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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/2/22

August 2, 2022 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, it’s another day down in the BB house and it was a fairly quiet one. They held the veto ceremony but there weren’t any fireworks. Although quiet, it was a good day for us because we know Nicole and Daniel are wrong about what they think will happen this week.

The Leftovers tried to change the plan early yesterday morning. Basically, at the start of Monte’s hoh, the plan was to either take out Alyssa or Nicole. Most of the Leftovers preferred Nicole but there’d been a push from Kyle, Michael and Brittany for Alyssa to go.

Kyle was tired of running from Alyssa and Michael & Brittany felt it better for their own games if Alyssa left. Michael’s had a stronger working relationship with Nicole and their priority was to avoid going otb since they’re the only duo with 2 Leftovers. Everyone else was fine either way plus, if Alyssa left, it would give Taylor a break from being on the block. Once Taylor decided she was ok going up with Nicole, Nicole became the target.

Early yesterday morning, the LO’s met and Michael pointed out they didn’t know for sure how the bestie thing would work. If Nicole left and Taylor got to choose which bestie duo to join, she would choose Indy and Alyssa, which would cover the LO’s on all angles except for the duo of Michael and Brittnay. However, if the twist worked a different way, they could be in more danger. Michael said it was possible Taylor may have to choose a bestie out of the trio of Monte, Joseph and Terrance. Taylor was there for this conversation and said she’d have to choose Terrance. This would cause them to go back to having 2 duos in danger again. If Alyssa left, Michael and Brittnay felt they could convince Indy to join them and all the duos would be safe.

Around this same time Kyle had been cuddling with Alyssa and he’d already told her he was using the veto. (There’s a chance Kyle woke up and realized pushing for someone to go that he could control in the game was stupid) He was reluctant but I do think his biggest issue was having already said he’d take her off the block.

Initially, I thought Kyle had been too pushy over wanting Alyssa to go first. When he made his argument as to why Alyssa should stay yesterday, the LO’s were able to use all the reasons he’d been giving for days as to why she needed to go. At this point, everyone was pretty much on board with taking out Alyssa. (Turner wasn’t, he’s friends with Alyssa and wanted Indy to go)

Majority rules so the plan got under way. Monte met with Nicole and Daniel to tell them he was concerned Nicole wouldn’t have the votes to stay. He said after talking with Jasmine and Indy, he was worried they wouldn’t vote to keep her. He brought up Po’s Pack and how they were still bothered by it. (Nicole had denied being in it but they know she was) Monte pretended to be disappointed over not being able to take out Taylor and told Nicole it was more important to keep her safe.

After the meeting, Daniel and Nicole said they didn’t believe a word Monte was saying. They felt Monte was trying to trick them. They thought Monte was trying to keep Taylor but realized he didn’t have the votes to keep her.

Kyle met with Daniel to decide what they would do with the veto. Kyle’s had Daniel convinced whatever they did, he wanted them to make the decision together. This was the moment Kyle was supposed to convince Daniel not to use the veto, even though Kyle wasn’t feeling the new plan as much. Daniel was adamant to Kyle the veto be used and said Monte was lying.

Kyle grinning because he was getting what he wanted without have to lift a finger:

Kyle went to Monte, said he tried but Daniel and Nicole didn’t believe Monte. This is when the feeds went down and why I wasn’t sure what would happen.

The veto was used and Taylor and Nicole went on the block. Kyle got his way without having to push his agenda because of an assist from Daniel. Daniel and Nicole were calling the other side of the house clowns and said they weren’t stupid. (that’s debatable)

Michael spoke with Nicole and they both lied to each other the entire time. Brittnay started trying to build a little more with Alyssa since she’ll be staying. They bonded over thinking Daniel is creepy. This week didn’t go the way they wanted but Michael said he felt good about Monte because he was receptive to what they were saying. Their main goal is to either hide their votes this week or flip the others so it’s almost unanimous.

Most of the LO’s were spotted hanging out late in the HOH room and Daniel and Nicole have realized there is another group working together. They don’t have all the people figured out but they’re not too far off. They’re also annoyed people are working with Taylor.

In order to make sure Monte was wrong about Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy turning against her, Nicole put in work with them. She wants to keep the trust they had while Ameerah was in the house, (they never trusted Nicole) so Nicole told them she used to be a cop. Daniel thought this was a great move and said it would cause them to trust her more. (Dont ask me?)

Taylor is a bit nervous for having to sit on the block again but she took a different approach this time. (Much of it was because she didn’t think she was going up so it caught her off guard) She told several people, she might be going so she was at least going to enjoy the rest of her time there. She put on her swimsuit and her heels and headed out to the backyard. (She looked gorgeous) She got several compliments from some of her alliance members and angry looks from everyone else.

Nicole continued to blame any issues with her game on Ameerah. Daniel whined to the mean girls club about “Ameerahs lies” and mostly “Taylor. Taylor, Taylor…” Nicole also sat Terrance down to fill him in on everything. (This doesn’t matter because she has most of it wrong) Terrance took it all in, sympathized with her while probably planning to vote her out. (I say probably because Terrance does a good job of agreeing with whoever is speaking with him)

Nicole sneaking up on Alyssa to scare her:

Nicole told Terrance her next target is Monte. (She thinks Taylor will be gone) Terrence acted surprised but not bothered and this is an example of Nicole being self centered. She already thinks Terrance is back with her completely after calling him her soul mate but voting him out. Now, she’s letting him know he’ll be going on the block. (If Monte goes up, Terrance goes up but these are details Nicole can’t be bothered with because it’s not about her)

After the attempted scare, Alyssa punched Nicole in the face when she startled her:

After Daniel and scooter girl talked, she went to Monte and told him Daniel brought up what Ameerah told her before she left and said Monte told them. (Jasmine had told Monte that Ameerah said not to trust Nicole or Daniel) Monte said he didn’t tell them and said they told it to Monte. (I don’t think she believed him) Jasmine said she just wanted to try and enjoy her week. She’s also told people she doesn’t want to talk any game this week. (She feels so safe, she doesn’t even have to play the game when she doesn’t feel like it)

Monte filled Tereance in on his convos with the mean girls so he didn’t feel left out. (about them not trusting Nicole) He’s prepping Terrance for when he asks him to vote out Nicole. (He may have already) Joseph also talked to Terrance and they discussed Taylor. Joseph said Taylor was really nice and more genuine to talk to than Nicole. Terrance also admitted to getting wrapped up in the moment and saying some bad things about Taylor. (Thank you Terrance, you still have a ways to go for me to become a fan but it’s a start)

This happened at a different time but I just remembered it. While joking around, Michael suggested Terrance should be the one to sit Nicole down the night before the eviction and break the news to her she’d be leaving. He said it would make sense because that’s what she did to him. I just thought it was a funny moment.

The mean girls discussed the vote. Jasmine doesn’t think Nicole has the votes to stay and doesn’t think Terrance will vote to keep her after speaking with him. Alyssa thinks Nicole has to be the one to stay and said she’ll get Kyle and Turner to vote to keep her. Indy’s biggest contribution was being pissed off that people like Brittnay and Taylor feel comfortable going in the HOH room. She said it isn’t right that that the guys want to hang out with their friends (herself) and she can’t be comfortable doing that because Brittany and Taylor are always around. (Remember when we thought Indy was going to be kind of fun? That seems like a year ago) There was also some talk about season 20. Alyssa was explaining Foutte and said she didn’t want that to keep happening to them. Indy said it happened once but it wouldn’t again. (Haha)

Monte, Kyle, Brittnay and Michael discussed working on the others to try for a mostly unanimous vote. Kyle mentioned how strange it was that Daniel and Nicole are still consumed with hating Taylor. He said they were upset because Taylor was wearing heels. (At this point, I wish Taylor would wear them 24/7 and sleep in them until Nicole’s eviction) Michael also mentioned he was sure Indy would vote Taylor out out no matter what they suggested because he said she can’t stand Taylor. Brittany brought up Jasmine and said Jasmine looked at Taylor the first day and immediately said she didn’t like her. Brittnay said she knows this because she witnessed the entire thing. (Perhaps these evicted hg’s need to stop saying Taylor caused all this with her “attitude”) She said Jasmine always made everything so personal about Taylor.

A few other things:

Ants have become an issue which Nicole thinks is a direct attack on her. She believes food is being left out on purpose in order to bring the ants to purposely annoy Nicole.

Turner complained to some of his alliance that he’s sick of making food for Jasmine. He also made a slop creation that was like French toast sticks. He had Taylor try them and she declared them delicious. They were so good Taylor even mentioned it to Nicole. (You know that pissed her off because she thinks she’s the only cook in the house) Unrelated, but Nicole’s been saying she isn’t cooking for everyone anymore.

Kyle and Alyssa have kissed now and he’s said he isn’t worrying about it anymore. He said he doesn’t see himself winning anyway and he doesn’t want to prevent himself from having fun. Alyssa said her only plan was to make jury so she didn’t care. For some reason, Alyssa also believes the live feeds aren’t on during the day. (I have no idea??)

Nicole and Daniel discussed this being their best shot to get out Taylor so they had to take it. Nicole also mentioned how this game brings out the best and the worst in people. She said it definitely brought out the best in them. (Hahaha)

Brittnay told Taylor she didn’t do enough to stick up for Taylor in the beginning. She also said she would try hard for the HOH and wants to hang out with her friends without hiding. They hinted at a F2.

Kyle and Turner made a F2.

Kyle’s made a couple comments about an alliance of 7 being too large and insinuated to Turner, he didn’t want to throw the next HOH, even if it would give Daniel safety. (Kyle is getting messy)

Joseph and Taylor had a good talk. He called her the face of the season and she told him, if she was the face, he was the heart of it. (It was a nice moment) They discussed the ants and said they have them in the beds now too because Jasmine always eats in bed. (The conversations are growing about Jasmine not attempting to walk on her foot)

Nicole said she would not be speaking to Monte anymore until…. she realized this week could be a tie vote.

Have a great Tuesday!


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