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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 8/29/22

August 29, 2022 | 103 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, I want to address some things in yesterdays recap before I move on to talking about the feeds from yesterday. Before I talk about anything tho, a big thank you to Teena for the donation. That was so thoughtful and I appreciate it very much!

I know people want to get on here, read a cheery update and move on with their day. My intention isn’t to put people off by what I’m talking about and apparently, yesterday it did. Sometimes BB is ugly but I don’t control what the hgs talk about. (Remember back in BB6 when Howie said he wanted to eat April’s dog, Pepperoni?) If I’d been contributing to Steve’s blog during BB6, I’m sure I would’ve told you guys Howie wanted to eat her dog.

When comments get made that arn’t related to the game, I can skip them and I often do. When everyone in the house is talking about something and its become part of a strategy, what do I do? Social issues have been discussed as far back as BB’s been a show. (It’s kind of what the entire show was based on) I’ve read comments saying things like “I just want to watch a game.” Well, you are. It’s human beings playing the game who all have different backgrounds, experiences and often, big mouths. Sometimes, they do and say things that make other people uncomfortable. When they do it in the context of the game, it gets discussed.

I don’t think the problem lies in talking about what they’ve said or bad decisions they’ve made while playing the game. I think it comes from fans wanting to attack players and each other. People say some really stupid things on this show, often out of ignorance. For example, Kyle’s said some stupid things. I don’t know WHY he said them because I’m not Kyle. Maybe it’s from a bias he may not even know he has, maybe he didn’t mean it the way it sounded or maybe it’s simply out of ignorance. Regardless, I don’t think trying to attack people online or ruin lives outside the house helps anything. If Kyle’s wrong, let him learn why and grow from it. (News flash: people are often wrong) They shouldn’t have their lives ruined, their businesses destroyed or their family members harassed because they signed up for a tv show and have an area in ther life where knowledge may be lacking.

I don’t think Michael and Brittany made a good decision this weekend either. If Michael & Brittany did this while using different ammo against Kyle, we’d be talking about it being an amazing game move. He saved himself, will save Brittnay and may have also saved Taylor. That would’ve been impressive, if not for the way he did it. It just feels a little yuck and I think it’s ok to say it.

I’d rather have been talking about Michaels comp wins. Whether winning all those comps was a smart mover or not, he DID win them. He’s on his way to being one of the best, if not THE best, competitor we’ve ever seen on the show. That’s worthy of a discussion but he and Brittany made a strategic decision this weekend that’s also worthy of a discussion. It’s ok to say a player you like did something that pissed you off. Michael and Brittany’s decision pissed me off. (Imagine that, a human beings making mistakes) I’m not out for blood and I don’t want to trash their character or Kyle’s for that matter. I simply don’t approve of the decision they made. (I also haven’t gotten a memo where there were asking for my approval)

I mentioned in yesterday’s recap, while talking about Brittnay and Michael’s decision, I didn’t think this would end the way they wanted it to. I wasn’t referring to whether or not they could get Kyle on the block. (For the record, I didn’t think they could but it looks like they will) I was referring to the bad taste this would leave in people’s mouths. They were too focused on Kyle’s actions and words and not their own. None of them come out of this looking great in my opinion. Do you need to stop rooting for them if they’re your favorite? No, but that’s just my opinion too. To me, it’s ok to like a player, while being able to say you don’t like something they did.

They can say it wasn’t done for strategic reasons all they want but we saw the planning of it. Even timing when they told this to people was very strategic. This was done to ruin Kyle’s game and get him put on the block and yes, it was very strategic. Yes, they used this for game.

The feeds cutting so much doesn’t help anything either. What we aren’t seeing makes it seem so much worse than it has to be. We say it every year. I know production wants to protect the players and probably themselves from backlash and I get it. We complain they recruit Instagram model wannabe’s but who wants to sign up for the show if they know it may ruin their lives? Yes, it’s easy to say “don’t say anything bad and it will be fine” but that’s not the truth either, not if we’re really being honest. Once some fans (not all, some) don’t like a player, they twist everything that player says to fit opinions they alreay have.

It would be better if production just let us see the conversations. If Kyle’s being accused of something and we’ve seen that part, let us see him explaining what he meant by it. Showing a house meeting about it would be better than being left to our imaginations.

There will always be people who want to cancel all of them no matter what they say and there will be people who will accept an explanation. Watching someone make a mistake no matter their intention, have it pointed out and have them learn something from it is not a bad thing to be on the show or the feeds. It’s life.

Now, production will need to edit 2 episodes this week explaining a situation they’ve been triying hard to avoid. Even that could’ve been avoided if things have been handled differently earlier. Michael or Brittnay at any time, could’ve asked Kyle to stop saying the things he was saying. More importantly, they could’ve explained to him why the things he was saying weren’t appropriate if they were so upset by it. (I’m not saying it’s their job, just saying they could’ve) Sometimes people don’t know, until they know, ya know?

Production can have conversations with players too that don’t necessarily interfere with the game. At a minimum, they could do something similar to BB Canada. Sometimes when language gets pretty foul or players are discussing a “touchy” topic, the BBCAN voice will come on and say “remember, Canada is watching.” It isn’t very intrusive and it can give players an opportunity to pause and think about what they’re saying.

I’m going to continue focusing on game moves and game conversations. When things get brought into the game that people are uncomfortable with, I’m still going to discuss it. I’m going to continue having my favorite players because I’m human too. I’m going to continue trying to evaluate the game play of players honestly, whether I like them or not. I’m not always successful but I want you to know, I do try. Part of the reason I’m up front about who I like and who I don’t is so you’ll know when I might be a little biased too. If I don’t criticize someones game enough who deserves it and you know its one of my favorites, ya’ll don’t have a problem pointing it out to me. (Haha) I like it when you do it because I may be giving someone too much of a pass just because I like them. I think being called out in those moments helps me to have less of those moments, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I’ll move on to yesterdays feeds but there isn’t a ton to discuss. Well, there is because the house was intense but there isn’t because it was over 1 topic. If you didn’t see the feeds yesterday, I can’t put into words just how intense the house felt. It’s something you had to have witnessed. The entire day centered around this one issue. After the veto ceremony, there should be alot more to discuss, I’d imagine.

Michael and Brittnay had already been talking about using the things Kyle said against him. Yesterday, they decided to do it. The first step was discussing it with Monte and Taylor. Although the feeds cut as they went into the room to have the conversation, we have a good idea what was said. We know what Michael and Brittnay planned to say and later, we saw them have the conversation with Alyssa and Turner. It’s safe to assume the conversation with Monte and Taylor was similar.

While this was happening, Kyle was trying to get Alyssa and Terrance on the same page. He wanted Monte to go up as a renom and was already hinting that maybe they’d go ahead and take out Monte.

After meeting with Monte and Taylor, Michael and Brittnay told Alyssa the things Kyle said about wanting the players who wouldn’t be in a Cookout 2.0 to stick together. They explained how they were uncomfortable with his comments and Brittnay mentioned the convo she had with Kyle, pointing out he shouldn’t make those assumptions. They said they weren’t doing this for game reasons, said it had been weighing on them and didn’t know the best time to tell everyone. They also gave reasons as to why they didn’t bring it up before now. (I don’t know if they were asked this by Monte and Taylor or if they just knew it could be questioned) Michael also said he wanted to try to get Kyle put on the block this week.

They had a similar conversation with Turner. Turner said it was the first he’d heard anything about any of it. Turner, trying to cover his own ass this week, asked Michael if he’d be blamed for putting Kyle up if he didn’t get voted out. Michael and Brittany said no. (He’ll be blamed for trying to put Michael up tho, lol) They were trying to make it a ‘put him up and let the house decide’ kind of moment. Turner said he knew trust had been broken with Michael and Brittany (ya think?) but wondered how they could move forward.

He said he may put Kyle up but said Taylor was still his target and wasn’t good for his game. (This stems from Taylor admitting she’d go after Kyle and Turner fiirst out of the 7. Turner also hasn’t forgotten her suggesting he be a pawn during her hoh)

Monte talk to Terrance about it and even though it was a serious topic, there was kind of a funny moment. Monte whispered all the info and Terrance didn’t hear it clearly. Monte left, Kyle came in and Terrance started filling in Kyle. Terrance told Kyle he’d just heard about something Michael and Brittnay were trying to do. He told it all to Kyle, while thinking Monte had told him it was Michael and Brittnay who were behind it. Monte eventually came back and corrected Terrance.

After Alyssa told Kyle what was being said, he realized what Michael and Brittany were doing. He was upset and said if this was going to be a game strategy, he’d just quit the game. He went to the DR and we didn’t see him for a long time.

Monte spoke to Turner about it, said it was hurtful if it was true but he also did something else that was important. He gave Turner other reasons to put up Kyle. (To be clear, part of why they think it’s true is because they can’t imagine anyone would lie about something like this) Turner admitted Kyle wanted Monte as the replacement nom and Monte said he wasn’t comfortable working with Kyle anymore. (They both said they still trusted each other)

Monte also pointed out other questionable things Kyle’s done in the game. Turner definitely has a blind spot with Kyle and Monte may have dented it. He reminded Turner that Kyle screwd him too last week. He said Turner went on the block because Kyle had outed their alliance. He said Kyle didn’t warn Turner he was going to do it and didn’t come clean after he did it until much later. He said Kyle left Turner on his own to stay safe.(These weren’t Monte’s words, it’s a summary of what he was saying) Turner sounded more on board to put Kyle on the block after this conversation. (Bad game move, you don’t get ahead in the game by evicting your own allies to keep the house happy) Turner seems a little worried he’ll be targeted if he doesn’t put up Kyle.

Michael chose Turner, Alyssa and Taylor to watch the movie he won during the veto comp. (Brittnay already knew he wasn’t picking her) The feeds came back after it was over but had been down for a while.

Around this time, Kyle was finally spotted on the feeds again and he apparently was looking for Michael. Several of them were also hanging outside. It’s been over a week since the inside group has had any outside time.

Brittany was crying right after the feeds came back. She was talking to Taylor and Alyssa about it being such a hard day. She said it was awful and talked about how upset everyone was who hadn’t been watching the movie. I don’t know if there was an argument or what because the feeds were down.

There was more outside time, different groups of people chatting and lots and lots of feet cuts. Monte and Turner played pool and eventually, talked more game. It sounds like Kyle will be going on the block and may be the house target at this point. They talked about moving forward together and plans to move ahead. They say Michael and Taylor have told them both they’d be safe next week. (It’s funny how they don’t worry about Brittnay at all. If it isn’t endurance or something physical, I think Brittnay can win a comp just as easily as Taylor)

Monte, Turner and Taylor stayed up late just chatting and doing some shout outs. Kyle wasn’t seen very much but I did see him eating alone.

We can’t say Michael didn’t warn us when he was camera talking. He made it clear by Kyle taking the first strike, he’d take no prisoners and burn Kyle’s game to the ground. It looks like that’s exactly what happened.

Kyle may be the target at the moment but Thursday is a long time away. Hopefully through conversations, we can piece together some of the things we missed yesterday. It’s possible Terrance and Alyssa move past whatever it is they’re thinking at the moment and still want to keep Kyle. It’s possible the entire house votes him out too. I’ll guess we’ll know more as the week goes on but for now, have a great Monday.

Update: It sounds like we definitely missed some kind of house meeting last night.Turner said something about Kyle outing their F2.


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