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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/15/22

August 15, 2022 | 29 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, wow what a BB live feed weekend! I worked in my yard but had feeds going on my phone because who wanted to miss this trainwreck? I started the weekend thinking I’d be comparing Taylor’s HOH to Frenchie’s this morning and ended it wondering how many LO’s didn’t do damage to their games. Some games will be hurt from it but there were also some benefits to what happened. Let’s go ahead and get into it….

My last recap was just after Taylor won the hoh. We hadn’t seen her with any power so had no way of knowing how she’d handle it. (not so well) I’m probably going to trash Taylor’s game play a little in this recap so let me start off with something positive. Taylor’s been treated like shit for over a month by alot of people in the house. I don’t know how that feels day after day so she was already primed to make some emotional decisions. On top of that, it became obvious (quickly) that Taylor is impressionable and it isn’t hard to guide her thinking. I didn’t see this before because she’s always been agreeable but has always had to be. I’d assumed this was out of necessity, rather than a personality trait. She’s always had to prove to everyone she was loyal. With everyone in the LO’s having a different agenda this week, I can understand how she kept agreeing with ALL of them and changing her mind.

She immediately screwed up by telling everyone NOT in her alliance they’d be safe. (Lol) Next, she suggested Turner go up as a pawn. She followed it up by suggesting they pawn Monte and Turner both. She was still in the Festie Bestie mindset and luckily for her, Monte and Turner could understand it. (It doesn’t mean they won’t remember it tho) Once the LO’s got her to course correct, Terrance and Indy were going up with Terrance as her target. (Terrance was always her target even with her bad suggestions as to how to get him out)

The LO’s had another convo that’s been kind of forgotten over the weekend. They decided to stop the charade of Joseph and Kyle playing double agents. (Michael and Monte have been saying it for a while) Everyone except Joseph agreed it was time. Joseph didn’t want to and said it was because he was having fun doing it. (No, that’s not why. He’s the only one benefiting from it and Michael and Brittany could see it)

The following morning, Joseph and Taylor concocted a stupid plan to keep the charade going anyway and just expected everyone to be ok with it. The smart players kept their mouths shut so they’d have time to think about what to do. Maybe they’d split the LO’s early and get rid of Joseph if he was going to “Pooch himself.” (In the end, Michael and Brittany decided it wasn’t the time) I agree because even tho they need the LO’s broken up, they shouldn’t be the ones to take the first shot.

Here’s the one thing I won’t blame on Taylor. Her entire alliance began telling her immediately, they didn’t want to take out Terrance. This was right after they said they’d support her hoh week. She didn’t switch the target the first time, her alliance did. She went along with it because she’s a team player.

Indy became the new target. Jasmine may have been a better one, only because she holds the 4 of them together the most. Let’s be real tho, does it matter that much? They’re all probably about equal in comps and all would go after the LO’s. Some are more of a threat than others to different people in the alliance but it’s a 7 person alliance. It was always going to be that way.

Next came Joseph and Taylors stupid plan to take Terrance off the block and put Joseph up with Terrance. It never made any sense so there’s no point in going over their crazy reasoning for it. The only thing that would be accomplished is once again, Joseph got to keep playing both sides. He would avoid having to vote out Indy which would be good for him in jury.

Based on the new plan, they made choices for the veto comp. Taylor told her alliance to use the veto on whoever they wanted AFTER deciding Terrance would be the one to come down. (This didn’t make any sense either) This part isn’t pivotal to anything except to show how wishy washy her decision making can be. The veto comp was the prize swap. Alyssa took a trip from Taylor, Jasmine traded her 5k for the trip and took it from Alyssa. Kyle gave Indy a punishment and took the veto. The LO’s were in the drivers seat again and could complete their plan, right? Haha Haha, no way!

The women looked really cute in the veto costumes:

Yes, Jasmine did too. She’s just nasty on the inside but is super cute on the outside:

The LO’s kept pushing for Jasmine to go even after saying they understood Taylor’s reasons for not doing it. Here’s all I’m going to say on this. People often have reasons they won’t go after particular people. Some don’t want to go after other women, some won’t take out big physical threats to keep them as shields and so on. I don’t have a problem with Taylor not wanting the eviction of another black woman to be on her hoh. That’s a line she doesn’t want to cross and it’s her choice. She isn’t the first player to give herself extra rules to play by. Just as I don’t blame her for feeling this way, I also don’t blame her alliance if they see that as a liability. In the eyes of her alliance, she’s limiting herself a little bit as an asset. They have every right to adjust their plans moving forward based on this info. (She shouldn’t have told them)

Brittany, Joseph and Monte started giving Taylor reasons to go after Alyssa. Taylor took the bait and began changing her mind again. Alyssa has shown some bad decision making since Taylor’s hoh. First, there was the snarky comment over Kyle hugging Taylor after the hoh comp. Second, she took a trip from the hoh. I’ve said this before on other seasons. Even if she wasn’t going to end up with the veto, optics are always important in this comp.

Jasmine told everyone before the comp, it was her birthday so they better not give her a punishment. I could write many examples of things Jasmine doesn’t think should happen because it’s her birthday week but I won’t put you through it.

This particular comp, above all others, sort of represents the game. It’s not always about the decisions you make, it’s about how you make the other people feel when you’re making those decisions. That’s my general opinion about this comp and doesn’t apply as much this season. I say that because Taylor didn’t actually have a problem with the comp results until some of the LO’s TOLD her she should have a problem with it. On the other hand, it showed more of Jasmine’s personality and the other hg’s are sick of it and her. (I still can’t get over Jasmine asking it it was out of the country and she and Alyssa thinking Paris is in London)

Indy’s punishment costume:

I get it, Alyssa and Kyle being a couple should be a concern for the LO’s. (Especially now that they’ve done the deed on a pool float. Turner and maybe Monte, if he picked up on Turners hint, are they only people who know) Joseph knows it’s a problem and it’s why he’s been pushing for her to go. However, they gave Kyle a plan for the veto, he won it and only AFTER he won it, was the plan changed to taking out Alyssa. I don’t really like Kyle but he’s not wrong. Why should he have to be the one to do it and why this week? If the target had been Alyssa prior to the comp, Kyle would’ve had the option to throw it. (I still think he would’ve tried to win because he’s been paranoid the LO’s would turn on him early) Regardless, if he’d chosen to win it anyway, the LO’s could’ve said “well dumbass, why did you win?” This isn’t the way it went down.

I’ve seen alot of confusion as to why Brittany kept pushing for both Alyssa to stay and for her to go. It’s better for Michael and Brittany’s games if Alyssa sticks around a while. Kyle and Alyssa together are an issue for the LO’s. It pits Joseph and Kyle against each other and makes Michael’s target smaller. Keeping Alyssa is a temporary win for them but having the rest of their alliance going after each other is a bigger win. It doesn’t mean Michael and Brittnay want to go to the end with Kyle. They just need him for a bit longer. (They’ve already said they don’t want Kyle getting too close to the end)

Michael and Brittnay are players who discuss everything and every option. They considered taking out Joseph if he was on the block and decided they shouldn’t be the ones to take the 1st shot. They made a push to get Jasmine out until realizing they couldn’t make it happen. They’ve also started second guessing the decision to try to go to the end with Taylor. They’ve seen how easily it is for her to change her mind. That could be scary if Joseph is the one influencing her instead of them.

Joseph was overplaying at the beginning of the weekend but Brittany and Michael were the ones doing it by the end of it. I understood their motivation for hyping up Taylor and Joseph to take out Alyssa. I also understood the reason for hyping up Kyle to keep Alyssa. Brittnay’s put in a lot of work that she rarely gets credit for doing. I was prepared to give Brittnay her flowers today but she screwed up too. It wasn’t necessary for her to go to Alyssa and tell her Taylor may want to target her now. Kyle was going to tell her and it would come out anyway. (You want to light the fuse and walk away. You shouldn’t want to be standing in the middle of it during the explosion)

Taylor is really bad at being the HOH but she’s at least acknowledged it. She’s made this so much messier than it needed to be. Taylor is also too focused on her speeches and “making good tv,” just like Brittnay recently said. She’s new to BB and thats part of it. I also think there’s another part. Taylor is a very nice woman but she’s human. She’s genuinely hurt over not being able to get the other women to accept her. A part of her would probably like to lash out or tell them off or whatever. I think the extra focus on “making a big move” or having a great, in your face speech is also her way of getting back at them a little bit. I know I’d probably feel that way but it comes off as silly and this weekend, somewhat arrogant. This looks like typical hohitis but I don’t think that’s really it. She’s made some cocky comments but she’s also barely been allowed to have an opinion about anything fo a month so I’m going to cut her a little bit of slack.

By last night, the LO’s were hanging on by a thread. They finally met to hash out the Alyssa thing. Michael, Brittnay and Turner, who support Kyle in private, arn’t nearly as vocal in the LO’s meetings. (Michael and Brittany can’t be because they’ve tried to play both sides) Taylor and Kyle are noticing it too. I have to give Kyle credit for shooting down every possible arguement Joseph or any of the LO’s threw out.

If 4 people need to go, why does it have to be Alyssa this week? They worry Alyssa is the bigger social threat but why is that? If The Leftovers are loyal to each other, no one should be able to penetrate them with their social skills. Why couldn’t they have settled on a target before he won the veto comp? If Taylor has reasons she won’t take out certain people, why can’t he have that too, even if the reason is different? Why is Alyssa the bigger comp threat when Indy beat her on the wall?

The alliance has good reason to push back on him tho. He’s starting to look like he always has a reason the target can’t be Alyssa yet. I can see why they’d doubt he’ll ever be willing to let her be evicted. They were even trying to get Kyle to use the veto on Terrance, the only person who voted to evict him last week. They said they still planned to evict Indy so Alyssa would stay if she went up as a replacement.

Forget about Kyle, how the hell would this be good for Taylor? She has 4 people who don’t like her and has already pissed off 2 of them even more. Why would she want to put up a 3rd person, knowing they wouldn’t leave. This just became Kyle needing to prove he’d do it, even if they didn’t plan to take Alyssa out. This is also an example of Taylor not wanting to waste a good speech. She came up with some kind of “festive besties no more” speech and was eager to use it. The faster Taylor realizes that a good speech never won anyone this game, the better off she’ll be.

The biggest problem this alliance has is the alliance itself. The best players in the game are in the leftovers so no one who is a good player should want this to be their final 7. All 4 remaining players who are not in the alliance are good options to go this week. It’s just been a push and pull over which of the LO’s have an advantage heading into the 2nd chapter or whatever it is they call it.

As of now they’re back to the original plan. Well technically, for Taylor, I think it was her 3rd plan. Kyle is not planning to use the veto and the noms should remain Terrance and Indy. Now that some of them have been exposed for talking out both sides of their ass, I’d expect the scheming to continue.

Jasmine (sort of) cleaned the bathroom this weekend. Taylor made a comment about some people not pulling their weight in the house. I think a little paranoia set in and Jasmine decided to get off her ass. She brought Terrance in to do the worst of it, later said he didn’t help much and complained not enough people thanked her. Her cleaning outfit was pretty funny tho:

Turner pissed off Jasmine yesterday. She wanted to release a balloon in the air because it will also be her father’s birthday. Turner suggested an alternative because of the idea it could kill a bird, pollution, etc. Jasmine was very offended by this and later Turner apologized to her. He admitted his timing was probably bad and let’s be honest, he can’t stand Jasmine.

The hg’s got some alcohol last night but Jasmine thought it should be saved for her birthday. It’s gonna be a looonnnnng week!

A few other things to mention:

Kyle hinted to Michael about about the existence of the pound. It was subtle so I don’t know if Michael picked up on it.

At one point, Taylor made it sound as if they could threaten Kyle if he didn’t use the veto. They could say he’d be at the bottom of the alliance. (Not a door they need to open) Joseph immediately told her it wouldn’t sound very good to do it that way.

Kyle finally warned Michael that Monte’s already brought up Michael’s name as the 1st to go of the 7.

Alyssa is the one who told Turner about having sex with Kyle in the have not room. Turner told Kyle he knew but said not to tell Alyssa he told him. Make sense? Turner hinted at it to Monte and I think he told Joseph this morning. (It looks like Michael and Brittnay aren’t the only ones with big mouths)

Taylor spoke to Indy and Alyssa and made it sound as if she thought Kyle would still be using the veto. She’s trying to put it on Kyle if Indy has to stay on the block. I don’t think this will work at least for Alyssa, since she knows she could’ve been the replacement, not Monte. Alyssa also apologized for taking the trip.

Indy is saying she won’t stay in the jury house so there’s that too.

They’ll have the veto ceremony today and we should have the fall out from it. Have a great Monday!


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