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Big Brother 23- Wednesday Recap for 8/25/21

August 26, 2021 | 27 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJ family, it’s eviction day!  Has this week felt like the longest week so far to anyone else?  DX has done some good campaigning but still, I’m glad it’s here so we can be done with it.  I think I feel this way anytime I see a player who is fighting to stay, but doesn’t have a shitty attitude and can remember it’s only a game. That’s Derek X so I want to put him out of his misery and move on.  I’m so glad he was cast this year and I got to have him on my screen. He’s been an absolute pleasure to watch, during his good moves and even his bad ones.

There isn’t much to recap today because it’s more of the same. Claire and DX campaigned, Xavier went into lockdown and DX is still leaving tonight. I really don’t want to write a repeat of yesterday so I’ll touch on a few things that stood out and maybe talk about something else today. (If DX had a chance of flipping the vote, I think having to study last night for a comp ended it) I’m also using some pics that are recent but not from last night.  I’d just like to use them before they’re irrelevant but didn’t want to cause confusion.

I could see DX becoming the closest to Claire of anyone in the cast once the season’s over.

Wednesday Highlights:

  •  Xavier made his rounds before he went into his 24 hour isolation to make sure Tiffany couldn’t do any damage while he was away. I saw this on Twitter and thought it was funny:
  •  Azha had agreed with Tiffany that the women in the 6 needed to stick together so the guys couldn’t pick them off. Yesterday, we learned that isn’t true and she didn’t mean it. (I don’t know what her end game is supposed to be but she thinks sticking with Xavier is the way to go)
  • Azha was also annoyed with DX. She thinks he told her secret of using fruit loops to study days. I guess she saw other people doing it and now she thinks she’s lost her advantage. (No, I’m not making this shit up)
  •  Tiffany told Big D if Kyland goes for the HOH this week, the 6 is done. They’ve all agreed Sarah Beth should be the next one to go and she said if Ky won, that wouldn’t happen. (Ky has been telling the guys he wants someone to win and take SB out for him, doesn’t mean it’s true tho)  Tiffany asked Big D not to say anything to Ky about it.
  • Big D went straight to Ky and told him, he’d better not go for the next HOH.
  • If SB doesn’t go next, Tiffany will be sooooo mad.
  • Big D told Tiffany the story he gave SB about the next power.  He said he was worried SB would know he was the one that did it, so he’s been trying to convince SB that maybe Tiffany and Hannah were lying about how much money they had and said they might be able to play too. (He’d already asked them a day or two ago if they were OK with him doing this and they both told him no. Why would they be ok with it? Haha)
  •  Big D’s “big plan” was to take over the HOH anonymously. DX pointed out to him, if he’s the only one playing in it, it wouldn’t be anonymous. (Big D also had to have it pointed out that he couldn’t put Tiffany otb AND blame her for using the power. Dan Gheesling clone, he is not)
  • I liked this pic of Kyland:
  • Hannah acted a little bummed that DX didn’t have time last night to relax and enjoy their last night together. (Sorry Hannah, he was a little busy trying to stay in the house)  Hannah and Big D joked about DX and her copying Christian and Alyssa’s kiss as he left, except doing something silly at the last second instead of actually kissing.
  • This was the alliance I would’ve loved to see happen but there are several others  I’d also like:
  • Alyssa was pushing DX for personal info over how he felt about Hannah. (This got annoying for me because the guy is there to play a game and he’s made that clear. Alyssa may be fine throwing her game away for not 1, but 2 guys but DX had different plans. He seems to adore Hannah but whatever happens or doesn’t, he wants to happen or not, after the show)

I’d said Xavier made a stupid move taking the 3rd nom. If he had no choice and that was the only way to make sure he won, I want to take that back. Yeah, he’s safe with the 6, but I could see where he would’ve still been worried this week and wanted to be off the block.

Claire, on the other hand, should’ve taken whatever she could to get off the block.  Watching Claire play like there isn’t any urgency is going to make it easier on me when she goes. (Love ya Claire, it’s been fun but see ya’)

DX’s game has reminded me a little of Pauls on BB18, which I think I’ve said before. I enjoyed watching Paul learn the game as he went through that season. Sometimes, recruits just wander aimlessly until they get sent home. The fun recruits are the ones who actually learn the game as it’s being played, like DX.  He doesn’t know Hannah and Tiffany are betraying his trust but he’s already realized which other mistakes he’s made and I like that.

Hannah referenced Paul recently and it gave me some insight into the way she’s thinking. Several of them were discussing why Paul lost BB19, they were saying he couldn’t own his shit. (True) The comment that surprised me was when Hannah suggested maybe people didn’t want to know. She’d said maybe it would be better if people left the house not knowing everything that happened until the season was over.  I think this was Hannah trying to justify the decision she’d made with DX.

What Hannah’s accomplished in her personal life is impressive for someone so young but it hasn’t translated to the game. The reason she became anyone’s target in the first place was because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about all the BB trivia she knows. She knows who did what and on which season but it’s just trivia, nothing more. (I’m a good example of this kind of fan. I would put my BB trivia knowledge up against alot of people, but there’s no way in hell I could play this game. I’d lose it the moment someone put their nasty ass feet on my bed and that’s before I even got to the strategic mistakes I’d probably make) Hannah didn’t have the ability to keep quiet with all her info, even when she was warned she should. (She’d be shocked to know, she wasn’t always correct either) I will give her credit for hiding her real accomplishments and some of her intelligence tho because she might be the smartest person in that house.  As for the game, she’s reminded me a little of Alex from BB19 but with a MUCH better personality. (a little bit of a know it all who thinks they’re smarter than everyone else and thinks all the BB trivia they’ve memorized will help them in the game) For someone who thinks they know the game so well, she’s making a terrible move for her game.

People can say what they want about Kyland, Xavier and Tiffany but they’ve been trying to do what’s best for their OWN game while still looking out for the 6. (Unfortunately for Tiffany, those 2 things don’t go together, she knows she has an uphill battle now)

They each want to keep their side person as long as they possibly can. (Yes, I know DX was technically Hannahs person but Tiffany knows he’s better for her game than Claire is and unlike Hannah, she was actually trying to keep him this week) If the game plays out the way it’s heading,  with the Cook Out as the final 6, the first HOH once they hit 6 could be crucial. You want to be the person in the 6 who makes the first hit, you don’t want to be the person who GETS hit. What’s the best way to do this?  You want to be able to play for the HOH at the F6 and if your side person is still there at 7 and manages to win the HOH at the F7, you don’t have to win because you’re safe. That would allow you to play in the F6 hoh. This is what Hannah is throwing away.  No, Hannah isn’t single handedly sending DX out but except for Xavier, she’s been the one to push the hardest for him to go. I do think she thinks it’s a good move and a game decision but I think most of it is out of fear.  I also get the feeling she’s tired of playing dumb, throwing comps and wants to go for the HOH. I think she feels like she can’t do that while DX is still in the house. She told Tiffany, worst case scenario, would be DX needing to go when she won hoh or the veto and couldn’t use it on him.  In a weird way, I think that might be better. Not only would she get credit for the move, DX has proven himself to be logical and have the ability to not take things personally. On top of that, Tiffany managed to get in her head the night before, when they talked about the guys thinking they’d done all the work.

Hannah spent a little time yesterday feeling people out about it and getting their opinions. Prior to this convo with Tiffany, Hannah was under the impression that Big D was the only guy talking that way. She seemed genuinely surprised to hear Ky and X were both doing it too.  Maybe she thinks by showing loyalty to the 6 and letting DX go, it will put her more at the top when the guys start trying to get out the women. (Just guessing)

As for her decision this week, lets say hypothetically Hannah encourages DX to play for the power this week, he beats Alyssa and he’s safe for the week. It’s not Hannahs fault the Cook Out can’t take DX out this week so she’s still fine with the 6. DX also doesn’t have the fact that Hannah helped  convince him not to play in it to be bitter about in jury. Once the 6 gets a shot at DX to take him out, he’s otb and she tells him about the 6. Sure, he’s mad but has time to process it and get over it WHILE he’s still in the house. He leaves thinking ‘wow, they got me and Hannah, really got me.” He heads off to jury with info that could really help Hannah’s end game if she gets to F2.  (Maybe it wouldn’t play out that way at all but this is MY hypothetical)

I want to say, since I’ve been so critical of Hannah’s game, I don’t dislike her and I don’t understand why she’s getting so much anger online.  I think this was stupid for her game but she’s a young woman, playing a game and doing what she THINKS is best for herself and her alliance.  Where are all those fans every year who complain about women throwing their game away for some guy? That’s certainly not Hannah and even if it’s the wrong move, we can’t say that about her.  She has a real crush on DX but is simultaneously, stomping all over his game and sweeping the remains out the door!   Can’t we respect that part just a little?

Sarah Beth is someone else who so many people are angry with online. Come on, SB being pissed off at the fans for only giving her 50 BB bucks and basically telling us to kiss her ass, is hilarious! Her hoh was one of the worst but I’m still amused by her. (Maybe I’m the problem and perhaps, I’m just drawn to assholes. I don’t know what it is but I actually like this side of both of them)

If Alyssa or Kyland wins the hoh tonight, the feeds could be really good. I also think I’m giving my BB bucks votes to Hannah.  I don’t want Big D to end up with that power because we’ll have to spend the rest of the season listening to what a mastermind he is and it may keep Tiffany off the block too.

Have a great Thursday!


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