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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 7/22/22

July 22, 2022 | 10 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, I’m still sorting outthe details from last night but I’ll go over what I have so far.

Pooch was evicted unanimously so I guess Turner was told in advance too. Joseph was told before the feeds went down and he’d said he wanted to vote with the house. I’m surprised Turner didn’t want to give Pooch a sympathy vote but apparently, he didn’t. With the way BB tends to work, Pooch’s #1 became the new hoh.

The BB Bestie twist started and Jasmine is safe because she’s Turners bestie. These people don’t sleep so some mornings there’s a lot to go over. (This is the part where I admit, I haven’t had time to go over all of it yet) If some of this is off, Steve may end up correcting me later and have a clearer picture.

Turners letter was from his girlfriend

The besties weren’t selected randomly. Instead, people were allowed to pick their partners. I’m assuming the order of selection and who got to do the choosing is wrapped up in the hoh comp. (Thia is speculation)

I know Kyle chose Daniel because I saw it being discussed. Daniel told Kyle he was happy Kyle chose him, said he’d wanted to work with him and this would giving them a chance to get to know each other better. (Yawn)

Pooch having his last meal as everyone sat around awkwardly

The other pairings are: Alyssa/Indy, Michael/Brittany (he chose) Taylor/Nicole, Monte/Joseph, (Monte chose) Ameerah/Terrance and Jasmine is with Turner. I also heard Jasmine was with Turner because no one picked her. It sounded like Turner wasn’t picked either and maybe that’s how he became the HOH but that may be completely wrong. (Doing a recap is hard when you haven’t had time to….cap?)

Those eyebrows are a….choice.

There are things that happened early in the day yesterday that could be relevant. Here’s a few:

  • The hg’s collectively agreed anyone but Turner should win this HOH (lol)
  • Brittany suggested to Jasmine they try and pin the vote flip on Taylor. (I thought this sounded insane at the time)
  • When Turner realized the vote could be flipping but thought Pooch still had a chance, Turner told Michael and Brittnay, he thought they were the swing votes.
  • Before he left, Pooch told Turner he was convinced Joseph was the person who told the women about the Oasis mens alliance.
  • Indy said she did NOT want to be a have not.
Taylor celebrating surviving eviction

Turner is saying he wants to take out the person who started the plan to take Pooch out. (This is so stupid, why does it matter who suggested it first?) If this was actually important, his targets should be Ameerah and Alyssa but whatever…

Getting ready for the live show

Jasmine told Turner “Taylor took over her hoh” and so far, Turner is buying into it. She also told him she thinks Taylor is the one who overheard the guys talking about the Oasis alliance and outed it. (This dumbass is actually going to believe Taylor, who was the only person other than Pooch, who didn’t have a vote, and who spent the first 2 weeks on the block, controlled what happened this week) Ummm sure, ok. Don’t forget, they’ve been blaming Taylor for Paloma leaving too.

I didn’t see Joseph talk to Turner about noms yet. Joseph might have been Turners closest ally after Pooch but it could be different now. I don’t know if he believes Joseph was going against Pooch or not. If he does, Joseph may not have any sway with him. I mention this because Joseph is the only person I’ve heard say Taylor wasn’t to blame for Pooch leaving.

So far, it seems the house consensus would be to make Taylor the target and if they can’t get her, take out Brittnay. Turner told some of the guys he made a fake final 2 with Brittnay during the 1st couple days in the house. I don’t know if this will come into play but Turner thinking Michael and Brittnay were swing votes gives him a reason to target Brittany. (Ya, I get it was unanimous but he could think they could’ve prevented it)

Here’s another area I’m not a 100% sure but it sounds as if the bestie twist will last for 2 weeks (although Turner told Jasmine he thought it would last until the final 5, Haha) and it involves someone getting a power. I don’t know if it’s speculation from the hgs or if it’s been confirmed that the remaining person from the pair on the block, gets the power. Nicole spent a lot of time talking about this last night. She’s fine with her duo of Taylor and herself going on the block in order to take out Taylor. She mentioned how it would work out great because she would end up with the power.

Some of the Mamba/Bleep but now named Po’s Pack alliance said it worked out well they weren’t paired together. This way, they’d all be safe. (One of the dumbest alliance names ever)

I know some of you have given me a hard time over the years because of how passionately I hate twists. This one is a good example of why I hate them. I’ve never seen one that didn’t benefit the largest alliance in the house AND put a pause on game play.

We would’ve been heading into Thursday with Po’s Pack turning on each other, Nicole putting in more work to dismantle this new alliance she’s in and the target could’ve gone anywhere. Now, game play will slow down, the big alliance will wait it out since they have the numbers and they’ll gang up on 1 person again in order to avoid making waves.

We’ve got some pretty bad players in there this year but the thing is, they were actually playing! If you take out all the Taylor bashing, it hasn’t been that bad so far. We’ve had so many alliances formed, the telephone game was making the entire house chaos and we were starting to get somewhere. If you want a twist and want to mix things up, how can you accomplish that by letting people pick their bestie? It’s too easy to keep your friends and alliance safe in this scenario. It should’ve at least been random. (Ok, no more bitching from me today because we DID get the feeds back at least)

As of now, Turner will probably put Taylor and Nicole otb with Taylor as the target or he’ll put Michael and Brittany up in order to backdoor Taylor. (He already has Nicole’s blessing to do it because she wants the power) I suppose there’s still time for secrets to come out. Between Brittany and Alyssa, they can’t keep anything quiet. (Alyssa already told about the Old School alliance a few hours after it was made) Maybe Turner will find out he was supposed to be the next target for most of the house. If and when all this info starts to leak out, it will probably happen after nominations but it could still be interesting.

Turner should know something is going on and he isn’t in on it. He was the last to find out who was leaving and it was a unanimous vote! When you aren’t in the know, (and that translates into not being in the majority) you don’t get ahead by doing other peoples bidding. You’ll get ahead by grabbing the other people on the outs and teaming up with them. Is Turner gonna do this? Probably not.

Maybe Monte and Kyle will remember they stopped trusting Nicole and Ameerah and try to get Nicole out over Taylor. (Nicole has told 2 people she used to be a cop, Michael and Daniel) Maybe Turner will start liking showers since he has the hoh room. We’ll find out soon enough.

Indy and Alyssa are the only have nots for the week and Indy is pissed about it. I’m gonna get back to the feeds and see how much of this I’ve screwed up.

Have a great weekend!


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