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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 7/14/22

July 14, 2022 | 9 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, I didn’t think I’d do a recap today and this is just a quick one. Is Paloma gone? As Steve mentioned on the last thread, it’s being rumored that Paloma may be gone. It still isn’t confirmed but the info came from Hamsterwatch which is a credible source.

If true, what will this do to tonight’s show? We have no idea because they could let the evicted hg stay and explain it’s because a hg left. They could also go thru with the eviction. Since they haven’t revealed the details of the twist, they could fix the numbers issue with the twist somehow.

We also don’t know (if it’s even true) whether or not Paloma self evicted or was removed. We know she wasn’t on the feeds much yesterday, the feeds either switched cams or went down when she was being discussed and some hg’s mentioned her talking to production. There was a brief convo between Ameerah and Kyle mentioning they “hope she stays in the game” and said “they” were having a conversation with her. Feeds were cut right after this was said. Paloma has also said she tried to “self eject” and talked about trying to “escape this place.”

Something has obviously been going on with her and we’ve seen the change in behavior for several days on the feeds. We saw her roaming around in the hoh robe yesterday and that’s about it. (She’d slept in the hoh room the night before) If being in the house has caused any kind of anxiety, mental health issue or any other negative effect on her, I hope this rumor is true.

On a lighter note, there wasn’t much on the feeds yesterday other than people trying to plan for the twist. Taylor made the rounds, tried to campaign as best she could, while not knowing what she’s campaigning against. She spoke with Pooch since he’s the Backyard Boss and asked about the possibility of putting Brittnay otb, if he ends up with the choice. He said he was open to it and said it wouldn’t upset the house. (He was probably lying because even if he wants Brittany out, I think he wants Taylor gone first)

Taylor knows alot of people are upset with Brittany and has realized her best chance of staying would be against her. She doesn’t want Brittany out, she just sees it as her best option. I think she’s right but honestly, I think Taylor would go even against her so I don’t think it matters. (Brittany could also be saved by the vote)

Michael and Brittany also talked and he’s trying to help her without giving her any info. They talked about her chilling out a little bit and talking less game for right now. When they spoke the day before, Michael was trying to let her know she shouldn’t be giving Pooch any information…for any reason. Brittnay didn’t tell Michael what she’d told Pooch but Monte and the others in the Mamba/Bleep alliance did. He wants her safe but I don’t blame him for keeping quiet. I don’t think he trusts her to keep it to herself if he says “you’re the next target.” (That’s what happens when you go spill everything to everyone) Michael needs to look out for his own game first.

Brittany led most of the house in a meditation and they said they felt great afterwards.

I enjoyed seeing Michael win the veto last night but that’s about all I can says that’s positive on the episode. BB has always played fast and loose with the truth but last night was exceptionally bad. They did show Taylor told the truth and paloma lied about the Monte situation. However, the rest of it was VERY misleading. They made it seem as if Taylor was just fine until she “got caugh” lying. They also made it to look like Daniel put her otb for that reason. Neither of these things are true. The fashion show edit was also bullshit.

Joseph saying things may not be what they seem and that’s a really good title for last nights episode.

Even if you’re a casual viewer, this edit really doesn’t make sense if you really think about it. Paloma lied but hey, she was just playing the game. Taylor should be evicted if she lied but wouldn’t it have also been for game??? There was also Daniel and his ridiculous veto speech. Um, personally I don’t have any problems with you, but you need to apologize for all the harm you’ve caused! (Ya, I know that’s not his exact words but it’s close enough) It’s what I expected becauae its the easy edit but I was still disappointed.

These are from the photo shoot they always do the first week:

Have a great Thursday!


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