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Big Brother 23 – Week 1 Veto Competition Results

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Good evening, everyone!


I have to type fast because I just got home and noticed the feeds just came up. I usually like to have a paragraph or two ready to go so I can pump out the news but I’m unprepared today.

This week is an interesting one because there is only one person in the house who desperately needs to win the power of veto, and that’s Derek X. Well, technically 10 people to win because there are already 6 people safe, but the reality is if Derek doesn’t win, he’s going to be going on the block and sent home.


So, enough rambling, who won you ask?

BB23 DerekX veto


That’s right.  The person most at risk won the veto.  Staged?  Maybe. Good feeds? Yes!   (I really don’t think it’s staged.  I’ve seen enough of this show to know that.  There have been countless times fan favorites have entered ‘must win’ competitions and lost)


Now I can push this out and start live feed blogging!

Also quick but huge thank you to Tammi for your donation!

  • 4:20 pm – Feeds briefly come back to show DX wearing the veto necklace but go down again. Fun times watching the feeds
    • It’s too early to tell what DX will do but if you’re new and wondering the rules, Derek can use the veto on either Kyland or Alyssa which would make them both safe (Derek and Kyland).  That means if Derek uses it, half the house will technically be safe when it comes to re-nominating someone. But Derek is safe regardless
    • Early reports are that Derek is going to save Kyland
    • This would leave Claire, Tiffany, Travis, Whitney, Brent, Hannah, and Sarah as possible replacement noms. You can eliminate Brent, Tiffany, and Whitney right off the bat. So, if Kyland is saved, Claire, Travis, Hannah, and Sarah are possible noms.  Now, like the game Guess Who?, you take out the females from that list assuming Frenchie keeps his word and the only remaining person is Travis.
  • In the side room, Brent is talking with DX
    • Brent tells him to do whatever he wants.  If he doesn’t want to use it, don’t use it.  DX is confused because he thinks Brent was talking about Kyland.  Brent is like ‘wtf’ why would Kyland not want him to use the veto.  I know I reported that exchange weird but the conversations between Brent and DX usually are
    • Alyssa wastes no time and tells DX he’d like to chat with him later
    • BB23 Alyssa
    • Oh and someone told Sarah she looks like Ashlee Simpson and now I can’t unsee that
    • DX talking to himself “can we have a clock that says ‘just do what Frenchie says’. Bro, I know’  lol.  DX is about tired of Brent at this point
    • Frenchie telling Sarah and Claire they’re safe. He says ‘we need the numbers to make sure he goes or he’s gunning after me’. I assume he’s talking Travis we’ll see
    • Alyssa comes in and leaves briefly. Frenchie says ‘ohh I don’t want her to go’.  If only Frenchie had some sort of power to prevent that this week.
  • 5:55 pm – DX is talking to Kyland finally and sounds for sure he’s going to save him.  Travis better start to sweat
    • Feeds are terrible tonight. In an out and when they’re out, there is a buzzing sound.  Come on, CBS.  Step it up
  • 6:30 pm – House is having a typical post-veto wind down around the kitchen. I don’t know why but unless there is a fight, they always have the same mood after a comp. Kind of like the mood where everything is over for the week and you can now relax.   And yes, there is still monday’s ceremony but the comps and twists are generally out of the way so people are more relaxed

Also, huge thank you to Angela for your donation!  I really appreciate it!

  • 6:54 pm – DerekX is talking with Alyssa and he says “are you hip with what I tried to pull on day 2” and the feeds cut.  Why?  What did Derek do on day 2 that resulted in all that downtime that night and them blocking out the conversation today??
  • In another room, Brent and Christian are talking
    • They are trying to figure out a way to get Alyssa down and Travis up
  • 7:30 pm – In the living room, the house is eating and talking about things like former seasons
  • 8:00 pm – Xavier talking about being a cat person and how he loves dogs too. For some reason people think you’re either a dog or a cat person but he’s both. He’s just waiting for a bigger house with a yard to get dogs (which is amazing because dogs need their exercise. It’s why I don’t get a dog. I am far too lazy to walk a dog as much as they need)
    • Xavier starts telling a story how he was protecting kittens and the feeds switch.  Feeds return and he says he’ll probably get in trouble for that story. Don’t worry, X. Production is on the ball. We’re no longer allowed to actually get to know you guys other than the heavily manipulated feeds shown to us.  Which is why I still don’t know what happened to DerekX on day 2
  • 8:45 pm – Azah, Big D, and Brit are talking.  Azah asks about big alliances and D says he doesn’t know of any (except the ones he’s in lol)
  • 9:30 pm – Alright, We have Frenchie and DerekX chatting in the HoH room.  Let’s see if they say anything interesting
    • Frenchie talking about his body feeling blah and he needs energy.  No shit, Frenchie.  You just played a season’s worth of Big Brother in 3 days

Thank you Sandee for your generous donation!! So insanely kind. Thank you

  • DerekX says he was planning on coming to Frenchie with Travis and Christian to try and team up to get out Brent.  But by that point, Frenchie and Brent were buddies
  • While Frenchie is rambling about crap nobody cares about at this point, I spy something going on in another room
    • We may have an alliance alert!  The Sirens = Claire, Britini, Azah, and Tiffany
  • Back in the HoH room, Frenchie tells DerekX that he can offer him a LOT.  Dude is on a serious power trip
    • Frenchie says when he rests his head on his pillow, he realizes they’re all people in the house. Deep, bro. Deep
  • 10:40 pm – My eyes are shutting. Super long day.  Right now Frenchie, Brent, and DX are in the HoH room chatting.  I’ll recap all this tomorrow

Recap tomorrow!

Thank you again everyone for the donations. Very generous!


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