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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 7/26/22

July 26, 2022 | 15 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! Yesterday was A DAY on the feeds! I haven’t had that much fun watching live feeds in ages. Before I get going, thank you so much Cassandra for your donation! It is very much appreciated.

If you don’t watch the feeds or if you missed the aftermath from yesterday, here’s the recap…

Before the veto ceremony, Turner told Daniel he wasn’t going to put Taylor on the block. He said he wanted to be up front with Daniel because they’re close and he knew Daniel wanted her to go up. He said he couldn’t put her up because he’s shocked at some of the stuff people are saying about her. He feels she’s been treated badly and he didn’t want to do that on his HOH.

Daniel pretended to be fine with it. (he didn’t have a choice) Turner said he didn’t want Taylor to leave the house thinking this was the worst experience of her life and he had contributed to it. Turner said Daniel wasn’t going up but didn’t tell him who he was putting up. (I was surprised someone didn’t tell Terrance ahead of time)

This is the day before when Ameerah, Daniel and Nicole were high fiving each other. It was because Ameerah said she didn’t think the game was going to be this easy and they agreed.

The feeds came back to total chaos because Ameerah and Terrance went on the block, when half the house was expecting it to be Taylor and Nicole. Ameerah was shocked, Indy was crying and they all “wanted to get to the bottom of it.”

Turner was nervous giving his speech and it included telling Ameerah and Terrance they didn’t talk game with him and giving an explanation as to why Taylor didn’t go up. (I doubt we’re going to see all this) He didn’t name names but said people were saying nasty things and making the game personal or something similar. I noticed afterwards, when he spoke with people individually, he would tell them “I wasn’t necessarily talking about you.”

Alyssa told her alliance she’d heard Indy would’ve been Turners target but couldn’t put her up since he didn’t want to put up Alyssa. She didn’t realize Indy was in the room when she said it. Indy questioned her and Alyssa said Turner didn’t say it, she’d just heard it as a rumor. Indy seemed to let it go because being a HN is kicking her ass and I really think her head is somewhere else.

Nicole stormed off yelling, saying she couldn’t trust anyone and was furious. Nicole went outside, Daniel tried to follow her and talk but she said she needed him to give her a few minutes alone. Possibly the funniest moment from the day was seeing Nicole in a fit of anger, dumping herself out of the hammock….twice! She was so pissed, trying to lay down on it but kept falling out! (It’s like watching someone try to slam a door when they’re angry but it swings back open instead)

Everyone wanted answers and for some reason I still don’t understand, Daniel told people Monte was crying. (He wasn’t) Indy, Jasmine, Alyssa and Ameerah WERE crying. Everyone in the Leftovers alliance played dumb too.

Nicole was complaining outside, Jasmine scooted off to get info from her bestie Turner and Terrance immediately told Ameerah he wanted her to stay over him. (told ya I didn’t have any use for Terrance)

Alyssa assured Ameerah it would be unanimous for Ameerah to stay. Ameerah was sure she was staying too but didn’t want to lose Terrance. (Whut?)

Ameerah and Jasmine went outside to talk to Nicole who’d just made a scene. Nicole went off about Alyssa and her big mouth saying Alyssa had just blown up her game. (Nicole is the person who told Alyssa that she thought Indy would’ve been the target if not for Alyssa being her bestie) This was over the top dramatic because Indy didn’t know it came from Nicole. (Nicole is losing it)

Alyssa joined them, got chewed out by Nicole and Alyssa apologized. Nicole said she was upset because it was the 3rd time Alyssa had accidentally given up info. (I can believe it) Alyssa was forgiven, Brittany tried to join and they asked her to give them a minute. (Same shit, different day for Brit)

Nicole and Daniel were arguing now because he’d asked to talk to her, she said ‘not now’ but he saw other people being allowed to talk to her. She explained what Alyssa did and said it had to be sorted out first. He said he didn’t care what happened with Alyssa and his feelings were hurt. (Daniel is such a baby plus he’s been jealous over Nicole being in the alliance when he only has “protection” from them. I don’t blame him for being concerned because Nicole is really all he has at this point. His only other connection was Turner) During this chat, they also talked about how they can’t stand people who try to make everything about themselves when it isn’t. (from the person who had a fit over nothing while Ameerah was just blindsided)

Meanwhile, Jasmine spoke with Turner and brought info back to her group. She said Turner told her 3 people knew ahead of time what he was going to do. He said he told Daniel but didn’t name the other two. They spent a long time after that trying to figure out who the other two were. Jasmine asked Daniel if he knew ahead of time and Daniel said no. (Technically, he didn’t know all of it) They began wondering if Nicole knew too. (She didn’t)

Monte was questioned and he said he had no idea. Joseph said he didn’t know and said he even cried. (Haha) The girls group plus Daniel started pointing fingers at each other. They wondered if Daniel was behind it, said maybe it could be Indy. This continued all day.

Brittany said she didn’t know either and said no one had been talking to her because she’d been otb. (Brittany just kept popping in these convos to get info and for once, it worked) I realized yesterday, the problem with Brittnay isn’t that she talks too much. I mean, she does that too but I think her biggest problem is a lack of patience. Instead of dropping seeds and giving people time to get where you want them to go, she suggests where she wants people to go in a ‘what if’ way immediately. (It’s annoying game play to watch)

I’ll also point out in the midst of all the chaos happening, Brittnay had a mini meltdown of her own. She’d apparently tried to join several conversations earlier and several times was asked to “give us a minute.” She got upset and went off about it. (Girl, I get you have insecurities but damn, take 5 minutes and enjoy your new alliance!)

While all of this was happening, Taylor chilled outside. (Haha)

Monte ran info back to the group and the Leftovers were cracking up. They didn’t have to do anything to take the spotlife off themselves. Monte said they’re blaming Indy, Daniel and everyone else in their own group.

Turner filled them in on his plan with Daniel. He said he told Daniel right before the ceremony hoping it would incriminate him. (It did-Go Turner)

Terrance’s theory was Taylor had played the sympathy card to Turner to stay off the block. (still Taylor’s fault) He had to change his tune a bit after he spoke with Turner. Turner let Terrance know he did not want him to leave. (After this convo and a talk with Monte, Terrance decided maybe he would campaign and try to stay) Anyway, Turner said coming from an abusive childhood, he couldn’t get on board with the way Taylor has been treated. (He’s spoken openly about his background with a few people before) He said she’d been vilified and everything she says gets twisted to fit the narrative of her being a bad person. He said he didn’t like the way people would call her a bitch and other things so easily. (Terrance squirmed in his chair during this part)

Other than trying to figure out who is backing Turner, the women were trying to figure out who said bad things about Taylor. (This is insane!) They all start pointing out the times they tried to stick up for Taylor. (You would think there had been a fight among these women over who got to have Taylor as their new best friend) Since Indy had made the comment about wanting to pour soup on Taylor’s head and called her a bitch, they figured Indy must be the problem. (Many people have called Taylor a bitch)

Here’s a close up of Jasmine’s face as they’re trying to figure this out.

This may be the most clueless group I’ve seen in years. They talked shit about Taylor WHILE they were trying to figure out who had talked shit about Taylor.

Joseph took a moment to give Taylor a pep talk while everything around them was crashing and burning.

Most of them made their way back outside again. Michael and Joseph were freaked out by a bug during a workout.

Taylor mostly kept to herself and in this moment, I thought it was a missed opportunity. Couldn’t you just picture someone saying “she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips?”

Nicole was stressing over the vote and told Terrance he was her #2 and Ameerah was her #3.

She started crying again when she announced to Terrance SHE was the swing vote. (I don’t even know how she came up with this one)

Kyle had fun all day while also trying to hide from Alyssa. He’s been trying to separate from her more especially after Joseph told him he should. He also told The Leftovers he thought maybe they should pull Daniel aside right before the vote and let him know Alyssa exposed the old school alliance.

Blame could continue to land anywhere but I think Indy will take most of the heat.

Alyssa whined all day and night about Kyle not talking to her very much. (I’m sure these are the problems Ameerah wanted to listen to shortly after being put on the block)

Ameerah talked with Taylor to try and feel her out. She didn’t get much back from her. Taylor may be in a new alliance but she also just found out people she thought she was working with were lying to her. I think she’s still processing all of it.

By the end of the day everything is still about Nicole as far as Nicole is concerned, Daniel has switched his vitriol to Brittnay and Ameerah got it in her head that Turner put her up by by accident. I guess she thinks he got nervous during the ceremony and and couldn’t pull the trigger on Indy and Alyssa. The Leftovers were going to try to meet again but couldn’t. I think the most they got was 5 people. They’d planned to download all the info they had collected during the day.

Ameerah has also decided Brittany may be to blame, people are noticing Jasmine is trying to get out of her turn as a have not and Kyle finally threw Alyssa a crumb and spent some time with her.

I’m sure I left some things out that could be important but yesterday was a long day.

It kind of sucks because Ameerah has impressed me the most out of the women. (I’m strictly talking game) Sure, she’s made some mistakes but she’s also a recruit. She’s been in a power position and I wasn’t anxious to have her go. However, fun BB is more important than any 1 player in my opinion so I’m not that disappointed. Have a great Tuesday!


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