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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 7/19/22

July 19, 2022 | 16 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJunkies! For a Big Brother house that’s already made a decision and has the votes to make it, there was a lot of whispering yesterday. Monte and Kyle continue to go back-and-forth over the vote this week. Their concerned because they’ve noticed a guys vs girls divide forming and they don’t want to be down a number.

After the veto wasn’t used by Michael, it seemed like wasted energy from both of them. It doesn’t matter what they decide to do because they arn’t really deciding anything. The women don’t need Kyle or Monte’s votes to evict Pooch and the guys have moments when they realize it. They know this but still go right back to wondering if they should keep Pooch this week. (??) Kyle appears a bit more level headed about it but Monte has given off temper tantrum vibes.

He spent the day stressing out a little, complaining about a womens alliance and trying to rally the guys. He even worked on Michael and Daniel, who he doesn’t talk any game with usually.

They both humored him but his arguement won’t work on them. If its gonna be guys vs girls, they’ll be at the bottom of both groups. If they have to fight their way to the top anyway, wouldn’t they want to go against the women?

It’s as if they know what’s going to happen, it’s unavoidable and all this “decision making” is really just venting about not liking it. Kyle is mostly trying to figure out how he should vote so he stays good with Joseph and Turner. Again, it doesn’t matter since almost everyone has decided to tell them sometime Thursday. (People wanting to get some brownie points have already started dropping hints)

As for the women, they haven’t been subtle with all the time they spend together in the hoh room. Alot of that has to do with Jasmine’s ankle injury but still, they should be smarter about it. They’re almost flaunting the power they have this week.

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a battle of the sexes this season and I never care about the men vs women stuff. I liked watching Nicole and Ameerah tell Monte, if he wanted to take Taylor out, he needed to stop throwing and win the HOH. Moments like that are why I think it could be entertaining. It’s not like it would last all season anyway because you’ve already got most of the women still wanting Taylor out soon. Add to that, Alyssa has spilled info to Klye because she wants a shomance. Brittany tells everything, Nicole’s real f2 is Daniel and some of the women want Indy out before jury. (Alyssa used to be a fight attendant too and said they sometimes transported prisoners and other times, it would be sports teams, etc. Indy was also talking about the famous soccer players she knows or has been around because her friends are friends with them.)

Brittnay continues to try to get Ameerah targeted. She’s still going with this plan of giving random people info in the hopes they’ll see her as valuable. She’s hinted to Joseph she has a feeling the vote could be changing and said Pooch was throwing him under the bus. (She isn’t really building relationships, she just word vomits stuff) People are already noticing and I don’t see this ending well for her. Ameerah recently told Nicole, she was forgiving Brittnay for throwing her name out last week because she knows the women need to stick together. Now that Brittany’s done it a second time, Ameerah may be less forgiving.

Jasmine has began her campaign of “it wouldn’t be fair for anyone to put me on the block until my ankle has healed.” Pooch told the guys he wasn’t threatened by her when she had two feet so he really wasn’t threatened now. (Unless she continues to be annoying with her demands from the other hg’s, I’d plan on her making it to the final 3) She also talked about being upset with production the night she injured herself. She felt she should’ve been given a warning the floor was uneven and bouncy. The way she spoke, you would think she was blindfolded and hadn’t seen other people run the obstacle course before she did it. Alyssa got irritated with her because Jasmine told her she’d overcooked her hot dogs. (I mean, it’s a hot dog. How can you even tell?)

Pooch talked about the mean girl mentality and said if they didn’t dislike Taylor so much, they’d stop and see they could use her as a number. (Really, I guess he’s the only one to think of it!) He’s still nervous but it’s just from being otb, he really feels like he’s staying. He’s not wrong about Taylor but I think comments like this are why I’d like to see the women battle the men, at least for a while. I’d just like to see some of the guys scrambling for a while.

There’s a real Frankie and Zach vibe between Joseph and Pooch. (I wasn’t joking when I said the entire house loves Joseph)

Terrence has decided to be nice to Taylor but I think it’s because he knows she’s staying. He doesn’t talk a lot of game but he’s another one (like Jasmine) that sounds convincing when he lies. I’m assuming he’s lying when he talks to Monte because his closest allies are Nicole and because of her, Daniel too. They’ve been able to talk game more since they share the have not room. It’s still not a lot and most of the game talk is from Nicole and Daniel at the end of each day while Terrance sleeps. They compare notes on everything they find out each day. It’s a good duo as far as loyalty goes. The problem is, they don’t think anyone is on to them. (The entire house knows how close Nicole is to Daniel)

Nicole has gotten closer to Ameerah too and they have pretty decent game talks. They’re both onto Brittany’s game and both want to keep Taylor around longer than Alyssa or Jasmine want to keep her. However, they arn’t going unnoticed because the guys have said they see Nicole and Ameerah as “the leaders” and want to target them. (Nicole more than Ameerah) The guys also think Kyle can pull Alyssa away from the women and think Indy is the one most likely to turn on the women. Nicole and Ameerah think they can get the guys to take out Brittany and Indy for them. They better rethink it. (Nicole may be doing too much but I think Ameerah is playing one of the best games at the moment, even with her name being tossed around)

Daniel has been a lot less irritable. I don’t know if what Taylor did the night before was because of alcohol or strategy but either way, it worked. (My vote would be alcohol) He’s stopped talking shit about Taylor and wants to work with her. I think it’s just ego because knowing she wanted to make out with him has given him a whole new outlook on Taylor.

Taylor talked to herself, basically said she was an idiot and later told Daniel she was sorry about it. He told her it was no big deal and they laughed about it.

Michael told Taylor and Brittany, he’d love to meet Janelle, having no idea she’s rooting for him this season. (I also think she was at his house during the premiere episode)

Joseph mentioned he didn’t believe Michael worked at an escape room. He thinks he’s a cheerleader instead. (Is that a profession?) Michael, who is a lawyer, did work at an escape room and worked with McCrae from BB15.

For other past player connections, Pooch told Brittany, he got game advice from Travis who was on last season. (It shows since Travis was evicted first) Alyssa also knows Alyssa from BB23.

That’s pretty much it for yesterday so have a great Tuesday!


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