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Big Brother 23- Weekend Recap for 8/8/21

August 9, 2021 | 19 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend. For those waiting for a week where it wasn’t determined early who’d leave, you may have gotten it this week. (Personally, I still feel last week fit that description too but I know not everyone agrees. I say it does because the target last week WAS Hannah, not Whitney. There was alot of work put in to convince people Whitney should leave.)

Anyway, that was last week and so far, this week is more fun. I last recapped after DX won the hoh and we were anticipating a messy week….it’s here. Before I get going, I want to give a big thank you to Mary Beth for donating so thank you. I really appreciate it! Alot happened this weekend so this may be a long one!

Highlights from the weekend:

  • Thanks to Kyland, DX turned into a camera talker too. (thank you Ky) Kyland told him he should do it while he was giving him ‘how to hoh’ tips.
  • DX put SB and Britini otb as pawns.  He also got Britini to be ok with going up and with her history, that was amazing.  (Britini needed to feel like it was mostly her decision and that she was somehow a part of the plan, rather than being used for a plan. I think that made all the difference.) She even consoled DX after the noms.
  • Hannah continued to ask questions about the Royal Flush alliance. She told the cameras that it bothered her two people (DX, Tiff) she was working so closely with hadn’t told her.
  •  As for SB, whether you like the plan to back door Christian or not, DX did manage to put SB in a bind.  She said she’d pick Christian for the veto, DX said if Christian won the veto, he would tell Christian he was going to put Alyssa on the block and Christian wouldn’t use it. It put SB in a box because if she really wanted off the block, there was no way she could tell her former kings the real plan. None of them would use it on her.
  • Xavier caused Tiffany’s radar to go off by trying to make a deal to keep ALL the kings safe. (DX told her about it after) (I’m with Tiff, X doesn’t get to head to the jury phase with that many people he’s close to, no way!
  •  Before the veto, Tiffany talked with Xavier. She was laying the groundwork to possibly take out SB, even if Christian goes otb.  She also wanted to rake him over the coals for trying to keep his former team safe.  Obviously, she didn’t put it that way but she did tell him she wasn’t planning on losing Claire until he started losing some people. (This was the convo where I realized, X really didn’t know there may be a backdoor and he hadn’t been playing dumb before) She also tried to plant some doubt about Kyland to X.
  •  Tiffany told Christian to warn Alyssa about not making any promises before the veto comp since she had been drawn to play in it. (Christian wasn’t picked to play) Alyssa didn’t beleive there was a backdoor plan and wasn’t concerned. She had a talk with DX just to be sure. He lied, she said she’d know if he was lying so…she believed the lie.
  • Big D and Azha are seen here using their go to strategy.  I read a comment where someone was saying that the Jokers must be the most well rested players in BB history. Haha
  •  Meanwhile, Tiffany was also reminding DX that it took a lot of nerve for Xavier to make that request (keep all kings safe) since he had lost 2 team members in a row.
  •  Tiffany continued making rounds and had placed a solid target on SB even before the veto comp took place.
  •  Kyland was busy getting himself even further down the totem pole.  The kings were mad and felt he was behind the noms, which was stupid since he obviously didn’t want SB on the block.  Kyland wants Christian out badly and he doesn’t care what it does to DX’s game to make it happen.
  • The hgs had a birthday celebration for SB. (I don’t think there have ever been as many birthdays on a BB season)
  • Big D has told Azha in the past she needs to do a better job of hiding what she’s feeling. Do ya think SB can tell Big D isn’t feeling her since he did the dishes during her celebration?
  • Kyland talked to X and told him about the backdoor plan. Tiffany had only ‘what if this happened’ with X.  Kyland spelled it out more clearly and X said it didn’t make sense because it was just going to put a bigger target on DX. Kyland let X know he didn’t care because it would be good for the two of them. He also pointed out that no one was comfortable with all 4 kings in jury. He said most people viewed it as automatic jury votes for a king.
  • Britini won the veto after a little drama. Alyssa was mad because her helmet or something didn’t fit. SB took $5k in the comp and cried for DX not to take it from her when he had the chance.  These stories are always in bits and pieces until we see the comp play out but here’s the gist of why people are mad over it:

DX was mad at himself for caving in the moment. He said later, he’d always said if he was in that situation, he’d take the money.  He was simply upset with himself because he didn’t do it. Tiffany isn’t nearly as offended as she has pretended to be. This has just given her more ammunition to use against SB. Alyssa seemed the most upset over it and in my opinion, had the most right to be upset. Sure, with SB out of the comp early, she wasn’t going to be able to keep the veto if she’d taken it. Still, by taking the money, with Alyssa still competing, it was almost as if SB was saying ‘hey, you go win this for me while I sit here with some money.’  Even if this wasn’t a reality, it just didn’t look good.  There’s always a chance the person who ends up with the veto would rather have the money because they think SB is a pawn and let her keep it. It doesn’t matter because for optics, if you’re on the block, you have to go for the veto. Otherwise, it looks like you arn’t trying to save yourself. I don’t fault her for taking the 5k, it just wasn’t a smart game move.

  • SB cried to Kyland and worried if she’d be evicted over it. He told her it wouldn’t happen.
  • Britini was all kinds of full of herself and why not? She’s the first woman this season to win a veto or an hoh. She retells the veto comp like she’d been to war. (Britini is one of those houseguests that is hilarious simply by being herself. She doesn’t even know it and I have to say, she’s really grown on me. I still find her annoying but I find humor in it now)
  •  Tiffany, Claire and Hannah have done a lot of talking over what to do this week. Tiffany knows she has the ball rolling and could take out SB if she wants. She also doesn’t want to burn the bridge with DX and wants to support what he wants. So far, she’s saying she doesn’t want to burn DX that way and they’ll take out Christian this week. She said they’ll go after SB next.  She put the bigger target on SB and tried to make an argument to DX about not even going through with the plan to put Christian up. Since this didn’t work, it sounds like she’s not going to go against DX just yet.
  • Big D mentioned to Azha that Tiffany needs to go first once they get down to the cookout.
  • Tiffany said she’d be sad when Big D has to go to Kyland but Kyland said it needed to be sooner than later. (It appeared to me that Tiffany was doing a little damage control in preparation for SB to stay. They haven’t been talking alot lately) She also asked him how he knew SB prior to coming on BB.  He promised her they didn’t know each other. (This is a rumor that’s been going around the house, well…it’s a rumor because Tiffany’s been spreading it) X joined them and asked if Christian would really be leaving this week. He seemed fine with it and has finally landed on what I predicted Friday. He said Alyssa would be his #1 once Christian left.
  • X also talked to Azha about noms and she said a King should go up, not another Joker. X reminded her DX promised safety to himself and Alyssa. Azha reminded him DX didn’t promise it to Christian.
  • DX and Azha talked and she said she’ll vote out Christian if he makes the move, said it makes sense and that the Jokers would be grateful to him for not putting another one of them up.
  • Meanwhile…Christian and Alyssa are expecting Big D to go up today.
  • X told SB he’d make sure she stayed this week. (Haha) He’s told Kyland he’d prefer Christian stay over SB but he knows it’s changed for the others. (Hey, he’s playing the game)
  • DX received his punishment. He is Lord of the Latrine. He has to unlock the bathroom door and announce whoever is going as ‘Lady so and so is using the bathroom.'(He’s added his own announcement regarding if its #1 or #2)
  • He was having fun with it and everyone seemed to be, except Big D.  He said he complained to the DR about the noise the horn makes. Lol
  •  DX has begun questioning them as to why they need to go so often, keeping track of how many times people are going and has threatened to hide their water bottles in the HOH room. This was his shocked face when someone (Britini, I think) had to go for the 3rd time in an hour. Lol
  •  It’s been a pretty entertaining punishment, I have to say.
  • Different hg’s tried out the bugle?? Is it a bugle?
  • Claire told Britini to take her nasty feet off the dining room table.  She didn’t say it like that but she did scold her and and asked her to look at the bottom of her feet. It was a brief moment but one I personally enjoyed. I always cringe when I think about them putting their feet on some one else’s bed. I’d lose my shit if someone’s feet were on the table where I ate!
  • SB told Kyland she is expecting drama today. She said it will be another Keeshas bday since this is her bday. (Look, I like Sarah Beth but there will NEVER be another Keesha’s birthday.  That’s a once in a lifetime moment!)
  • Britini actually knew how to play the bugle, the horn, whatever it is and was giving DX tips.

Tiffany talked to the cameras and said Alyssa plans to go after Kyland and DX. She doesn’t want either of them out this soon. She said she’s fine losing Christian. She also said Alyssa may even need to go before SB. I know it’s early and Tiffany may get found out but until it happens, she’s laughing all the way to the end of this game.

We have no idea how this week will go.  I don’t even think it matters what Tiffany or other people say right now.  Christian should go on the block today but there’s a lot of time from Monday to Thursday. Add to that, this is a house where people change their minds quite frequently and by house, I mean Tiffany. Christian is going to be mad and so is Alyssa so the feeds should be good.  Christian was furious when SB got put on the block so can you imagine when he goes up himself?

At this point, I think it’s better for Tiffanys game to take out Sarah Beth. It’s not what I want to see happen,  it’s just what I think benefits her the most. DX could end up hearing about Tiffany trying to change the target even if she doesn’t follow through with it and that isn’t good. If you’re going to get in trouble anyway, at least get what you want out of the week.  Although, she’s good at keeping her hands clean so that may not happen and maybe Christian should go.  It sounds like I’m wishy washy this year with my opinions.  The reason is, we don’t often see players who are playing so well, they actually have options. There’s usually just one path for people, the right one and the wrong one. Tiffany is playing so well that she’s given herself choices and this isn’t the first week she’s had them either.

I fear DX is screwed no matter how the week plays out.  I still stand by my original opinion of DX needing to take out Christian. Yes, he’s a shield but when you’re shield is the best competitor in the house and he’s planning on trying to take you out next week, he needs to go.  If we didn’t know Christian was planning on targeting DX, my opinion would be different.

Theres one exception to this for me.  I think what DX’s best move would’ve been, based on the makeup of the house, was to team up with Christian.  I don’t mean the fake agreement DX, Hannah, Alyssa and Christian made last week. I mean, really team up and blow through the house with comp wins. It doesn’t seem as if anyone can touch either of them in comps. Since that was never going to happen, what was he supposed to do?  Unfortunately, I don’t see a scenario where DX gets to the end without comping out anyway. DX never had what he needed, no matter what he did this week. He needed solid numbers to have his back. Without a Christian/DX duo, his best bet would’ve been trying to form something with Kyland, SB and Hannah. That was discussed over the weekend by DX, Kyland and SB.  Kyland was on board but he isn’t really loyal to DX and Hannah would never go for it.  DX does have some good strategy tho. I was impressed listening to him talk about wanting Kyland to win the veto. He knew it would allow for the backdoor but also would increase the target on Kyland. He’s just playing on a season where there are a lot of good players.

Sometimes when I get tired of typing, I will temporarily switch over to speaking it. Anytime I say “DX,” it always registers as “the eggs.” I always have to go back and fix it. If I ever miss one and I’m talking about “the eggs,” you’ll know I mean “Derek X.”  I just thought I’d mention it because the odds are high it will happen at some point.

Hannah wants to warn Alyssa ahead of time so there’s that. (Damn it, Hannah!) Have a great Monday and check back later for the fireworks!


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