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Big Brother 23- Wednesday Recap for 9/8/21

September 9, 2021 | 39 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies. Double Eviction is here! I was so happy it wasn’t a Triple this year.  Even the double usually happens at the worst time of the season. I complain every year but that timing always happens anyway so I’m not going to put you through it. I’ll focus on the positives instead. I always look forward to it for the suspense and that part makes for a really good episode.  If Alyssa doesn’t win the HOH, we can just get that eviction out of the way too, instead of suffering through a week that’s already determined. I also like the idea of having a DE 2 weeks in a row because that should be unexpected for the hg’s.  The one downside to that will will be missing out on some of the fireworks once the CO is down to 6. (assuming they make it to 6)

CBS didn’t have Zing Bot embarrass X with his crush on Alyssa the way they did Azha over hers but they did post this on the CBS account

I actually think I want the CO to mak it to F6. Whether or not all 6 make it, hasn’t been a priority of mine this season but the closer they get to accomplishing it, the more I think I want to see them do it.  This was actually my dream F4:

Maybe I’d feel differently if another player was sitting at 7.  Alyssa just doesn’t have the potential to be someone who figures out the cook out, vows to get her revenge and comes out swinging, taking them out one after the other.  (It’s not a knock on Alyssa, most people couldn’t. Has anyone ever done that besides Kevin in BBCAN 5?)  I feel like if she wins tonight, she’s just leaving at 6 instead of 7.  Someone like Derek X or Christian with their potential comp ability, could’ve made a situation like that exciting. If this weren’t a double, I’d probably want Alyssa to win, just for the drama. It’s not worth it to me for a half hour of panic.

Last night, I was thinking about what little drama there’s been this season. As Steve’s mentioned, this is a really likable cast and for the most part, they’re pretty unproblematic. I think the most tension this season has came from watching 6 people commit themselves to something, stick with it and work together,  in spite of the fact that some of them don’t like each other. (at all) The way the cook out attempted (and succeeded) in controlling almost every aspect of the game this season is actually what gave us the little bit of conflict we did have. (I’d expect that to ramp up after tonight)  Normally, that would happen in reverse because think back to BB16.  Derrick was a great player but he lined up his targets and took them out in the order he wanted them to go.  Lots of people have had the Dan vs Derrick debate and I’m not doing that today. I’ve always preferred Dan and his season (both of them) over BB16. I’m not even talking about ‘who’s the better player?’ I’m just talking about enjoying the season as a whole. Dan had obstacles he had to maneuver thru and for me, it was more fun to watch.



The most power struggle,  struggling?? (Not sure what word should go there) we’ve seen this season has been over the order the CO’s side people were supposed to leave. Week after week, we’ve seen players try to position themselves to keep their person longer.  I remember when they first started planning this out and thinking ‘why are they doing that?’ I kept thinking the order people leave should be determined by the hoh results. Wouldn’t that have been easier?  Whoever wins hoh’s obviously would get to keep their person longer. Comps wins alone could’ve determined the order and what’s more fair than that? (to them, I don’t care about fair)  It was smart to control the order because there were some legitimate reasons for the group to target some people over others. (Christian, DX) If they’d done it the way I’m suggesting, we’d probably have seen very little disagreement this season. We wouldn’t have seen everyone mad at Ky for trying to keep SB longer. Xavier couldn’t have said anything this past week. Tiffany couldn’t have tried to pull a fast one this week either. It’s just ironic that the CO’s attempt to control the order is actually what gave us the conflict.

The players were definitely on edge yesterday and it showed a little in some of them. They know what’s coming and I don’t mean the DE. Here’s the highlights from yesterday:


  • Derek was trying to downplay his being a jury threat to Ky and X. He said he didn’t have anyone to pull for him in jury and they said he’d have Britini. (and eventually Azha) He doesn’t beleive what he’s saying, he’s just getting nervous and wants to make sure the guys will stick with him. (I agree with fake Derek. I don’t think he’s a threat either)
  • X and Azha talked about the hoh and his plan to throw it. He said he’d throw the veto too and Azha told him he couldn’t. She said they couldn’t risk letting Alyssa have more of a chance to win it. (See Azha, there’s no X in team) He agreed with her but did he really?
  • Alyssa and Claire spent a little time talking and trying to figure out why everyone would want X to stay over either of them. (Think they’ll solve a rubiks cube next?)
  • Alyssa talked to Azha and Derek about the way she and Hannah controlled everything this week and how they (mostly Alyssa) tricked Tiffany into thinking Claire will be safe but isn’t. (I was surprised this wasn’t on the show last night. Surely, they’ll put it in tonights because this is gold from a production standpoint) Alyssa talked about what a stupid move Tiffany made this week. (She did but not for the reason Alyssa thinks) Alyssa also told them she’d make Tiffany a have not if she could this week. Derek told Azha he’d have to make her one so Hannah and Tiffany wouldn’t be in the HN room all week conspiring. (Those would be his other 2 picks)
  • X campaigned to everyone just like Claire. He was just wanting to make sure no one plans to screw him over. (They won’t but what a missed opportunity) I think it’s good they’re all so commited to the CO because that may help them not have regrets when, I mean if X wins BB23.
  • Claire told Tiffany she knows she doesn’t have Kys vote but thinks she has Azhas. (The debate over making the vote 4-1 or 3-2 is still going on with the CO)
  • Ky, who is now on his ‘jury management crusade’ tried to repair things with Azha. (I don’t rembebr why she’s been after him for so long or why she’s never like him. It’s been awhile, does anyone remember because I can’t?) Ky tried to use Derek as a bridge for them to make some kind of loose F3.
  • X assured Hannah even though he didn’t want the hoh, he’d go for the veto to make sure Alyssa didn’t win it. Hannah told him she really wants to win the hoh and said she’d have to put him up against Alyssa. (He’d asked her what she would do) He said he’d prefer not to be otb again so soon. (Ummm, that’s the price for wanting to keep your person another week) He wants it to be either Tiffany or Azha since they haven’t been otb yet. He agreed it made the most sense but went into how he’d already sat by his person and now is up against someone else’s person and you get the picture. (I thought he WANTED to be up against Claire this week. Lol) Hannah told him if Alyssa won veto, she’d put up Ky and they could evict him over X. (She’d really put up Derek and try to evict X) I’ve enjoyed seeing these two talk since they both realized they can’t trust each other anymore but continue to fake it.
  • Tiffany talked to Azha about X winning the game if they don’t get rid of him. (She didn’t mean tonight, against Claire) She said they could beat Ky but they were just handing X the check if they didn’t take him out soon. She also said they hadn’t really seen what X could do since he’s been throwing comps. Azha would only say that Tiffany had given her some things to think about. (She’s not turning on X. The day before, she told X, she’d be happy leaving at 3 and letting either X or DF win and I think she meant it)  They talked about who they thought would win the game and Azha said Tiffany, X or Ky. (Me too although I could see a Hannah win in a couple specific situations) Azha said her main priority was getting them all to the F6. Tiffany said she felt the same way and felt she’d proven that since Claire was otb.

Side Note: This is why Azha and Tiffany can’t communicate regarding the game. Tiffany doesn’t know how to get thru to someone who isn’t self interested. If Tiffany thought Derek F was her best shot to win, she’d have been sitting on his lap on the big blue couch all season!  She’s a self interested player. Actually, everyone is the CO is except for Azha. Azha would rather lower her own chances of winning as long as it increased the chances for only people she likes to win. Someone who sees the game like Azha, you can’t change. Tiffany, on the other hand, saw this in Azha a long time ago. She should’ve made Azha her BFF, even if it was fake.

If Hannah and Tiffany can somehow get Xavier on the block at 6, they may need Azhas vote. Tiffany’s trying to appeal to Azha’s desire to win the game but it’s not going to make a difference. I don’t see Azha suddenly having the fire to win. (It would be cool but I’m not gonna hold my breath)

  • Azha cam talked and wanted us to know who she trusts and why. She said Derek is her #1 because he told her they were BFF’s early on.  She trusts X and after that, it would be Tiffany. She thinks she made some mistakes with her relationship with Tiffany. (they both did)  Azha mentioned going to Tiffany in the beginning of the game about a final 2 and she said she felt rejected by Tiffany.  (I don’t even remember this, not saying it didn’t happen, I just don’t remember it) She also said she doesn’t plan to come after Tiffany and she really would like to see a woman win this season. She thinks Hannah is smart and mature but she still doesn’t trust her. She thinks if Ky isn’t after her, she’s in a good spot with all of the CO.
  • X told Tiffany they don’t have any issues any longer. He said once the vete ceremony ended, he was fine. (not true, lol)
  • Hannah and Tiffany tried their hand at reading body language. They watched X pace downstairs from the hoh camera. They said he’s nervous for Thursday.  They talked about needing him to go and having Claire putting a bigger target on his back with her speech. Claire also talked about calling Alyssa Holly or more specifically, Beth in her speech. (I hope she doesn’t do this. I don’t think Alyssa deserves it plus, I don’t see the connection)
  • Tiffany told Hannah she knew she couldn’t trust anything Ky was telling her. (True) Hannah wondered if Ky has been telling X what they’ve been saying about targeting him. (Yes!)
  • Ky plans to throw hoh but only after Alyssa is out. (If he’s telling the truth)

Now, it’s just waiting around for tonight. They’re ALL getting nervous and it shows.  Yesterday, I said Tiffany already knew how bad her positioning was now because of this week. It’s true, she did know and she talked about it. However, last night Tiffany seemed on a different level of anxious. I think there’s knowing and then accepting. Last night is when it really seemed to sink in.

She knows most of the CO will want her out first.  She said X is her target because his game potential is the most unknown.

Is Kyland going to slip through the cracks and win this season because Xavier and Tiffany are too busy targeting each other? As for tonight, almost anything could happen.  I do think Alyssa has very good odds of winning the HOH, simply because Xavier and Kyland will be throwing it. Even if she doesn’t, a veto win will still cause chaos.   If she wins the HOH Tiffany, Kyland and possibly Hannah are in the most trouble.  If she wins the veto it would depend on who won the HOH to know who would be in trouble.

Hannah hoh- X, Derek, maybe Ky

Derek hoh- Tiffany, Hannah

Azha hoh- Ky, Hannah

Have a great Thursday!


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