanting to make some kind of deal with Xavier. As much as he’s tried to get somewhere with X, it just wasn’t happening. DX isn’t stupid and he’s been able to tell that Xavier was probably going to come after him. Hannah knew this was DX’s plan. She’d gone to X and told him NOT to make any kind of deal with DX because he was probably going to have to be the one to take DX out for them. (this was also when Hannah was still thinking DX needed to leave soon) DX and Xavier have talked more this week than they had before and DX appeared to be making some progress with him.  Hannah put in some work to prevent that from happening.  Somewhere along the way, (that way mostly included multiple conversations between Hannah and Tiffany) Hannah realized it wouldn’t be smart to take DX out. (no shit) They finally had the realization that Claire and DX should stay longer because it could benefit their own personal games.

While these two were having this light bulb moment, X and Kyland were busy deciding DX was the biggest threat to the alliance getting to the end (true) so they decided it was time for DX to go.

The second situation that’s been happening is over the vote this week. Tiffany and Hannah have been worried that DX and Claire are going to catch on about the cook out if they keep pushing too hard for Britini to go. The cook out as a whole, felt Kyland should let Claire and DX know that he did have a preference this week as to who left. The cook out knows that even though Claire and DX thinks it’s smarter to keep Britini, they also know they won’t do it if it completely splits the house. Tiffany and Hannah had talked to Ky about this and explained that he should let DX and Claire know his preference was for Britini to leave.

That would shut down the potential vote flip talk and the cook out could avoid risking exposing themselves. Ky agreed, Xavier agreed, pretty much everyone agreed. For some reason I haven’t figured out, when Ky spoke to Claire and DX, he continued to say he didn’t have a preference. I’ll pick up from there…

Yesterdays game talk:

  • DX, X and Kyland talked about making a deal with each other to not come after one another or the main person each of them is working with. (Hannah, Alyssa, SB) X tried to convince DX they could take out Big D in the double when they talked about this weeks vote and Ky said he had a preference but didn’t want to push for it.
  • DX admitted to Ky he didn’t really want the next hoh because they’d also just talked about maybe taking out Azha next and he didn’t have the heart to do it.
  • Later, Ky told the cams he hated it but it would be perfect if DX didn’t go for it because he knows the real target next week is DX. Later, Ky also told X that DX may not go for the hoh.
  • Big D continued to let Britini think the “house” is just against the Jokers in general so either of them could be the target.
  • Big D and Azha talked about the vote for Britini from Azha.  At first, Big D insisted she go ahead and do it because he didn’t want Britini to leave the house with no votes to keep her. (That was nice) Azha is getting paranoid that if a couple people buy into any of Britinis points, which they admit are good ones, Azha could accidentally be the tiebreaker to send Big D out. He ended up deciding that giving Britini a sympathy vote might not be worth risking his game for. (Haha, that was smart)
  • Tiffany and X talked about the vote. Tiffany told him they couldn’t blame Claire and DX because their arguments made sense. X brought up using the double as an excuse to wait to take out Big D.  She said Claire and DX weren’t going to buy something like that. She said they were smart enough to know, you should use a double to take out somebody like X or Ky, not a Big D. Once again, Tiffany said if Ky would let them know he had a preference, this week would go more smoothly.
  • Tiffany and X also talked about the next hoh.  There’s a bit of a power struggle going on (I expect it to continue)  because Tiffany was trying to convince him it was too soon to take out DX. He didn’t seem to care and even asked her who she thought would take DX out for the alliance. She said it would need to be X or Ky. He told her if that was the case, he and Ky should have a say in when it happened. (Rut Roh) He said if he had the opportunity, he wasn’t going to let the shot pass him by. He later told this to Hannah too.
  • Hannah and Tiffany were trying to come up with new reasons to want Britini to go that wouldn’t make Claire and DX suspicious. They are also trying to avoid a tie if Alyssa gets on board with keeping Britini. Hannah talked to X about it and asked him to be sure Alyssa wasn’t doing it because with Azhas vote to keep Britini, they could be in trouble.  Xavier said he would talk to Azha about her vote because at this point, he thinks it’s too dangerous for her to give Britini a pity vote. He also assured Hannah, he and Alyssa would vote together so they’d be OK.
  • Claire worked on Alyssa some more about the vote.  Claire had done this the day before and she seemed to have Alyssa convinced to keep Britini. Tiffany swooped in right after and started talking about they way Britini was complaining last week. Tiffany said Britini made a lot of comments about the way Alyssa and Christian were almost harassing her over voting to keep Christian. This didn’t sit well with Alyssa and it appeared Tiffany ruined the work Claire had just put in with Alyssa. (this side person maintenance is a full time job!)
  •  Tiffany planted a seed to Claire that she’s worried about Xavier trying to win the next HOH and going after DX. (If she can’t stop X, she needs to warn him and Claire at least) She told her she could see Claire and Tiffany going up and X trying to back door DX. Later, Claire told this to DX but I’m not sure they were fearful enough of the possibility. DX referenced the deal he’d just made with X. (Nooooo!!!)
  • Along with X, DX has also put some time in with Alyssa and it may have paid off. While they were talking, she warned him that no matter what people were telling him, they were probably saying the opposite to other people.  She said it’s what happened with Christian and she figured they’d do it to him too.
  •  Hannah thought she could get somewhere by getting Big D to get through to Kyland.  She told him he needed to convince Ky to state his preference this week and stop making this week so hard. They also seemed to be concerned over Ky’s messy HOH week. They agreed, it may be hard to convince their side people to keep him over SB if they went otb together.
  • Hannah, Azha and Big D discussed whether they should risk exposing the alliance this week by all voting together. Azha was leaning on the side of exposing it because she doesn’t want to risk Big D leaving. Hannah wasn’t so sure.
  •  Ky and Azha finally met up to hash things out.  I guess he apologized but it didn’t seem to go over that well.  (I thought for a while, it was going to be Ky and Tiffany going against each other but it appears Azha has applied for this job too)
  •  After the feeds came back from the halfway party, Tiffany and Big D were finally hashing things out too. (There’s really no point in going over it again) It stems from Big D escorting Britini to the HOH room to protect her during her talk with Tiffany and Tiffany taking offense. They both said their peace, Big D didn’t see where she was coming from, neither was going to cave but…. he remembered he was on the block. He decided he should fake apologize so they could move on. I don’t think either changed how they feel about things.
  • DX and Claire, who were trying to listen at the door to Tiff and Big D, took notice of all the ways Hannah was trying to prevent it from happening. Hannah tried to talk over it and eventually, ended up asking to go into the room, basically trying to stop the conversation. Azha had also stepped in to make an appearance at one point, to let them know they were getting kind of loud.
  • Ky and Big D talked. Big D is worried about Tiffany and Ky is worried about Azha. (that’s the short version)

Depending on who wins this next HOH, the most likely targets will probably be DX or Sarah Beth. I could also see Kyland as a casualty if something goes wrong trying to target SB or the cook out decides 5 is good enough.  Claire could also see herself in danger again.  I wouldn’t look for any BB bucks to help Clare either. She’s barely on the episodes.  She isn’t being hinted at as a villain the way Tiffany is, she just isn’t really there. Feed watchers like Claire…tv viewers, not so much.

Speaking of Tiffany, I though the edit last night on the episode was some big ole bullshit. They blamed or credited (however you see it) Tiffany with Britini being the target. Xavier is who got Kyland to target Britini because Ky was going to target Alyssa. Tiffany barely had any influence over this weeks decision.  I get it, the show needs to tell a story and the simpler the story, the easier it is to put the edit together. I think it’s unfair to create a villain out of thin air when you’re going to have people vote on their favorites.  I guess they had to come up with something because they sure as hell weren’t going to tell the truth. The truth is, the viewers voted Britini one of their favorites, she rec’d 100 BB bucks and that’s the reason she’s going home this week.  Production would have to admit one of their beloved twists backfired (they usually do) if they told the truth and that was never gonna happen.

The twist for the upcoming week is probably going to backfire as well, assuming productions intention is to create some chaos and/or shuffle up the house a little bit. We’ve seen time and again, how introducing twists that involve powers, almost always benefits the strongest alliance in the house. Let’s say Claire or DX wins the HOH tonight and takes a shot in the right direction for their game. It’s more than likely their ability to take that shot will be prevented by the twist.

Other than that, I’d expect Tiffany and Hannah to continue running around putting out fires to keep the cook out safe. Granted, half of them are fires they started but why nitpick?

Have a great Thursday.


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