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Big Brother 23- Wednesday Recap for 8/4/21

August 5, 2021 | 10 Comments
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Author: Mel
  1. Good morning BB Junkies, it’s eviction day again!  I never get tired of saying that and this Thursday is even better because we’ll be able to watch the comp on the live feeds! Whitney should leave this evening and then we’ll be moving on to the next BB victim.  Tonight will be the first eviction a woman will leave the game and every hoh so far has been won by a man.  I don’t care about the guy vs girl stuff. I’m only pointing it out because because it’s been discussed in the house.  Whitney talked with Xavier about being the target just because she’d said Christian and Alyssas names. He said maybe it has more to do with 3 guys going home in a row.  He said he wasn’t worried about that but some of the other guys might be. She said all the hoh’s have been men so obviously they’ve had the power to get out a woman if they’d wanted. He also told her he didn’t think it was a good idea to campaign against Hannah. (Wall…here’s the writing)

The campaigning from Hannah and Whitney yesterday was mostly Whitney trying to stay with her one and only arguement and Hannah trying to make sure she was good with Azha.  Whitney hasn’t being able to understand why she was put on the block over saying Christian and Alyssa’s names. I guess I can understand that because from her perspective, the entire house was saying their names.  What she doesn’t know, is that she ended up otb from all the times Tiffany said her name last week.  It’s the same thing that’s happening to Sara Beth this week.

I need to mention how late these people talk game for those who don’t watch the live feeds. There have already been a few times my recap was lacking something important, simply because I missed a late night comment.  I try to correct it the following day because it’s hard to catch some of those talks before I need to type the recap.

Game talk from the day:

  • Kyland told Claire he feels they can beat Sarah Beth in comps and that’s why he’s more worried about Christian. (Probably true)  This is one of those areas I just mentioned where I’d missed something the day before. I did mention that Claire and Derek X have started talking more game but I didn’t catch just how much Claire and Derek X have been thinking about pushing back against Tiffany’s plans.  They didn’t say anything against Tiffany and they both still seem loyal to her. They were both just agreeing that taking out Sarah Beth next might not be the smartest move for each of their games. (If DX and Claire could form their own thing and start sharing info, it could be great for them. I’m not sure it will happen but it would be good if it did)
  •  Xavier warned Christian that Whitney was planning to campaign pretty hard so Christian decided to have his own one on ones to make sure the plan stays the same.
  • They all sang happy bday to Tiffany.
  •  Tiffany gave Hannah a heads up the Azha was worried about her. She said Aza has heard that Hannah would put Azha otb. Hannah said she would talk to her to make sure it was fixed. Hannah talked to Azha and Azha denied ever hearing anything about Hannah putting her otb. After Hannah relayed this info back to Tiffany, Tiffany said Azha was probably mad at her now for telling.
  •  Big D told both Hannah and Whitney that he would vote for them to stay. lol  He also talked about his elaborate plans for HOH if he won it. (as usual)
  •  Britini promised Hannah if she won HOH, Hannah wouldn’t go otb and went over her being on the block 2 weeks in a row blah, blah, blah. Britini also said things will probably get crazy since there is no longer a house target.
  •  Hannah and Xavier talked about the cook out getting to the final 6. He also told her that Sarah Beth really pushed for her as the target this week. Hannah said even if she knows this is true, she still isn’t sure Sarah Beth should be her target.  It’s because she thinks Sarah Beth would only put one of the cook out on the block. Xavier said he wasn’t so sure.
  •  Sarah Beth and Hannah talked. It felt VERY forced and VERY fake.
  •  While campaigning,  Whitney continued to hear a lot of “I want to respect Christian’s wishes.” (You know, the stuff you say when you’ve already moved on to planning for next week and you’re just trying to get the conversation over with)
  •  Whitney was finally able to talk to Christian. For the 1st time, she presented a decent argument for keeping her but but it’s simply too late. She said that Derek X could be a threat to his game and taking Hannah out now could weaken him. (Christian doesn’t trust Derek X and hasn’t since the 1st week. This could have been a pretty good argument if she had several days to plant seeds and keep pushing the idea. I’m not saying it would have worked, but it would’ve been a good argument) Christian ended up telling her that he didn’t disagree with her but Derek X was kind of a shield for him right now. (This is also a good point) I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that I’ve actually been surprised by Christian. I’ve heard him talk about intentionally dumbing himself down but if I’m being honest, I wasn’t convinced it was the truth. Over the past week I’ve actually started to believe him.
  •  Claire and Sarah Beth had a convo where they finally discussed the long forgotten Jackpot alliance. They agree they feel they are positioned well heading into the week. They also discussed the need to break up the Kings even tho SB is one of them.
  •  Tiffany has already started trying to plant the idea to Derek X that he needs to take the shot at Christian. They talked about this again, along with Claire.  He talked about the possible need to back door him. (I think Derek X does need to take out Christian) She also floated the idea of taking out Alyssa instead and then using Christian. (I think this is very smart for Tiffany’s game, Derek X, not so much)
  •  There was Cam talking from a couple of people. (I love how many people do that this season!) Claire told us she’s concerned about letting Christian get too far in the game and that she doesn’t really want the hoh this week. (At first, I agreed with her since she’s safe for another week but I’ve changed my opinion.  Because this house seems to plan things so far ahead, I think it would be good for her to win it this week. I think if she wins it next week and tries to get something of her own started to protect her in upcoming weeks, the ball may already be rolling towards getting her out and it might be too late.) (It’s always easier to convince someone of something than it is to change their mind after they have an idea in their head)
  •  Have nots ended and Azha created another song to celebrate it. No, this isn’t gametalk but they’re a pretty talented group so I don’t mind the made up songs this year.
  •  Cook off alert!@ No not cook out, this is cook off. I’m not sure when they’re planning to do it but Azha and Derek X have played some type of cooking competition. We may get a little flashback of BB17 Chopped!
  •  Alyssa is annoyed with big D because apparently, she’d asked him if he thought it was bad for her game that she appeared so closely linked to Christian. (I didn’t see this conversation) I guess he told her yes. Big D talked to Xavier about it and said Alyssa was just mad because he told her the truth.  (Haha) He sounded like he was worried Alyssa may target him now and later he told Azha if he won the HOH, he would put up Christian Alyssa.  (Big D isn’t going to win the wall comp and even if he did, his targets change often)
  •  Whitney snuggled up with Xavier at bedtime.  I guess since she knows she’s leaving so this is her last chance to get him to do whatever…
  •  Kyland and Sarah Beth had a chat. She said she’s still worried about Hannah coming after her. She also gave it one more try to her team earlier in the day to get them to switch the target to Hannah. It didn’t work.
  • Sarah Beth had a LATE night cam talk and said she’s disappointed that she hasn’t been able to basically get people to bend to her will.  She said she was realizing that having the power to influence people while also playing a floater game doesn’t seem to be working well. (Hmmm, this sounds familiar)  She said she’s going to have to rethink things and that she may need to adjust the type of game she’s playing. She also said she may need to mend things better with Hannah and try to work with her. She also said she DOESN’T want to win the hoh. (Gurl, you’re wrong!!) She said it’s because if she put Hannah up, she’d have to put Britini up with her and she knows Britini would go home.  She sees there’s no point in putting up Hannah if she can’t get the votes to get her out. (She should still go for the HOH imo and use that week of power to actually have some leverage.  The best way to convince Hannah she’s sincere about wanting to work with her, even if she doesn’t, is to win and not put her on the block)
  •  Kyland and Derek X planned to sleep up in the HOH room so they could do some type of studying or prep for a quiz or hit the buzzer kind of comp. (Great, 2 guys who need to win a comp were going to stay up half the night and study for a comp they wont be having! It also doesn’t look suspicious AT ALL that these 2 would go sleep in the HOH room together. No…. we’re not working together, not at all! I love both these guys but can you say DUMB-ASS-MOVE)

For such good game players this season, I’m really surprised so many of them still think it won’t be endurance this week. I mean, they’ve been waiting for an endurance comp, they lost the backyard early and they should be able to hear that the setup is taking a long time. That almost always indicates endurance.  I’m not complaining about this because like I said, I think we have really good game players this year. I’m just surprised by it. I don’t even know if it’s going to be the wall but if it is, it’s a good comp when you want to throw it.  It’s a slower paced comp, you have time to think and and obviously you can see when someone is out.  Tiffany said she thinks she has Alyssa convinced to throw it to her. (I’m not sure if that’s true or not) Xavier doesn’t really want to win it because he feels Britini is the only person he needs to be concerned with putting him on the block. (Not sure if that’s true) He’s in a good position but Claire and Derek X were just talking about not understanding why Xavier is all of a sudden included in their little group. We know Claire doesn’t really want it, Azha said she’s afraid to put up Christian and Alyssa and I’m still not sure if Derek X thinks it’s the right time for him. I know Hannah will go for it but she said she was fine throwing it to Tiffany, otherwise, she wants to win it.

Obviously things can change but depending on who wins, the most likely people who could be in trouble are Sarah Beth, Azha and Britini.  Less likely, but also a possibility, could be Christian, Alyssa, Derek X and Xavier.

Sorry todays recap was late and for the lack of images. I was having some issues. Have a great Thursday.


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