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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/26/22

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Good afternoon everyone. We knew last nights HOH was going to be an important one and it’s already turning out to be an interesting. But first….I’ll backtrack a little bit.


As expected, Joseph and Jasmine were evicted after at least getting to see some more footage from when the feeds were down. Joseph really tried to campaign but he’d lost before he’d began. It was a terrible idea to have an open conversation with the entire group in the backyard.

What the hell was Alyssa’s problem? She was so confrontational towards Joseph. We know she’s held in some of her anger after finding out Kyle had lied to her. After he told her about the LO’s, she couldn’t really react because they were in the backyard together. It seemed like a lot of misplaced anger. Everything she said to Joseph is how she was really feeling about Kyle in my opinion.


Jasmine and Joseph were evicted. Jasmine walked perfectly fine heading out to meet Julie.

Joseph avoided Julie’s questions about a possible relationship with Taylor.

We didn’t get to see the HOH comp but at least the feeds came back up for a while after the hg’s were reunited. It would’ve been great if we’d actually seen the reactions of the people that mattered. No one but Alyssa cared that Jasmine was gone and I and I don’t even think she cared that much. Every camera angle was on the faces of the outside group. What the hell? This is right after the immediate reactions we missed but you can tell Tyler was trying not to cry:

Brittany and Michael were questioning Alyssa in the bedroom. She was over explaining all the reasons she evicted Joseph. (Couldn’t she just say he was up against Kyle?) Taylor was really bummed out and trying to pretend she was OK with it. Turner and Monte immediately started playing a game. I think this was so they could get in a whisper session.


Turner was explaining the noms, Kyle going up after Terrance used the veto on him, how bad it was outside, etc. So far, they are sticking with the story that Joseph was running around doing too much but not a word about anyone outing the Leftovers. Like Taylor, Monte wasn’t happy about Joseph but was pretending to be happy the LO’s were back together.

Apparently, the HOH comp was the tiny veto comp. I don’t like that because we call it the tiny veto so a tiny HOH is dumb. Part of the reason this comp is cool is because you get a miniature veto, right? What good is a tiny key or tiny hoh robe? You can’t wear it or unlock the door with it.

Anyway, the new hoh is….Turner!

Michael and Brittnay weren’t happy about Turners win at all. (I was, sort of) Michael said he didn’t want to have to be team Turner this week but they recognized they had no choice.


Taylor talked to Brittnay about Joseph being gone and said she left notes and things in his suitcase. She said something about being bummed they wouldn’t get to have their final 4 with him. (Brittany’s not sad over this Taylor)

Turner read a letter from his mom which caused him to choke up.

Everyone was trying to outlast everyone else up in the HOH room. I didn’t understand why Terrance and Alyssa didn’t go to bed since they’re supposed to be pretending they don’t know about a leftover’s alliance.

Turner found time to show Alyssa how to do the floss. She was trying but it was really bad!

Alyssa may be one of the worst dancers I’ve seen in quite a while.

After Turner talked to Monte, he was having 2nd thoughts about out the new sides going against each other. He talked with Kyle about it and about how poorly Alyssa did in the comp.

Turner said Monte sounded like he was still all about the pound. He proposed they keep working with Monte and stick with the Leftovers long enough to take out Terrance and Alyssa. He said, he knew he’d lose 2 jury votes if he put up Terrance and Alyssa but he didn’t want his game to depend on Alyssa’s ability to win a comp.

Kyle pretended he might be willing to still work with Monte but pushed back against taking out either Terrance or Alyssa. Kyle’s argument was they needed Terrance and Alyssa for numbers to get to the end and said they could beat them at the end comps. Turner’s point was was more of how do they get to the end if he and Kyle had to win all the comps?

Kyle said maybe they could work with Monte and take out Michael instead. (Their plan coming in was to put Monte and Michael on the block and if one came down replace them with Taylor) Kyle told Turner that Michael is catching on to the Pound. (Ya, because you told him about it Kyle) Kyle suggested Turner talked to Monte about targeting Michael and said if he got a lot of push back, they would know Monte had a final 4 with Taylor, Michael and Brittnay.

Turner had one on ones with everyone and kind of started off with a Taylor HOH. He basically promised everyone safety. His only talks that sounded sincere were the ones with Kyle and Monte. (Maybe Brittany) Monte ended up telling Turner he’d made a final 4 with Brittnay, Taylor and Michael but said the pound was his real alliance. He also confirmed what Kyle had been telling him. He said while they’ve been apart this week, the other 3 have been talking about going after Kyle and Turner.

I said recently that Turner plays a simple game and last night was another example of it. He was ready to break up the Leftovers out of necessity, but talked to Monte and felt like it wasn’t going to be necessary. He wanted to stick with the Pound minus Joseph and wanted to stick with the Leftovers until they get down to the Pound.

Last night, it sounded as if Terrence and Alyssa would go on the block with Terrance as the target. Kyle woke up very early this morning, spoke to Turner (with Turner barely awake) and tried to get him to realize what he wanted just couldn’t happen. Kyle said they can’t go to 6 with the Leftovers anymore. He said even if Turner didn’t want to take a shot at the group, Michael wouldn’t have a problem taking a shot next week. On top of that, he reminded Turner that Terrance would spill everything as soon as he hit the block. He said they had to go after Michael before he could play for hoh again. Turner agreed with Kyle and said he knew they had to try and back door Michael.

I don’t like Kyle or the game he’s been playing but he’s right. The shot has to be taken this week at Monte or Michael. If Turner feels like they can keep Monte with them, then Michael needs to be the target. Michael will a 100% go after Kyle and Turner next week. As more info comes out, Monte may not be with them again. He may not even be with them now but it also doesn’t matter.

Too much info came out and none of them trust each other anymore. It was nice that Turner came back into the house and thought maybe they could stick with this loyalty thing they had going. ( Well, minus that little Kyle outing the Leftovers and shoving Joseph out the door situation) Turner can’t keep the LO’s and it’s too late. Unless it changes, it sounds as if Taylor and Brittnay may go on the block with Michael as a back door plan.

I’m sorry if any important details are lacking in todays recap. I’d already gotten a late start and Kyle started gaming early this morning. If I don’t get this posted soon, the nom ceremony will have already taken place.

I’ll try to fill in any holes holes I left on the next one. I don’t normally recap over the weekend but I told Steve, I’d do one on Sunday since he’s got such a busy weekend ahead. Have a great Friday.



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