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Big Brother 23- Wednesday Recap for 9/1/31

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Good morning and happy eviction day! Wow, has this week gone by slowly or what?  It’s time to get this one over with and put SB out of her misery.  Yesterday was so slow, I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what the hell to write today. I think I’m just going to start typing, let my random thoughts come out and see where it leads. (I don’t necessarily think that’s a good idea but I don’t have another plan)


I don’t want to go through Kyland and SB’s one on ones, only to end with…Sarah Beth’s going home ya’ll. I’ll just say, Kyland and SB both had one on ones with everyone. She took a couple of hours to get the job done and I think for Ky, it was around 6 to 8 hours. (from the guy who KNOWS he’s staying!)


There was some talk about both Ky and SB sleeping in the have not room together. (X and Alyssa have too and no one cared) Derek was jealous enough that he even asked SB about it.  The majority of the house is also back to thinking Shelley isn’t real. (this is one of the more bizarre theories I’ve seen floated around on BB)

Xavier gave Derek tips on the best way to disagree with people. (exciting stuff)


SB talked to Ky about outing the Jackpot alliance now that she thinks she’s leaving and this was kind of sad.  One, nobody will give a shit and two, she kinda ended that alliance when she put Claire on the block.

Alyssa talked to Xavier about her fear of the women wanting to get her out. She told him she hears everyone talking about what a trustworthy guy Xavier is so she thinks they’ll try to get rid of her so they can work with him. She says no one says that stuff about her.  She also doesn’t think Ky should leave if she wins the next HOH. In spite of her new fake F4 plans with Hannah, she said she didn’t know if they could beat Tiffany, Claire or Hannah.  However, she thinks she and X can beat Ky. (I didn’t hear all this so I’m going to assume she meant in the end, not in comps, right?)  She thinks they should stick with the plan she had with Hannah, except she’d put Ky and Claire otb, only pretend Ky is the target, but really go after Claire. (Ladies and gentlemen, there is a true genius in the house!)


Alyssa was pissed off at the idea of Xavier giving SB a pity vote. (Ky wants either X or Tiffany to give her one since he can’t) X said he hated for anyone to leave unanimously. She gave him a hard time, told him he didn’t mind Whitney going out unanimously and told him to “pick a side.”  (Haha) He said Alyssa was making it personal and about her when it wasn’t. (Alyssa’s been mad at SB since she found out SB’s campaign was to throw Alyssa under the bus)  Alyssa told him she knew Xavier was just working for a jury vote.

When Tiffany talked to SB, she told SB she thought she was her biggest threat in the house so Tiffany was trying to work for that jury vote a little bit too.

Tiffany and Ky spoke more  about the plans they were making the day before for when they get to F6. They also talked about whether Claire should go next. (don’t worry, this is actually something new)  Tiffany brought up being worried about Claire staying till 7, Claire winning the veto and Tiffany being evicted because there would be no other choice.  If it’s Xavier and Alyssa otb together, Xavier would end up being the casualty.

Ky and Derek F broke a bed

I hadn’t heard Tiffany say this before and I admit, it did give me pause. I’ve always taken the position, all of them should’ve be fighting to keep their side person until 7. If Alyssa or Claire, whoever is there, wins the veto, all that’s left is the CO alliance so one of them would have to go.  On the flip side, the advantage to keeping your person until 7 is, if something happens and someone in the CO doesn’t win that HOH, your side person might win it. Someone in the CO would go but at least it wouldn’t be you. What are the odds Claire or Alyssa wins the HOH at 7? It’s the same odds for that person to win the veto.  It would come down to what type of comp they were playing.  Alyssa has better odds of winning a comp overall so if I’m in the Cook Out majority, Alyssa needs to go first.

A point can also be made that sending your person to jury could help you with the jury. As long as they aren’t too bitter, you could have somebody in there working for you longer.

On the other hand, (I actually think I ran out of hands a couple of sentences ago)  I don’t really think Alyssa or Claire are going to have a ton of influence over the jury but I know that could change. Honestly, I’m kind of torn over this one. (didn’t mean to enlarge the text here)

Ky doing some kind of lunge/fart a couple days ago

I know some people need to get Kyland out of the house because he’s good in comps but I don’t necessarily think Tiffany is one of those people. I don’t hate her plan of keeping Ky and Hannah till the end. She may need Ky there to help take Xavier out. X is a bigger threat to win the game imo. Sure, she could keep Azha and Azha may be easier to beat in comps but who says Azha wants to go to the end with Tiffany?

Ky campaigning to Azha

I also think Derek F really needs to go for most of the CO.  He’s the best final 2 to take with you for pretty much everyone.  Azha, above everyone else needs Derek to go. He’s not going to win the F3 hoh and take her so she should want to be the only option left for the others, if they want to take someone who hasn’t had power and just coasted thru the game.

Ky was one of Tiffanys main endgame plans from the beginning of the season. She just temporarily let that go because SB got in the way. This is another good one for…what do ya’ll think?

I think next week (assuming Alyssa doesn’t win the hoh tonight) may be a good time to discuss what the best path is for each person in the CO to get to the end in more detail.  I’ve been thinking about it all season, I just haven’t written about it yet.

Near the end of the night, Ky told SB she doesn’t have the votes to stay. (This is actually when she said she’d out the Jackpot. Sorry, I just wrote stuff as it came to me today)  Ky continued his “theory” from the night before with her about a large alliance controlling the house. SB correctly pointed out that a large alliance controlling the house didn’t make sense for Ky to be safe….if he wasn’t in it. (ding, ding, ding!)

I have to say, what Ky has accomplished with SB is extraordinary.  I know everyone in the Cook Out has lied to their side people but NO ONE has taken it to the extremes that Ky has done. He’s mostly priming her to work for him in jury but I think he’s sincere about not wanting SB to feel stupid or to feel bad about herself after the game’s over. (I think it’s that motivational speaker mentality he seems to have. Maybe I’m also naive, who knows?) Regardless, he’s going about it poorly because I think all the crap he’s been saying the past couple of days could make it worse. Either way, he’s done a number on her and she IS going to feel stupid. I like a pissed off Sara Beth so I hope she just gets mad and not down on herself (Not bitter jury mad, just the kind of mad where you place a bunch of random ads with shit for sale with Ky’s contact info attached.  That way, every time he has to deal with a text, email or call about the spider monkey he has listed for sale or some kind of kayak that amazingly seats 8 people, she gets to feel just a little bit better that he’s being inconvenienced)

When I say he’s done a number on her, I’m not talking about Dan’s mist or anything. He’s too annoying for that and he’s no Dan.  What Ky’s done isn’t a mist, it’s more like a fart fog. You know, when you’re walking through a store and you walk through a fart cloud from the person who’d just been there?  It’s overwhelming, disturbing, unpleasant and you don’t get through it completely unscathed. It also sticks with you for a while after it’s over. I think it’s more similar to that. (I told you, I have no business writing a recap on the fly but here we are) Dans mist and Kylands fart fog. Besides, I was trying to tie my random image of Ky’s lunge/fart into things somehow.

Claire can’t win tonight but could Alyssa finally get her first hoh? We know it’s going to be endurance so check back tonight and have a great Thursday!



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