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Big Brother 23- Weekend Recap for 8/15/21

August 16, 2021 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine became a little hectic and honestly, I haven’t watched last nights episode yet so I’ll have to try and get to it this evening.  On top of that, trying to figure out who was lying about their BB bucks and how spending it was going to work was giving me a headache.  I decided just to wait, let other people sort it out and  read their conclusions.  Between Steve and Twitter, I think I’ve got the gist of it and I’m not about to go over all that again in any kind of detail.

Thank you so much Kimeida for donating! I appreciate it so much!

I headed into the weekend by planning for Claire to go on the block and probably be the target. After enough word salad from Kyland to fill about a 1000 cheap lunch buffets, Britini will be the target for the week. Claire was the target initially but after speaking with DX and Hannah, Kyland had set his sights on Alyssa. Xavier followed up with some really good work and everything DX and Hannah had done was erased.  The target was moving back to Claire.

This was partially due to Kyland saying Claire would go after 3 people in the cook out. Claire never said that and Hannah and Tiffany knew it. The combination of that information being corrected mixed with the BB bucks, Britini was next in line.  The fear of Britini having a whole lot of money to spend was too great a risk for the cook out to take.  Along with Britini, Big D and Derek X received most BB bucks from the viewers.

I know tv viewers and live feeders tend to have different opinions but I’m still surprised Big D made the top 3.  Production certainly didn’t show his best side on a recent episode and I guess I thought that would effect the vote. (I’d be wrong)

DX and Britini were no brainers though because DX had the entire house after him plus he made a big move taking out Christian. Britini has also been seen as an underdog and won a veto in a pretty funny moment on the show.  Hannah said DX coming out wearing sunglasses, gave away that he’d gotten $100. (True)

Kyland certainly hasn’t done himself any favors over the weekend with the houseguests or the live feeders. (Wow, does he complicate everything or what?)   Let’s take a look at what he accomplished over the last few days:

  • He managed to piss off Azha by making it obvious he didn’t trust her with an HOH.
  • He was unsuccessful throwing the hoh to Tiffanny, although that was her fault.
  • He spent the weekend speaking in riddles to DX, who isn’t an idiot and knew something was off.  One night, he has a great convo with DX, with a lot of back-and-forth and both guys participating. The next day, Ky rambled forever about some plan DX couldn’t understand.
  • He had to be talked down by DX and Hannah to not make Sara Beth a target. Lol
  •  He threw the Veto comp to Alyssa, who most of the house thought would be the target. He was also extremely obvious when he did it.
  • He asked Alyssa not to use her veto but wasn’t willing to tell her the plan….you know, the plan the entire house knows about!  He just asked her to trust him. He’s been busy, I’ll give him that!

I get the members of the cook out are willing to sacrifice their side partner for the alliance but I have to admit, I’m surprised how eager some of them are to let it happen. Hannah’s walking around practically begging somebody to take out DX and Hannah had to convince Tiffany that Claire could and should be saved this week.

This seems crazy to me! After getting to the 6, I’m assuming they each want to win the game. If that’s the case, shouldn’t all of them want that 7th person in the house to be their person? What if that person wins HOH?  If you’re Tiffany, wouldn’t it be nice for Claire to be there and maybe take out Kyland or Xavier?

If you’re Hannah and and you have people in the 6 not wanting you to get to the end, wouldn’t it be great to have DX there on your side?

Unless someone other than the cook out wins the next HOH, puts 2 cookout members on the block, replaces them with another cook out member if a veto is used, it’s hard to see how they won’t make it to the F6.  Of course, these game twists could throw a kink into their plans even with the numbers.  We’ll just have to wait for that to unfold because there’s too many scenarios to be able to speculate.

Some other random things from over the weekend and last night:

  • Claire’s punishment ended and Kylands was to end shortly after hers.
  •  Kyland called out Big D a little bit for calling women “bitches” all the time. Kyland told him he’d never called a woman that in his life. Big D told him that he couldn’t because he was straight. That’s why Big D said it was OK for him to do it. (I get it, to Big D, that’s just the way he talks but WHY is that the way he talks? Why is is ok to be insulting just because you arn’t attracted to someone? I’m calling bullshit. How about branching out and learning some new words…besides “evote?”  Don’t worry about a rant coming, it’s just something that irritates me. It’s not a hill I’ve picked a die on or anything.)
  • Xavier mediated a convo between Azha and Tiffany.  He was still trying to help them clear up Briini-gate and why Tiffany was so offended. Tiffany said she was hurt over it but was still loyal to the 6.
  • As Steve’s already mentioned, it ended with a hug, not fireworks.
  • Unrelated to that situation, Kyland admitted he finally understands Tiffanys side of things when it come to Azha in general.  He thinks it’s hard to communicate with her about the game. (It is but Kyland of all people thinking this? Haha)
  • Azha belted out a little Whitney Houston for us. (Stick to original lyrics so the feeds don’t cut. Please and thank you)
  • Azha has clocked Kyland a couple of times.  She’s made remarks to Big D about how she isn’t impressed with Kylands game. She said, talking to him is like listening to a bunch of Tony Robbins quotes. Haha She’s also made comments about him playing the game by sitting around playing with food. (using the candy and cereal to keep track of votes and things) She wasn’t wrong and Claire made a similar comment when talking to DX.  It’s when she first got  nervous over feeling like she was the actual target. They were trying to figure out what someone could’ve said to put the target on her and Claire said “he couldn’t have gotten all that from cereal.”  Lol
  • Big D spent the weekend lying to Azha.  Even though he volunteered to go up as a pawn, he pretended to be pissed off at Kyland and acted as if he thought he was the target. Later, Kyland suggested they let Azha in on the plan by having Big D admit he’d been lying to her. (This idea wasn’t that well received)
  • Big D practiced for his speech and it’s like his game strategy.  It isn’t half as good as he thinks it is…although he’s looking good to make F3.
  •  Claire and Xavier talked some smack to one of the cameras. They threatened to beat its ass because Hannah bumped her head on it. (This cast is so likable)
  • SB told Kyland she’s a really jealous person. She used Alyssa as an example and said she’s jealous of how beautiful Alyssa is but said it didn’t make her not like Alyssa. (These people need to sleep!!)
  • Alyssa accidentally told Christian she loved him while talking to him on the feess.  She was concerned about it because she said she doesn’t love him and that’s not what their relationship is like. (I get it, I was getting off the phone with someone who worked for me one time. We didn’t know each other well either and I guess because I’d talked to one of my kids just before calling her, I ended the call with “I love you.”  It was awkward as hell and I was so embarrassed!)
  •  DX, who is concerned Kyland is secretly working with Alyssa and Xavier, decided he needed to try and get something going with Xavier himself. Keep in mind, he’s tried to do this several times times and never gets anything back. He tried again,  suggested to Xavier they work together and once again, he didn’t really get much. (Xavier wants to target DX and was pissed when he found out DX got a 100 bb bucks) Later, Hannah asked Xavier not to take any kind of deal with DX. She said Xavier was probably going to have to be the one to take out DX and that would just complicate it.
  •  In spite of X not biting on working with DX, they did find one thing to do together. They apparently swiped Kylands donkey costume from the storage room. They were doing some kind of strange mating call for Hannah and Claire. (Did I mention these people really need sleep?)
  •  Claire suggested that she, Hannah, DX and Tiffany do a Brigade style strategy. She doesnt realize she’s already in one!

In spite of Azha trying to drop some hints to Britini, she’s probably going to be really pissed when she goes on the block and be surprised. Hopefully, that will give us a some action in the house. I’m already dreading whatever conversation she has with Kyland afterwards because it’s going to be lengthy and confusing. Do you think you can actually talk someone to death?

Have a great Monday!

Update: Steve will post a new thread later today if he can. He isn’t feeling well so if you don’t see a new one, that’s the reason.  I can try to do one later this afternoon but I’m picking up my granddaughters so I can’t make any promises. I can promise we’ll do the very best we can so please check back later.


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