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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/19/22

August 19, 2022 | 38 Comments
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Author: Mel

Happy Friday morning! I hit 50% accuracy on my predictions about the twist. The hg’s DID end up in the backyard. I’d said I didn’t think they’d do it that way. After the HOH comp was over, I also predicted Michael would choose Jasmine before choosing Brittnay. Picking Brittnay was the safer choice but I thought he would gamble and he did. Let’s get into the details…

Before the live show:

There were only a couple of eventful things that happened earlier in the day. The first, which was less eventful and more thoughtful, was a convo between Taylor and Monte. Monte brought up their 1st week in the house, Paloma and that whole situation. He’d addressed it before when they formed the Leftovers but not in the same way.

Brittnay, Turner and Joseph had all apologized for either participating or ignoring the way Taylor had been treated. Monte had apologized as well but he sort of blamed Paloma when he did it instead of himself. Yesterday, he took complete ownership of buying what Paloma was selling, the reasons why he did and gave Taylor a very sincere apology. It had nothing to do with her being HOH because Taylor didn’t have power anymore. It was a nice moment to see on the feeds.

The other thing, which was more game related, was the plan Brittnay and Joseph came up with the night before. I’d mentioned Brittnay wanting to have a “reason” for evicting Indy. Rather than leaving it in a good bye message, they decided to put on a performance before Indy left. Brittany and Joseph confronted Indy over being in 2 alliances.

The gist of it was for them to pretend they’d compared notes, realized Indy was in Girls Girls with Brittnay and 5 Swatters with Joseph, neither knowing which was her true alliance so therefore, not being able to trust her.

They brought it up, pretended to be hurt and Indy said 5 Swatters wasn’t real. Joseph said it was real to him and Indy said it wasn’t because Kyle didn’t save her with the veto.

She told Brittnay she was sorry that her feelings were hurt. Brittnay played it up and said it would’ve been fine if Indy had told her the truth. She reminded Indy, she’d asked her if she was in any other alliances the day before and Indy said no. (Brittany having that convo with her the day before was intentional so she could do this)

Joseph told Indy 5 Swatters was real to him, Indy said she wasn’t really with Brittany and so on. Joseph told Jasmine that Indy had outed the 5 Swatters and said the alliance was bullshit.

This pissed off Jasmine which was also predicted by Joseph and Brittnay.

Meanwhile, Brittany was talking to Alyssa and warned her to get off the Jasmine train. Brittany’s been working on Alyssa for a while and this was the finale. Alyssa agreed and said she didn’t want to work with Jasmine. They’d also hoped this would give Jasmine and Alyssa a reason to vote out Indy.

Michael and Brittany hoped it would get Alyssa to trust Brittany more too. They filled in the LO’s and the plan worked perfectly. (It really is like the Leftovers are playing against preschoolers at this point) Jasmine caught them talking but Joseph smoothed it over. (go figure)


We endured an excruciatingly long episode that took an hour and a half to evict Indy.

There were multiple segments on the punishments, Kyle’s paranoia over a new cookout alliance and Taylor being ignored again over the votes.

Julie asked all the hg’s what they missed most, which basically allowed time for them to do not 1 but 2 shout outs last night. (I did think the Rhianna one was funny)

Everyone voted out Indy, with the exception of the sympathy vote from Michael, which was also planned. Finally….Indy was sitting with Julie!!

Everyone blew the good bye messages except for Michael. Monte lied, Taylor lied and Joseph manage to lie AND plus be cringy at the same time. (He said “I can’t imagine life without you” and “I’m going to win for both of us.”) Joseph’s goodbye message to Ameerah wasn’t shown on the episode but he said something similar to her. Anyone who’s under the delusion that Joseph is in love with Taylor only needs to see these 2 goodbye messages to realize he’s playing ALL of them.

Julie announced the twist and everyone was shocked. (Kyle looked like he was calculating if he had time for a quickie with Alyssa, in case they ended up apart) Based on the things Kyle’s said on the feeds, he definitely did….with plenty of time to spare during commercial break.

HOH results:

Michael and Terrance are the 2 HOH’s. Michael, who actually won it, will be the hoh for BroChella and they’ll live inside. Terrance is the hoh for Dyre Fest and his group will live outside.

I thought this twist could be interesting as long as they didn’t allow the hg’s to pick their groups. Naturally, that’s what they chose. Not only that, a knock comp is a terrible choice to mix things up in the game.

Picture a large alliance of Jasmine, Indy, Terrance, Daniel, Nicole, etc. running the house. (You still happy with this huge advantage?) A knockout comp lets the large alliance control who competes against who and have a huge advantage, barring and outsider winning like what happened with Terrence. He won but the odds were really, really against him. (Congrats to Terrance!)

Next, a school yard pick for groups allows a large alliance to almost control the week. As long as you have someone not in the alliance on each side, you have big odds in your favor again. I like the LO’s and am only pointing out, that’s the ONLY reason it works. If a twist like this is meant to shake things up in the game, it backfires and does the opposite.

Live Feeds:

As for the 2 groups, I tried to figure out the order they were chosen before they went to sleep this morning. I have some of it but it isn’t complete. Here’s what I have:

Michael side- Jasmine, Brittany, Taylor, Monte

Terrance side- Turner, Alyssa, Kyle, Joseph

Michael got to pick first and chose Jasmine. Like I mentioned above, I’d guessed he would do this IF he was willing to gamble because it was the smarter play. There was a good chance Terence would’ve chosen Jasmine 1st and Michael needed Jasmine in his group. It was only a small gamble because the odds of Terrance choosing Brittnay first were low. Michael confirmed this is what he was thinking. (It reminded me of BBCAN10 when Kevin chose Marty over Haleena and gambled that Marty would choose Haleena for him. Just ignore that sentence if you didn’t watch BBCAN10 but if you did, you know what I mean. It was a low risk, high reward gamble)

I think Terrence chose Turner 1st but I don’t know that for sure. I don’t know the order for Terrance’s other pics yet. Michael chose Brittnay 2nd, Taylor 3rd and Monte the 4th.

Michael met with each of them before going to bed around 4:30 am. He and Brittnay talked about being ok with it if Joseph got taken out. They’re ok with Kyle doing something to try and save Alyssa which would make Kyle a huge target for the LO’s. They also think it’s fine if Kyle gets taken out because they feel Alyssa would need them even more. Basically, they don’t give a shit what happens in the backyard but have to pretend they do.

Jasmine was told chicken wings are now considered a luxury item and they won’t be provided anymore or as often:

Michael and Brittany are definitely leaning towards taking out Jasmine but did mention “should they or shouldn’t they” with Monte. I think it will be like Michael’s 1st HOH where the option is there, they discuss it but decide it’s not the safer move. Now, if Jasmine wins that veto, they’ll gladly take out Monte because it wouldn’t be seen as them taking the first shot.

Monte has already volunteered to go on the block against Jasmine. He told Michael they’ve both shown they could trust each other and he said, he hasn’t had to sit on the block on a eviction night yet.

Michael’s convo with Taylor was similar to one with Brittnay, except he left out the part about being ok with Joseph leaving. Taylor is worried about Joseph making it thru the week.

Michael told the LO’s that Jasmine made a “compelling argument” to stay off the block. He told them, Jasmine said she didn’t want to be otb during her birthday week. They each laughed, asked Michael if he was serious and he said yes. (not that it was compelling but that she really did say it) Michael said it’s her 3rd week of trying to use that as an excuse and said he plans to tell her she’s the only one in the house who hasn’t been on the block.(Turner hasn’t but he’s not in the house) He’s planning to tell her she’s a pawn and the target is Monte.

As for the outside group, Terrance is saying Joseph is the target to everyone except Joseph. I think he told Joseph that Kyle was the target but I had to run my trash to the curb (forgot it last night) and missed the convo. For all we know, Terrance could be lying to all of them. I do think he trusts Turner to a certain extent but other than that, Terrance knows he’s on his own.

Terrance could try to take out Kyle to split up a shomance. He could also try to take out Joseph, thinking the other group would try to take out Monte. That would eliminate 2 big targets this week in his mind. There’s more questions in this group because of Kyle, the shomance and what Kyle could potentially talk Turner into doing.

The outside group has a tent, sleeping bags and a porta potty. There’s also an outdoor kitchen for them to use. The feeds really weren’t on that long before they went to sleep so we’ll find out a lot more about the setup today. They definitely have the disadvantage for game talking because there’s nowhere to go for privacy. It also makes you wonder what Kyle and Alyssa may end up resorting to doing inside that porta potty this week.

When they found out about the twist:

As long as Michael can trust Brittnay, (and he can) he can do whatever he wants. Even if Taylor or Monte went rogue, which I don’t see happening, at worst it would be a tie.

Turner will probably be living his best life this week. He’s already said the coffee was fire and he has a Jasmine free week. Have a great weekend!


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