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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/17/22

August 17, 2022 | 22 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! We survived Jasmine’s birthday party so congrats to us. This sounds petty but I was worried production might give them the halfway party yesterday and I was really glad they didn’t. I knew Jasmine would assume the whole thing was about her birthday and why I didn’t want them to do it. Forget about being evicted, I’d probably get ejected if I had to live with Jasmine for very long. Don’t get me wrong, she was an excellent casting choice, I just couldn’t live with her!

The day began with a lot of Jasmine so that’s why I’m leading off with her. They had the backyard so she and Alyssa began the day with a little sun. Production asked to have the awnings adjusted and Jasmine complained about Turner not getting up to help. Someone said he was sleeping so she started yelling his name to wake him up. She went on an entire rant about people being inconsiderate and not doing anything to help out…..all while she just sat there.

After her backyard work was done, in a supervisory position of course, she headed back inside. She discovered “her snacks” were missing. (The one’s Turner stole the night before) She asked multiple people if they’d taken them and every one said no. She reminded Alyssa that she’d mentioned wanting to eat the baked Lays and Alyssa kept swearing she didn’t touch them.

Jasmine has absolutely no self awareness. She didn’t have a problem asking people if they’d taken food that was for all of them, she had hidden, claiming it was hers. It’s like the HOH room blanket that she’s claimed as her own. She wanted it, she took it and now it’s belongs to her. She can also walk pretty well when she’s looking for missing snacks:

She kept looking:

And kept looking:

She didn’t find them because they were all up in the HOH room. Her birthday wasn’t off to a great start because right after this, she had to sit and listen to Joseph and Taylor flirt with each other. This did NOT make her happy.

As for Joseph and Taylor, they can’t stop trying to make “good tv.” They had an entire conversation about kissing in front of everyone to continue their storyline of the fauxmance. It’s so annoying, especially when they have natural moments that are fun and DO make good tv. They started dancing in the kitchen and managed to sync their movements without saying a word. It was cute and it happened naturally. (Stop trying to produce the episodes! It’s not your job!)

Alyssa keeps pumping up Joseph and Taylor to have a full blown shomance. They talked about it privately and said they’d realized she was only doing it to take the heat off her own. (What, are they goldfish? They “realized” this several days ago but it was as if this was new info, lol) Now they’ve decided they should fake a breakup. They want to make it appear they are sick of each other after being chained together. This is because they don’t want to be targeted as a couple.

The new plan began with Taylor talking about coming into the house, already having a crush on someone from the outside. That moment was the first time I’d seen Indy happy since she went on the block.

Kyle talked to Taylor and Joseph again about the decision not to use the veto. He stressed to them again how differently Michael, Brittnay and Turner talked about it in private. Taylor mostly defended them and continued to say it was miscommunication. I’m not sure if this is how she really felt but it sounded sincere.

Joseph and Taylor having to talk game with accents is annoying, funny and helpful all at the same time. They are so bad at these accents that it’s hilarious. It’s also helpful because it forces Joseph to speak slower than normal. It’s easier to keep up with what he’s saying because he usually talks so much.

Kyle also continued trying to work on Turner. He’s ready to split the alliance but he needs Turner on his side to do it.

So far he isn’t getting anywhere with this. Like I mentioned yesterday, Turner’s just chillin’ and is loyal to the LO’s. If anything, some of these conversations have backfired on Kyle. Originally, Turner sounded like he wanted Taylor to be the 1st one gone after they hit 7. Now, it sounds as if he’d like it to be Michael. (Haha) I don’t know if Kyle’s feeling like he’s stuck with the Pound now and he’ll need to sacrifice Michael. This could be a little harder now, since he decided to go ahead and tell Michael about the Pound.

While the Leftovers were imploding, Monte was relaxing. Monte’s almost played a great game this week. It was smart that he pushed for what he wanted which was taking out Alyssa. It was also smart when he saw it wasn’t going to happen and backed off. (unlike Taylor and Joseph) He’s been laying low and possibly decreasing the target on his back. However, he isn’t doing anything else. He doesn’t need to be making actual moves just yet but he DOES need to be more aware of whats happening with his alliance. I feel like if he’d been in the conversations about Michael and Brittnay the past couple days, he’d realize they have a problem, even if Taylor doesn’t.

Terrance hurt his back lifting the same day Alyssa hurt hers. I almost feel bad for him because the only thing he’s getting on the episodes could be trying to save Daniel and now, his tattoos. He has over 100 of them now.

Michael and Brittnay would still like a final 3 with Taylor but don’t know if that’s possible. I think her HOH caused them to be a little reluctant. (It shouldn’t, they contributed to her hoh being a hot mess too) The main issue for them is Joseph and they feel like they could keep the F3 in tact if they can get rid of him. (This part is correct) They’ve also discussed Terrence being a good option for a F3. They feel confident they could beat him in the comps, almost guaranteeing them a F2.

Brittnay did one of her meditation and relaxation things with Alyssa to try and help her back. Along with her back injury, Alyssa’s been really stressed over the way Kyle behaves. She’s told him he’s very hot and cold with her.

Alyssa’s game is a mess and a lot of it really is due to Kyle. I’m not even talking about her being focused on him instead of her game. It’s obvious that’s a problem but I’m taking about everything else. Kyle wants to work with her but doesn’t give her any info. The only thing he tells her is to say nothing to anyone. (How the hell’s that supposed to work when she’s in a house full of people?) Right after having sex with her, he also tells her they need to distance themselves from each other. It really is hot and cold and I see why she’s confused.

I’m not getting into the relationship nonsense because honestly, they both talk like they’re in junior high. I’m strictly referring to how this pertains to each of their games. It’s really bad for Kyle’s game to keep her in the dark. He feels like he can’t give her any info until Jasmine is out of the house. I don’t think that’s true because he knows Alyssa is sick of Jasmine. I also think if Alyssa knew about the Leftovers, she would understand the importance of keeping the information secret. Not only that, it would explain some of Kyle’s behavior towards her. Kyle’s immature but he really is doing a lot of this confusing stuff to try and keep Alyssa in the game. She should know that!

Another reason Kyle’s been hesitant to tell her things is because he caught her lying to him a couple of times. Right after the veto ceremony, he asked her if Jasmine was mad at him. She said no but Kyle knew that wasn’t true because Joseph had already told him that Jasmine was mad. He also asked her if she’d told anyone they’d had sex and she said no. He knows she told Turner, he asked again yesterday, and again, she said no.

Kyle’s lied to her about everything thru the entire game so who cares? What Alyssa told Turner doesn’t have anything to do with game and he’d be better off if he could see it. I honestly think she was emotional and vulnerable because of what had just happened between them and she needed someone to talk to about it. That’s why I think she told Turner. Alyssa’s still a terrible game player but Kyle is causing her to be a worse one.

Joseph, who wants Indy’s jury vote, suggested they split the votes this week. It would cause Taylor to have to break a tie and she told him no.

Kyle borrowed the hoh room to talk to the cameras again. It was more of the same: He really likes Alyssa, hope he hasn’t embarrassed his family, needs to split up the Leftovers to try and win the game and hope’s none of his past social media has gotten him cancelled. (Yikes) Oh and he danced more…

Kyle’s still convinced part of the house is trying to have a Cookout 2.0. He’s been harping on this for weeks but it just doesn’t make any sense. I can understand him thinking Monte and Joseph are close and perhaps even Taylor, since she’s been spending so much time with Joseph. (Yes, I know Joseph isn’t black but this isn’t my logic, its Kyles) What I can’t understand, is how Terrance and Jasmine fit into this picture. Kyle knows how Jasmine and Taylor feel about each other and he also knows Terrance was Taylor’s target this week. The target only changed because her alliance ignored her and basically told her he wouldn’t be evicted, even before she put him otb.

Michael and Brittany had a convo about it, said they didn’t like the optics of Kyle’s thinking but still need to break up the LO’s.

They did more talking and planning. They may overthink at times but they don’t overdo, the way Joseph does ALL the time. They are the most prepared for the twist coming up, even if they don’t know it. Everyone is expecting a double though and this goes back to why I said Kyle is really screwing up. When they go into this split, if Kyle and Alyssa aren’t together or however it works, it would be a lot better for him if she knew what he was planning. These are things Brittany and Michael can navigate better because they communicate.

Brittany talked to Kyle about the optics of lumping certain people together. She said she didn’t want any part of that. She also suggested they keep Terrance around to avoid it looking bad. (This isn’t why Brittnay wants to keep Terrance around. She wants to keep Terrance because she and Michael have already discussed it) For Michael, I don’t think it really matters but Brittnay desperately needs Terrance to stay in the house for her end game.

For the record, I don’t think Brittnay and Michael are doing anything other than playing the game. I think the only focus they have over who they work with is who they can beat. Having said that, this entire conversation was cringeworthy and it sounded awful. As for Kyle, I think he has a lot of growing to do. He said early in the season, he’s lived a sheltered life and hasn’t had many experiences. I hope being on the show gives him more life eperience and more self reflection. Kyle either really envisions a cookout 2.0 with nothing to support it or he’s just using that as an excuse to get the game to go the way he wants. Either scenario demonstrates a narrow view on the game and a need for that reflection.

The rest of the day revolved around Jasmine’s Bday. There was cake:

and cupcakes:

There was also a card made from a cereal box and they all went around the room saying what they loved about Jasmine.

The best part of the part was the camera that stayed on Turner. His facial expressions said everything because they went from amused, annoyed, laughing, uncomfortable, you name it.

Turner could see how insanely obnoxious the whole thing was:

Turner is us:

Is there anyone else who can’t wait to turn on the feeds each day to see what Turner is wearing? Anyway, happy 30th Jasmine, wishing you the best and a speedy trip to the jury house.

There was also another conversation about how the Leftovers would vote this week. After already saying she didn’t want a split vote, Taylor was pretty much ignored and it was discussed anyway. Both Joseph and Michael feel they should give Indy a sympathy vote. If both Jasmine and Alyssa end up voting for her to stay, Taylor would have to break a tie. It’s not like Taylor’s going to get Indy’s jury vote anyway but it’s became more and more obvious that Taylor has been ignored. The votes went the way the hoh wanted on Turner, Michael and Monte’s hoh’s. I can see why Taylor would want a say this week too. (Taylor also told Joseph he needed to start winning shit, lol)

They all have to fight for themselves in the game and the vote thing is probably still undecided. These are the moments that determine who can make the better arguements and be the most persuasive. Let the fighting begin and have a great Wednesday.


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