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Big Brother 24- Mels Double Eviction Recap 9/9/22

September 9, 2022 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies. Wow, what a double eviction! Whether you like the results or not, it was fun to watch and I’ve definitely seen some mixed reactions. Since the feeds came back so late, I’m going to focus on the episode. I’ll add what little we have from the feeds but so far, it isn’t much.

Yesterday afternoon, Taylor and Alyssa were talking & bonding and Brittnay did NOT seem pleased:

She doesn’t want those 2 getting closer:

Terrance practiced his speech ALOT and really thought he was gonna to have a moment with it. He practiced pretending to drop a mic and everything. (Later, Michael gave his own speech and had us saying “who’s Terrance?”)

That’s about all I had from the daytime feeds and before I get into the DE, let me say thank you so much for the donations. The comments about me needing caffeine were really funny too. I appreciate it so much and will message you individually but for now, thank you Michelle, Kari and also Stephanie, who I think I missed the other day. You guys are the best!!

Julie was having some difficulty at the start of the show. You guys notice it too?

As for the DE episode, I honestly don’t have any complaints. (Well, almost but my complaints are small for once) The first hour wasn’t the usual filler but instead, included actual game content. There was alot of game talk showing us how we got to where we were last night. If I’m going to nitpick (and I always do):

The edit made it seem like Brittnay realized Monte was after Michael because Turner told her. We know that’s not true because Taylor’s been telling her and Monte even talked to her about it himself during the BroChella week. I’ll let this one slide because it could also be looked at as Brittnay realizing Monte and Turner were working together. That was the actual light bulb moment for her but it wasn’t clear on the show. That’s not too bad for a 2 hour episode.

Is this Terrance in a crock pot? (you either get this reference or you don’t but I’m not going to elaborate, lol):

I also think they should’ve shown how Monte arrived back at his decision to go after Michael. Sure, it hadn’t happened yet but if we knew Michael was in the most danger, so did production. It could’ve been included in the game talk the first hour. Turner and Monte were actually in with Michael on the gentlemans agreement before Taylor kept talking to him about it. She worked on Monte all week.

Throughout the week, she got Monte to snap out of it and remember that he needed to go after Michael. I honestly don’t think it would’ve happened without the work she put in. (No, I’m not a crazy Taylor stan, I just like to give credit when it’s due) Monte was ready to take out Alyssa and Turner was definitely was planning on keeping Michael last night. Taylor also talked Monte out of trying to keep Terrance.

Terrance was evicted, said he wanted to work with Taylor but….wanted her to be evicted right after him. See ya, Showtime, Snowtime, time for your ass to go time!

I liked the jury segment too. Jasmine limping in, Indy saying she didn’t want to see Brittany’s face again and Joseph saying he wanted Kyle out next. Joseph aiming a (kabob?) and telling Kyle he hoped Taylor took him out:

Joseph rooting for Taylor in the tiny hoh comp:

Seeing the noms (Taylor & Brittnay) after Turner won it:

Even Jasmine was shocked:

Kyle explained how he got evicted on Turners hoh:

He rec’d disappointment, hurt and Indy pointing out the internet exists. (You gotta remember alot of the convo they had was cut out, so I’m assuming it was the sheltered, never been to a bar thing):

They also weren’t very happy with Michael. (I don’t know why Brittnay’s getting a pass but maybe it’s just more we didn’t see):

Next up, the hoh comp:

This was the moment Michael was ‘shitting a brick’ as they say, or as Taylor would say “shatting a brick.” (I cracked up the other day when she said “shat” because she was using it in the past tense) Turner put up Alyssa and Brittnay with the intention of taking out Brittnay. (Monte’s lie to Turner that Taylor probably wouldn’t put him up worked and he put up Alyssa as the pawn instead of Taylor)

After an apparant rope malfunction and Michael thinking he had it too soon, (which cost him time) Monte won the veto:

It looked like both Turner and Michael were in the lead. They both ran for it a couple of times, thinking they had it and it cost them. It gave Monte time to catch up.

During the comp, Michael’s belt or clasp or whatever came loose. You could hear him saying “what do I do” a couple of times. Later last night, Alyssa confirmed it.

After tying Janelle’s record for most wins and beating the veto record, Michael knew he was done.

Monte won the veto, told Alyssa he was taking her off the block and had to tell Turner the obvious….they were making the move.

We missed most of Michael campaigning but from the talk later, it sounds like he really tried. We know he tried hard during the speeches. (Lol)

I know there’s mixed reactions over Michaels speech and his exit. Personally, I loved it and isn’t that what we always say we want? We want someone who will fight to the end, be memorable while they’re there but once they leave, realize it’s a game.

I can’t remember the last time people were listening this intently to someones plea to keep them:

Last night, Alyssa even let it slip, she almost fell for it. She started saying it, caught herself and then stopped.

I get it, Brittnay was confused and hurt. It sounds harsh but she isn’t the 1st person to cry on eviction night and she won’t be the last. She also isn’t the only person to be betrayed by a friend.

Michael didn’t do anything wrong and I agree with Steve. If given more time, I think he could’ve stayed. Here’s what Michael DID do last night. He only told the hg’s things they already knew about Brittnay and had already been discussed this week. He let Brittany know the game she’d been playing had been blown up. (She didn’t know that before his speech)

It may not work but at least now, she has a chance to adjust her strategy and knows she needs to adjust. I don’t know how far pity will take her, but he also got the rest of them to feel sorry for her a little bit. On top of that, he made it appear he may not have been that loyal to her so maybe he won’t be working for her in the jury house. (For the rest of them, that would be the only reason not to take her to the F2)

Do I think he did all of this on purpose? No, I don’t but that’s the result. The only thing I thought was lacking was the fact that he didn’t out the recent F3 he made with Monte and Turner. That would’ve been really helpful to Taylor and Brittnay. (Maybe Alyssa teams up with them over Turner if she knows that)

The side eye Taylor gave Brittnay to guage her reaction:

I liked Michael’s exit too. Instead of fake hugs the moment he realized his shot at the 750k was over, he left with something memorable instead. He didn’t storm out without saying a word. He actually gave them clever line that left them almost speechless. It was hilarious.

He finished it off by telling Julie he knew they made the right decision. He sounded more like someone who was devastated he’d worked so hard only to lose than a bad sport to me. If we needed further confirmation, he told Julie he was loyal to Brittnay first and after that, Taylor. (I said recently Taylor shouldn’t be focused on taking out Michael. If anything, she should take out Brittnay near the end. Either Michael kept winning and brought her to F2 or Michael lost but stayed a target in front of her)

Michael may feel like he lost the game because he lost the veto but that’s not really it. (I haven’t seen his interview yet) Michael lost because he refused to listen to Brittnay this week. At the very least, if he’d warned Brittnay her game had been blown up, maybe she could’ve done damage control.

Here’s 2 scenarios where things go differently:

1-Michael listens to Brittnay and takes out Turner. Brittnay is the hoh last night and Michael is safe. Maybe he takes out Monte and he wins the veto. Michael is safe.

2- He warns Brittnay she needs to adjust what she’s been saying. We have to remember, Michael began the week being the biggest target. Brittnay formed a fake womens alliance, told Turner about it, Turner and Monte got scared of it and decided to work with Michael. Suddenly, Taylor or maybe Alyssa is the biggest target for the double.

Brittnay got sloppy, Monte and Turner told on her, Taylor and Alyssa said ‘hell no’ to the womens alliance and with a bit of pushing from Taylor, Michael went back to being the target. What happens if Michael kept sharing info with Brittnay last week? (He pretty much stopped) Maybe it doesn’t get that far and maybe they can keep the target on the women, even if it’s only long enough to get through the double.

If you were rooting for Michael, here’s something to lessen the blow. (maybe) The season overall just became less predictable, so that’s something at least. The odds of Michael winning every comp he needed to win to get to the final 2 weren’t high. Yes, he’s great at comps but I’m not sure people realize how hard winning out can actually be. Jackson did it in BB21 but he had Holly who was also good in comps. Michael only had Brittnay and the comps get increasingly physical at the end. He didn’t have Taylor because she wanted to take him out too.

As far as news from the feeds:

Monte won the hoh last night and Brittnay only lost by 9 seconds or something close to it.

Everyone consoled Brittnay last night and talked about Michael like he was a legend. They really respected his game. (Except for that one glaring hiccup with Kyle)

Turner acted like he put Brittnay up to help her so she didn’t have to vote Michael out. She thanked him for it. (They’re both full of it)

Brittnay said she knew it had to happen but didn’t think he’d campaign like that against her. (He never put her over the game and never pretended to)

Alyssa told everyone that Michael said Brittnay was lying about her job. (Damn, I missed that one this week!)

Monte is letting Turner think Brittnay is the target and Taylor think Alyssa is the target. He admitted to Taylor he didn’t want Turner to go yet but told Taylor if she won the veto, he probably would and would be out of his control. Brittnay and Alyssa both know they’re going up but each believe they’re a pawn.

Today, hopefully we’ll find out what everyone is really thinking. I hope I’m wrong but I fear Alyssa is going to stick with Turner and possibly even Monte now. She does feel good with Taylor but that’s a new relationship. It probably can’t compete with her being friends with Turner all season. She’s already moved beyond Brittnay and wanted to target her. She may also feel more more greatful to Monte than she should because he used the veto on her.

For however long it lasts, Taylor is greatful too. She started seriously working with Monte during BroChella and this week, found out Brittnay would backstab her. She still wants her in a F3 but doesn’t trust her anymore.

I guess I’m mostly hoping we haven’t traded Michael for a combination of Monte and Turner winning out from here. It’s not that I mind them winning the game because I don’t. They may not be strategic giants but Taylor, Brittnay and Alyssa aren’t either. The only person I really don’t want to see win is Alyssa. It’s nothing personal, she just hasn’t done shit all season. The other 4 have played badly at times, but at least they’ve played the game.

A 2nd private hug after the hoh:

Today, we’ll have the usual double eviction hangover but we move on. I don’t know who Monte is actually loyal to but I have a feeling it’s whoever he can get further with in the game. Like the DE, I think anyone could go this week. The most interesting thing would be if Alyssa or Brittnay won the veto and Monte had to choose between Turner and Taylor to go on the block.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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