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Big Brother 23- Wednesday Recap for 9/22/21

September 23, 2021 | 53 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJunkies. Derek’s ego and Xavier not telling Kyland he’s leaving should be all there is to go over this morning. I don’t know how many of you watched the Survivor premiere last night but I thought it was really good. I’m not planning to talk about it, I just wanted to mention that it looks like it may be a really good season.

I’ve spent more time lately looking for clips of the jury members than caring about the feeds, if I’m being honest. They seem to be putting out alot of content this year from the jury house. Maybe they always do and I just think it’s more because I like the caset this year.

Alyssa answered some fan questions. She said she gets why Hannah targeted her now because of the CO but didn’t get it in the moment. She misses Derek the most out of the people left in the game. She said if she could do anything differently, she’d have stuck with going after Hannah during Christian’s hoh week and not targeted Whitney. (good answer)

At the end of her video, Derek X snuck up behind her and dumped water over her head. He blamed it on Claire and said it was her idea.

This season turned boring because even when the Cook Out didn’t control the HOH’s, they still controlled the game.  Christian and Alyssa targeting Whitney is just one example. Regardless of that part, I still think this has been an amazing cast overall.  I could have done without Frenchie, Derek F and Brent but you have to have a few people you don’t like in the game. Besides, even those 3 were funny in the beginning with their delusions. Derek’s just taken it so far, that it’s gotten old but the cast as a whole was superb. They were one of the most entertaining groups I’ve seen in a long time.  Even Derek F has been hilarious to me at times.

Xavier continued to work on Derek yesterday to make sure he evicts Kyland. He’s pumped Derek up and has him thinking Kyland is ungrateful, arrogant and everything else. (I mean, he is arrogant but X has been working this angle pretty hard) He’s done a good job with Derek this week but Kyland certainly hasn’t helped. Kyland’s became even more of a smart ass ass, argumentative and  condescending than the usual. Not to mention, this is where Ky is spending most of his time alone in the have not room. When he socializes with the others, it’s mostly to pick fights with Derek.

It seems this bromance is officially over. I guess Kyland thinks Xavier may take him off the block and he won’t need Derek’s ‘evote’ to save him.

I’m going to be shocked if Xavier’s plan works this week. He wants Derek to take all the blame for evicting Ky and he wants to act surprised. I don’t think it’s going to play out that way but if it does, I’ll be impressed.  Ky was packing his clothes yesterday, had a brief conversation with X and once again, tried to get a commitment from him. (If Kys uncomfortable talking to X about their F2, that should’ve told him he never should’ve made one with him) Ky said he’s trying to be thorough with his packing and asked X if he needed to be. X told him he didn’t need to be and he was fine.  After X left the room, he smiled and shrugged to the cameras. (the featured image at the top is from that moment)

Here’s the rest of the day:

  • Ky did some camera talking too and said if he’s evicted, he’s going to turn everyone in the jury house against Xavier. He feels confident he can sway Tiffany, Hannah, Sarah Beth, Derek X and feels Tiffany can get Claire on board. (I don’t think the jury round table will have a Ky-splaining segment long enough to accomplish the feat)  I’m assuming Ky doesn’t know he won’t be heading to the jury house and they’ll only see them during the round table discussion I don’t know if Dr. Will is doing it this year because I haven’t seen anything suggesting it yet.

I’ve said in recent seasons, I wish they’d get someone besides Will to do it since he doesn’t even watch the show but Julie doesn’t seem to either and she hosts the entire season.  I’m only thinking about this because yesterday, Derek told Azha that several people in the house this season (he didn’t mention who) compared his gameplay to Dr. Will’s. (Just let that sit for a minute)  I guess if I want to be completely fair, there is one similarity. Derek will be the only other person besides Dr. Will in the history of the show to make it all the way to the F3 without winning an HOH or a Veto.  That’s where the similarities stop and that can’t even be counted as one. Will intentionally threw everything AS A STRATEGY. Derek sat or laid in the bed, begging for an HOH week after week.

  • It’s so funny for someone to think they’ll remind people of this…
  • …when their game really resembles this:

Derek was doing alot of hand talking and this reminded me of kids when they make the sign for “Loser.” (I wonder why?)

I never quote Derek but here’s one from yesterday when he was talking to the cameras. I usually just say ‘he’s delusional’ and move on. I don’t think anyone has but just in case you don’t really get it, this is how delusional this man is regarding his game. Derek was pissed because Kyland told him he was cocky earlier in the day and this was afterwards. Here ya go:

“You’re going to tell me I’m cocky because I made a true statement? Everything that’s happened so far, I’ve played a part in. That’s not cocky, that’s just the straight facts. Do I make it clear I’m running the house? Yes. Do I make it clear I played a big part in alot of things? Yes. I’m not fucking cocky, if you wanna call that cocky, let me show you how cocky I am when I send your ass home…..when everyone watches the season back, I am unapology. I don’t regret shit. I think I played this game to the best of abilities and ran circles around these bitches. If I make it to final 2, that’s even telling you more that I played a damn good fucking game cuz I got 12 bitches out of this house.  I’m gonna send another one and make it unlucky 13. I should be in those final 2 chairs and I sat myself up to do that. I had plans to work with the best, use the best and if I can, I’ll beat the best…..I sat it up in a way that you’d want to take me because I told you to take me so I’ve worked that out….I played the best game and I feel like I did and if I didn’t, oh well. When I watch this back, I think I’ll be happy and only the people that know I played the best game is the people watching.”

  • X continued to talk about why Ky had to be blind sighted to Derek. He also kept reminding Derek that Azha would beat them both in a F2. Lol
  • Derek told Azha she didn’t have a chance to beat X in a F2 but she could possibly beat him. He said he could beat X and Azha asked why he could beat X. Derek said they’d played almost the same game but said it was mostly because he and X started the CO, controlled it and  manipulated everyone. He also said he and X had both been otb. Derek said X may have won comps but he made everything happen and you get the rest… This prompted her to ask why she couldn’t beat X but would have a chance at beating Derek. He rattled off some shit that didn’t make any more sense than what I just wrote. He also claimed he got Ky to use the veto during Azhas hoh. (You know, the veto that put Derek’s ass on the block) She wasn’t buying it, but it’s not like it matters.
  • Xavier did a bit of pacing in the hoh room. He always does this when he’s nervous or anxious. He worked on a F2 speech also and it wasn’t too bad. He took credit for things but not so much as to offend the others. He talked about the Kings waaaay too much. Hopefully, he improves on it. I’m assuming he’ll have to because it’s about 10 minutes too long.
  • Azha said she has 2 looks, “glamazon and potato.” She told a funny story about a delivery person or someone not recognizing her because she didn’t have on any make up. I ran across this image and think she looks beautiful:

That’s it folks, I wish there was something else to give you but at least we have an episode tonight so we can get this shit moving again. I think I really need Azha to win the last HOH, evict Derek and Xavier win the game.  I don’t see that happening but it’s what I really need to happen.

Have a great Thursday!


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