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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/28/22

August 28, 2022 | 170 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello BB junkies! It’s been a busy weekend in the house with messy game play that’s about to get messier. I’ve enjoyed the Leftovers and the alliance has served its purpose. I’m fine with it being over because I never thought they’d make it to F7 anyway. They got most of the house to stop treating Taylor like crap and took out some of the unlikable cast members. Mission accomplished.

I’m going to recap a bit further back than yesterday to give a clearer picture of what’s going on. There’s been a ton of game convos this weekend. It will make for a long recap but for people who don’t watch feeds, I don’t know how else to explain it. Sooooo, here we go:

Turner won hoh, started having second thoughts about going after the LO’s, Kyle pushed to do it and Monte said he was still with the Pound. Kyke saying they’d rather compete against Alyssa & Terrance, getting Monte back and finding out Turner and Kyle were the next targets for Michael, Brittany and Taylor was enough to get Turner back to making a big move, instead of sticking with the LO’s.

It’s not a secret how much I enjoy Turner this season but let’s be real. Turner’s been my favorite person but he’s not the best player. He’s an ok player but he can be persuaded too easily. He trusts Kyle and Alyssa too much. (Actually, I think Alyssa is more loyal than Kyle is to Turner) He’s kind of playing Kyle’s game at the moment. It just happened to coincide with the move Turner needed to make. The best move for Kyle and Turner was to take the shot at Michael. If Michael had won the hoh, he would’ve taken the shot too. He’d probably have gone after Turner and wanted maybe Taylor or Monte to take out Kyle. We’d still have a split house this week regardless of who won the hoh.

As soon as Turner won, everyone was talking to everyone and spilling everything! The After Party was lying about Joseph but also telling the truth about some things. It’s funny because part of the reason Taylor and Monte didn’t believe Joseph did all the things they were saying was in part, based off things Joseph really did say. The After Party group tried to blame all the secrets coming out on Joseph. When it got to the stuff about Joseph outing a F3 or F4 with Michael, Taylor and Brittnay, it became harder to believe. That’s the stuff Joseph really did say. (He didn’t even have the F4, it was just in the whispering about it stage) Monte and Taylor couldn’t understand the motivation for it. (It’s because there wasn’t a good reason for Joseph to have done it) Eventually, they began figuring out, along with Michael and Brittnay, things were being blamed on Joseph that weren’t true.

Joseph wasn’t trying to hurt their games. He just didn’t know how to campaign. Most of what he said outside gave Turner, Terrance and Alyssa more reasons to evict him. For the record, he’s said in exit interviews, his loyalty was always to the Pound. (Sorry to all you Jaylor shippers but he wasn’t gonna ditch the Pound for Taylor)

Meanwhile, Michael and Brittnay were trying to figure out if they should tell Alyssa about the LO’s. It was a tricky spot because Brittnay and Taylor were otb. They didn’t want to keep lying to Alyssa’s face if she already knew but if Alyssa didn’t know, they didn’t want to be the ones to tell and have Kyle and Turner upset with them. Alyssa, who’s a terrible liar, had Michael quickly realizing she must already know. He went to Kyle & Turner, asked if Alyssa already knew, said it seemed like she did but they denied it. Another giveaway for Michael was the WAY they denied it. Kyle was too casual about the possibility of Alyssa knowing. He’d just said, “Uhhh, I don’t know, I don’t think she knows,” instead of panicking and trying to make sure he told her first. (Clocked)

It was funny watching everyone go through the motions of something that had already been exposed and they sort of knew it. Brittnay eventually told Alyssa, Alyssa told Turner and Kyle that Brittany came clean and once again, Alyssa took out her anger at Kyle out on someone else.

Alyssa began toying with Taylor. They talked about Taylors hoh, and why Taylor was trying to target her. Alyssa said Joseph told her he was trying to protect her. Taylor said it wasn’t true and said Joseph pushed hard for Alyssa to be the target. (True) Alyssa made up some things that Joseph didn’t say that were more on a personal level about Taylor. Later, she admitted to Kyle and Turner she just wanted to mess with Taylor. Alyssa’s pissed she’s been left out of the loop for a long time and she wants some payback.

It’s weird because Alyssa really seems to beleive Taylor and bond with her over how she’s feeling. I think it’s because the idea of being lied to and played by a guy hits close to home for her. Alyssa may believe her but she wants to be mean about it and turn the knife. It’s as if she wants Taylor to pay for being in an alliance with Kyle when she wasn’t.

After Turner, Kyle and Monte agreed they were still loyal to the Pound, (they arn’t) Kyle admitted to Monte, he was the one who told about the LO’s. He said he felt he had to, said Joseph would’ve done it too and said Alyssa knows everything. Later, Kyle was genuinely surprised that Monte had remained so trustworthy. He said the real trio was Michael, Brittany and Taylor. He acknowledged he’d seen the trio as Joseph, Monte and Taylor. He said it was a bad read on his part. (No shit? Ya don’t say?)

Kyle and Turner said Monte should talk to Terrance and clear the air so they can work with Monte and Terrance both. Their new F5 is Kyle, Turner, Alyssa, Monte and Terrance. Alyssa pushed the guys a little to work with Brittany instead of Monte. She said she didn’t trust Monte, Kyle pretended he was considering her idea but he wasn’t. Alyssa’s also already suggested maybe they take out Monte instead of Taylor this week if Michael can’t go up.

Alyssa said she trusted Taylor more than Monte. Kyle said they could talk about it after the veto. He said he wants Monte out next anyway so maybe they could take him out if he went up with Taylor.

While the After Party was forming on one side of the house, the other side was scrambling. Brittany and Taylor may be otb but Michael isn’t stupid and knew he was the actual target. Monte also knows if they can’t get Michael, they may go for him. Brittnay ran around the house crying after being put up and was ready to spill everything. (That mystery has been solved. Now we know, Brittnay’s only played calm lately because her sides been in power) It took her about 15 minutes to start throwing Taylor under the bus. Brittany knows she’s played the middle and told alot of lies but she was upset at the reason given for her going otb. She said it wasn’t something she’d actually done. (kind of like how Indy and Jasmine weren’t really evicted for the reasons she gave them)

After initially speaking with everyone and comparing Joseph info, Taylor went back to hanging out by herself quite a bit. She’s been sad and she cried to Brittany. Like Brittnay, Taylor was worried about about trying to stay but she was also dealing with personal betrayal. She’s hurt that Joseph would blow her game up. (not his intention) The way Alyssa made it sound, Joseph was only playing Taylor and she feels embarrassed. (Joseph was playing all the women and they should all feel a touch embarrassed imo) Alyssa would tell Taylor something that would obviously make Taylor feel stupid and then say “don’t feel stupid.”

Some fans have been upset over Alyssa doing this because it feels petty and even Alyssa’s admitted, she isn’t doing it for game reasons. It’s just intentionally hurting someone because you can. Because I haven’t cared for Alyssa and I’ve seen her make nasty comments all seasons, it pisses me off too since she isn’t doing it for game. I’ll admit that I’m biased because were I to be fair, I’d need to admit what Brittnay and Taylor did to Jasmine was similar. There wasn’t any reason for them to convince Jasmine, Alyssa had betrayed her before she left. How are these things that different? (For me it’s because Taylor’s already been picked on but otherwise, it isn’t any different)

Michael was busy being REALLY pissed off that Kyle and Turner would dare take a shot at him. He cam talked about Kyle picking the wrong one to mess with and said if he couldn’t win, he’d make sure Kyle didn’t either. The whole thing was hilarious because he was whispering venom. He was saying he knew what they were up to, wasn’t fooled and said they fucked with the wrong guy. Michael used the saying “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” Well Michael, ‘win a shit load of comps, make yourself a target.’ Personally, I enjoyed the outrage coming from Michael and Brittany this weekend because it was entertaining as hell. When I say they were mad, I mean, they were MAD! They threw it into petty mode too and talked about voting for Terrance and Alyssa over people who’ve played the game all season. (Haha)

Monte found himself in Joseph’s old position of trying to play both sides. (He may do it better because he doesn’t overplay like Joseph) He told Taylor he’d use the veto on her and they also agreed the other side was lying about Joseph. Monte also said he or Michael would probably go otb if Taylor or Britnay came down. Honestly, I spent most of the weekend not having a clue who Monte was lying to and at this point, I think it’s everyone.

Michael also tried to get Taylor to choose him for veto but didn’t go as far as say he’d use it on her. He insinuated he might need her in the game more than Brittany to win comps, hoping she’d draw that conclusion and pick him.

Back to Monte, he gave Taylor some info but not all of it about Kyle and Turner. He knew Kyle told about the LO’s and was encouraging Taylor to try to guess it too. I do think he wants Taylor to stay this week and it would be best for his game. It makes me think Monte is doing two things. First, I think he’s trying to make sure he’s safe no matter what this week. Second, I think he’s fine with a shot being taken at Michael and would like to protect Taylor, especially if he plans to turn on Kyle and Turner. (I don’t know if he does tho)

Veto picks were very late yesterday and Kyle was getting nervous. He told Turner that Michael CAN’T win and hoped he wouldn’t even play. Michael isn’t just a target for winning comps. Kyle realized he and Brittnay have been playing him and trying to ride the middle, while they fired Kyle up to do their dirty work.

Michael said it was a win or go home moment with the veto and he was right. He said he wanted to win the veto, win the next hoh and go after Kyle and Turner. It sounds like Brittany drew a chip last, chose Michael’s chip and it was down to Kyle, Terrance or Michael being picked. Kyle has to sit on the sidelines and wait to see how bad his week could get.

The veto comp was the slip and slide and Michael won. I don’t think he just won, it sounds like he demolished everyone else. Everyone talked about Michael lapping them. Michael now ties Janelle and Paul for the most vetos wins in a season.

Now, Turner will need a replacement to go up against Taylor because Michael will use the veto on Brittany. I think he’s trying to avoid choosing between Terrance and Monte and was hoping Alyssa would go up as a pawn.

The target (for now) is still Taylor since she was the backup target to Michael. It could switch to Monte if he goes up. Kyle was reluctant because of Joseph saying Michael, Brittany and Taylor are a F3.

Kyle’s last resort option last week was outing the Leftovers. Michael and Brittnay think they have one of their own. They planned on telling everyone about Kyles Cookout 2.0 comments but Michael wanted to wait and see how the veto comp went. Michael, while talking to himself about wanting to take out Kyle even said “where’s your all white alliance to save you now?” (Yikes!) I’m just gonna say, I don’t think this is going to go the way they think.

If Kyle’s comments made Brittnay and Michael so uncomfortable, why is it just coming out now? (For the record, they were uncomfortable with it and discussed it) They’ve made comments about how this goes beyond the game and affects life outside the house. If this is something that is beyond the game, why are they using it FOR game? If Kyle’s comments were that disturbing, why did they want to continue to work with him? I’m also not saying they had to run tell everyone the things he said before but to hold it and try to use it now, it feels a little icky. I just think they should’ve pushed back harder against Kyle when it happened. They didn’t because it benefited them in the game imo.

I don’t know what’s ok for game and what isn’t because its a game without many rules. I’m only saying this sounds hypocritical and I don’t think they see it. I’ve been saying for weeks, Kyle made his game harder than it needed to be, all because he couldn’t see past thinking the Cookout was happening this season, in spite of evidence proving him wrong.

I’m mentioning this because Brittany continued talking game with Alyssa. She gave Alyssa more LO details like talking about how hard Kyle pushed for Alyssa to leave early in the alliance. (True) Just before the feeds cut, Brittnay said something to Alyssa about knowing one more piece of information. She said she wasn’t sure how much to say because it would go “beyond the game.” We don’t know what Brittnay told her but we do know Brittany doesn’t hold info well, even with Michael saying “lets wait.” (I’m not saying Brittnay has to play Michaels game but it was good advice)

Kyle complained to Alyssa about Joseph. He said he hated him and called him a scumbag. He said he hopes America gets to see the real Joseph. (We did and most of us like him, not the best player but seems like a good guy) Kyle’s worried Joseph is getting a good edit. Kyle and Alyssa have whined that Taylor and Joseph might be get more shomance attention, Kyle whined about about Joseph trying to play both sides of the house and everyone liking him. Now, he’s worried about the edit. Kyle’s made some big moves this season but he’s still a whiny player. He’s also made alot of inappropriate comments that show his immaturity. He may make it to a F3 or a F2 but I don’t know how he gets the votes to win…as of now.

Michael and Brittany are pissed because they’re bad losers, poor sports and don’t want to be outplayed. (Its an observation like my other ones and I don’t dislike Michael and Brittnay) Michael has admitted he’s a VERY bad loser at anything so it’s not surprising. It’s still entertaining and you can laugh at it because they aren’t making it personal. Everything with Kyle is about how he doesn’t like someone for personal reasons and old fashioned jealousy. Michael said a couple of weeks ago, he was jealous of the position Joseph was playing in the house. He also acknowledged, he was jealous because Joseph was playing the position Michael wanted to play. It was honest and self aware. It always more palatable to me when a player can acknowledge why they are annoyed and really want someone out.

Alyssa and Kyle had another arguement or not really. They don’t have adult disagreements. He does stuff that will obviously hurt her or her game. She gets mad, he asks if she’s mad, she (while obviously mad) says no, she’s fine. He proceeds to make her happier while neither of them actually discuss the problem. (high school) Every time someone comes clean about the LO’s to Alyssa, she has to hear over and over all the things Kyle said about her and harmed her game. I’m sure that can’t be easy and is probably why she continues to get mad at Kyle over an issue she claims is already resolved.

If Michael can stick around and win 2 more hoh comps, he’ll tie Janelle. He knows it too and talked about it on the cams. He loves Janelle and also said to the cameras, he wants to win hoh and have his “gimme that key, bitch” moment. He said he knows it isn’t smart game but said he doesn’t care. He’s been so pissed! (Haha)

I don’t know how Michael can pull it off but he wanted to talk to Monte and Taylor about Kyles game and his comments. He wants to know how they feel about it. If their good with it, Michael & Brittnay wants to try to get Kyle put otb this week. I don’t think it will happen but its gonna be interesting watching him try.

Everything could change by the hour this week and it probably makes any opinions I have outdated by the time I post the recaps. It’s already starting today! All my faves will probably be evicted but hey, it’s fun BB. Have a great Sunday.


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