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Big Brother 24 – Live Move-in Thread!

July 6, 2022 | 98 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

I already talked about a bunch of stuff like the ad-free version of the site in my earlier post, so I’ll spare you the repeat (I won’t mention it again soon, I promise)

Julie kept hinting at a lot of twists (shocker) and pointed to the number 2 a lot, so expect some sort of duo thing this season. Hopefully, houseguests secretly know each other or something like that. Tired of just plain teams.

But, I’m just going to wrap up my into because the show is about to get started and I need to push this out!

  • Alright, time for some intros.
  • First four:
    • Jasmine
    • Kyle – He tells girls he lives with roommates. I literally used that line when I was in my early 20s living with parents
    • Paloma
    • Monte
  • The first one IN the house – Kyle
  • And they also show the diary room clips that literally shouldn’t exist because this is supposed to be live but they were likely sent to the DR before even entering the house for the clips.
  • Three spots for different competitions. Each person scans their ticket to see what comp they’re in.
  • Two people holding ‘all the power’ at the end of the night. I coded this new site hoping there would only be one HoH per week but already got screwed. Looks like I’ll be doing some work this weekend figuring out how to code in these new twists 🙂
  • Next four:
    • Alyssa – Not just a pretty face
    • Daniel – Elvis
    • Taylor – Miss Michigan
    • Michael – He is apparently engaged to himself. Seriously though his bf looks just like him lol His shirt has cats on it though so he rocks
  • Next four
    • Nicole
    • Turner – I’m going to visit his store when he’s home
    • Joseph – another lawyer. He and Michael should debate
    • Brittany
  • Note – Someone asked about paypal with ad-free. I added to the supporter page that if you donate $15+ you get supporter / ad-free status. Okay enough with that for real
  • Nobody has the ‘special’ ticket yet.
  • Final four..
    • Ameerah
    • Terrance
    • Indy – Likely first evicted
    • Joe – looks a bit less douchey than how he looked in his profile pic


  • Porta Potties
    • Paloma
    • Jasmine
    • Monte
    • Kyle
    • Nicole
  • Merch Stand
    • Michael
    • Alyssa
    • Daniel
    • Indy
    • Ameerah
  • Piercing Tent
    • Taylor
    • Brittany
    • Turner
    • Joseph
    • Terrance
  • Special Card
    • Pooch (Joe)

Winner of each competition moves on to main stage where they compete for HoH

Pooch doesn’t compete in anything, but he’ll likely share the HoH power

First comp – Port a potty comp. Four rounds. 1 remain

  • Round 1 – Paloma out
  • Round 2 – Jasmine out
  • Round 3 – Nicole out
  • Round 4 – Kyle
  • Monte moves on

Second comp – Piercing tent

First person to put on all peices of jewerly wins

  • Matt moves on

Third comp – Merch

Endurance comp. All 5 hanging on to a t-shirt.

Daniel moves on!

Final round – Monte, Matt (Turner), and Daniel – One of those three will be the first HoH

First person to assemble their drum kit becomes HoH. Basically just a normal BB puzzle

The winner and first HoH is – Daniel!

Pooch is safe for the week but he won’t be competing in any comp. He’s basically just a passenger. He can pick 3 other people to sit backstage with him, they can’t compete but they are not safe. Yikes. This means he takes 3 people out of the veto competition eligibility. However, they can’t be nominated so there must be some backdoor twist.

Pooch gets a commercial break before he picks.

And he chooses….

  • Paloma
  • Alyssa
  • Brittany

The first two were the first eliminated from their comps. Brittany was just a random pick from her comp.

That’s it! Feeds up later!

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Brittany Hoopes 5
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Jag Bains 7
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Matt Turner 3
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