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Big Brother 24-Mel’s Finale Thoughts

September 26, 2022 | 35 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello everyone! I just wanted to hop on and give my thoughts on the finale. I also wanted to say thank you for the nice comments, the donations, the work Steve put into the site and all of you for making the season more fun!

No matter who you were rooting for, it was a great finale. I had my usual issues: stupid, prewritten questions, sitting thru 3 comps and the prejury getting as much time to talk as the F2. (How long has Pooch been gone? Who cares what he thinks?)

Pooch and Daniel didn’t offer anything new, Nicole wasn’t even asked a question and Ameerah showed herself to be just as petty outside the house as she was inside of it. Imagine having your 15 seconds on live tv and that’s what you do with it?

Daniel and Todrick (Who’s surprised?):

Joseph was given the chance to clear up any misunderstanding about his time outside before he was evicted. Being faced with it on live tv, Terrance owned up to it and everyone else found out, they (it wasn’t only Terrance) didn’t say those things for game reasons. Joseph and Michael got to tell everyone they’re lawyers and Julie tried out some Turner lingo. It was pretty fun.

The jury segment was misleading but it’s supposed to be that way so I don’t mind. I don’t fault production for wanting to keep the suspense. The same people we saw advocating for one person, may have spent 45 minutes advocating for another person more, we just didn’t see it. The jury discussion is several hours long and we only see a few minutes. I’ve read it was heated at times and wish they would’ve shown it because it was actually a dull segment.

It seems this jury had already decided how they’d vote heading into the finale. Thats normal and Turner said this in an interview. He’d been talking to the jury during commercial breaks and found out. That should tell you, even though Taylor gave one of, if not the best F2 speech we’ve ever heard, the rest of her game gave her the win. It wasn’t the speech.

I know people are celebrating the 1st black woman to win BBUS and I think it’s great too. I’m putting this out there now because I don’t want my next paragraph to piss people off or think I’m minimizing its importance.

Although that’s a great accomplishment for Taylor, the black women who played before her, especially the ones who were treated so poorly and many other people needing representation on tv, I’m hoping the fans end up being the biggest winners. I always say this but the type of winners we have can effect the way future people play the game.

I hope her win tells future players “Enough with the bullshit and the personal attacks. It’s not fun to watch and we don’t like it.” Taylor’s win represents as much about kindness and common decency as anything else. She won those people over with her kindness and her forgiveness. She never quit on people who didn’t like her and never stopped giving them a chance to change their minds about her. (I know I’d have been ejected if Daniel came at me the way he did Taylor. If by some miracle I’d let that one slide, Jasmine would’ve gotten a muffin shoved in her face or at least, tripped when she hobbled past me at some point. Monte would’ve never taken me to the end, even if he thought he could beat me, once I finished telling him what a jackass he was being)

Ok, I though this was pretty funny:

Taylor refused to go there and eventually won them over. All these people will see that most fans don’t like the nasty behavior. We love a cut throat player who will cut their closest ally if necessary to win. We don’t mind when someone is crying because they lost a ‘win or go home comp.’ We just don’t like it when it becomes personal. Watching people get treated like shit isn’t fun. However, watching a player get outsmarted and blindsided during eviction night is great!

Listening to Taylor’s speech:

There’s a reason people like Dan, Will, Derrek and even Tyler from BB20 were entertaining to watch. These were hardcore, mostly unemotional players who took no prisoners but….. they didn’t attack people on a personal level. This is why I think the fans could end up being the biggest winners after last night. We could start seeing people get targeted early for nasty behavior in the future. Future players may worry they’ll look bad if they team up with the Daniel’s and Jasmine’s of the game.

As for the actual finale, Taylor wasn’t the best player this season but she won over the jury. She also did it in a way that wasn’t about pity. She didn’t ask them to feel sorry for the path she’d had to go down. She did it by making them proud of her for getting thru that path and continuing to embrace them while she did. She made them feel like it was their win too.

Joseph listening to Taylor’s speech:

That’s the mushy feel good part of it. The specific things she did that were a nice touch were: getting out what she wanted to say no matter what question she was asked, complimenting Indy on the dress she was wearing, (Taylor’s dress,) using Joseph’s line about being a shield, binging a little girl power into the mix and making any of them who ever felt like an underdog be in the moment with her.

I know some people feel Monte “played the best game” and “had the best resume” but what’s the best? Is the best game the most comp wins? Big Brother doesn’t have a scorecard, where you add up comp totals at the end and whoever has the most, wins the game.

Don’t get me wrong, it CAN be decided that way and in recent years, players have leaned that direction. Every jury is different and that’s part of it. I just haven’t like it as much and won’t mind if the focus is on the social and strategic part more. I’m not talking about someone like Alyssa, who was friendly (most of the time) and could be dragged to the end. Alyssa liked to say she had a great social game. No, Alyssa was good with people socially, but she didn’t know how to use it for her game. (Her tears didn’t exactly prevent Turner from voting her out, did they?)

I do like to see who wins a comp at a particular time, for a strategic reason. I was also really impressed with Michael’s accomplishment this season but where’d that get him? He tied a record, which is really cool, but his bank account didn’t grow from it.

This one made me laugh:

It’s why I said, Monte would be a decent winner but also kind of a snooze fest. (Yes, pun intended) His social game was good, his strategic game was ok and he had a decent amount of comp wins. He’s your average BB winner from recent years. He’s Cody, Jackson, Kaycee and Xavier. They’re all good winners winners and….similar. I like the fact that the “best player” could be defined in different ways, based on that particular season.

Maybe Monte didn’t play the best game because he couldn’t read the room. Monte’s biggest obvious mistake was not taking Turner to the end. His other big mistake, which is more subtle, is that he never stopped seeing Taylor the way he saw her in the beginning of the game. Ya, he took a break for a few weeks in the middle but went back to his original opinions. We witnessed this during the last week or so on the feeds.

Monte absolutely did NOT take Taylor to the end because they’d had a fling, a shomance, whatever. He was so annoyed with her, there were times he was looking for an excuse to get out of it that wouldn’t make him look bad. He didn’t take her out of an obligation. He took her because he was absolutely certain he’d beat her. He thought he’d beat her because he believed the other house guests still saw her the way he saw her.

Winning AFP:

This isn’t my opinion, this is based on interviews he’s given since last night. He didn’t pay enough attention to realize, Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Joseph and Alyssa had drastically changed the way they viewed Taylor. Even with Joseph’s flirtmance with Taylor, he still never thought Joseph would vote for anyone other than him. (He did have a good read on Terrance and reinforced his dislike of her during their last week together) It’s actually ironic that Monte banked his win on a dislike and lies about Taylor that he helped to start.

This started like a season that could be terrible and it and ended up really entertaining. I already like some of the cast members that I couldn’t stand in the beginning. Some people made mistakes and everyone needs to move on. Other people made mistakes and will just keep on making them. It’s too soon to know which side of it these people will land but BB24 is over and they’re not my problem. I wish them all the best and thank some of them for entertaining me all summer. Until BB25, I wish you all the very best too!


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