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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 9/12/22

September 12, 2022 | 20 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone, it’s veto ceremony day and the plan looks to be set. Taylor will be going up as a replacement nom when Brittnay takes herself off the block. I’d like to say Brittnay and Taylor put up a good fight against it but I can’t. I can say they put up a fight and yeah, that’s it.

Before I get into it, I want to say a big thank you to Ann and Michelle. Your donations were so generous and I really appreciate it. I know I always do this anytime someone contributes to what Steve calls ‘the coffee fund.’ I really do appreciate it and want you all to know, the most fun I have during BB season, other than watching good strategy when we have it, is the interaction with everyone.

With or without a monetary contribution, you guys are the best part of BB. Agreeing or disagreeing over someones game moves are fun, so are all the jokes people not on this site won’t get and everything else. Honestly, I’m always still a little shocked that people use any portion of their day to read what I write. I just want you all to know it means a lot to me. Ok, enough of the mushy stuff, back to the game…

With only 5 people in the house, some strategy won’t work anymore. You’ve either covered yourself with relationships with people or you haven’t. It’s down to who you trust, who you can beat in comps, who you could beat in a F2 and who might take you if you can’t get yourself there. That’s it.

Since I’ve recapped, Monte won the hoh, missed his chance to play in the veto, Brittnay won the veto and Taylor will go up as a pawn beside Alyssa. It’s wild that Brittnay came so close to beating Monte in the HOH comp. It’s also wild Taylor quit the comp but the episode didn’t paint a clear picture as to why she quit. I don’t have panic attacks, nor have I ever experienced any type of ptsd so I don’t have an opinion about it. I just know the reason she gave for not being able to complete it was understandable. I also understand why they weren’t going to put that kind of information in an episode.

As for the weekend, Alyssa has campaigned to Monte with the “I’m building trust by doing what I don’t have a choice in anyway” strategy. Ok, that’s not word for word but it could’ve been.

Alyssa told Monte the womens alliance talk was from Brittnay. She stuck up for Taylor and told Taylor about it after. She’d said it wasn’t Taylor doing it to Monte.

Personally, I think Monte taking out Alyssa is a good move for him. It would only make sense for Monte to target Turner if he thinks Turner will turn on him. I don’t think he will and that’s why I think he’s making the correct move.

The only person I think Turner would be tempted to take to the end over Monte might be Alyssa. If she isn’t there, Turner doesn’t have it as an option. Turner isn’t going to choose Taylor over Monte. Even if he should, I don’t see Turner choosing Brittnay over Monte either.

People are painting Turner as someone who repeatedly turns on his alliance but I disagree. He didn’t turn on Joseph until after it was beyond his control. Even in that situation, he was still with Kyle, who was also in the alliance.

He was also the one who wanted to bring Monte in to work with the After Party after Dyre Fest ended. When he put Taylor and Brittany on the block, in order to either backdoor Michael or target Taylor, he was still with the Pound.

After Michael won the veto that week, Turner put Kyle up, but it wasn’t under normal circumstances. I don’t see a world where Turner turns on Kyle if it had been a normal game situation. (He still wanted Taylor out after he put up Kyle) It’s why I don’t see him turning on Monte now. When Monte and Turner made the final 3 with Michael, Turner was even going to stick with that deal. Monte had to push him after winning the veto to get Turner to take Michael out.

Basically, the only times Turner has turned on someone in his alliance is when he didn’t have a choice and he was choosing between two LO’s anyway. For him, the Pound has always came before the LO’s. I think Monte is reading Turner correctly and I think it would be a mistake to take him out this week.

I’m not understanding all the traitor talk Turner seems to be receiving lately from fans. The big flaw in Turner’s game isn’t that he will backstab, it’s that he’s too impressionable. He actually needs to be pushed to make big moves. Wanting to keep Alyssa and still trying to do it, may be the only move Turner’s made without being encouraged by someone else this season.

I enjoyed the word games over the weekend between Monte and Turner tho. They were each trying to position themselves better than the other heading into the final 4. It’s obvious Taylor is better for Monte’s game and Alyssa is better for Turner’s game. In Monte’s mind, it may have never been an option to put Turner up but if there was, Brittnay and Taylor eliminated it.

They pushed way too hard, came to him with identical pitches and made one more big mistake. While they sat downstairs for hours pondering what they’d do, Turner was upstairs actually doing it. If there was ever a chance of it working, Turner beat them to it. It didn’t help that Brittnay tried to make her points the same way she would talk to Michael. Michael was used to the way she spiraled and talked forever. He was good at dealing with it. Monte, not so much…

Whoever worked the cams had some fun at Brittnays expense this weekend too:

At the start of the weekend, Brittnay was throwing Taylor under the bus and blaming her for a womens alliance starting. By the end of the weekend, she was having to backtrack and Monte wasn’t buying any of it. He just doesn’t believe anything she says anymore. Monte pointed this out to her too.

Brittnay talked to the cameras alot over the weekend and was both happy she made it to F4 and worried she’d have to win comps to stay now.

This was Alyssa after Brittnay won the veto:

There hasn’t been much going on other than Monte choosing to put Taylor up over Turner and Taylor and Brittnay hashing out everything. Apparently, Brittnay hadn’t figured out her game was blown up by her own doing. (I honestly thought she’d figure it out after the things Michael said in his speech) Taylor finally told her about everyone comparing notes last week and knowing about all the deals she’d been making.

Brittnay was upset with Taylor for hanging onto the info instead of telling her immediately. (Hypocrisy always runs rampant in the BB house but this was rich coming from Brittnay!) It reminded me of the jury segment last week with Jasmine. When she said something like ‘you’re just as guilty for not saying something if you’re in a room when the the conversation is happening.’ Obviously, she was referring to Michael and Kyle but all I could think in that moment was ‘Really girl? That describes you too.’

Monte convinced Turner to let go of Alyssa and make a F3 with himself and Taylor. He did it by convincing Turner that Taylor was alot more supportive of the idea than was true. He also said they need Taylor over Alyssa for help in beating Brittnay. Regardless of the reasons, they all agreed to it and Turner promised Taylor he would vote to keep her this week.

It doesn’t matter as long as Brittnay votes to keep her because Monte will just break the tie and keep her anyway. Monte even told Turner he was ok with breaking the tie so Turner didn’t burn Alyssa’s jury vote. (This was before Monte, Taylor and Turner made a F3 tho)

For now, Taylor should be fine but who knows what Brittnay could do to change it this week, even if it’s on accident? In my opinion, it’s a dangerous position for Taylor to be in this week.

The 2 votes she needs to stay are from people who would be smart to evict her. I think it’s actually better for both Turner and Brittnay’s games to vote out Taylor. Turner may know it’s better for his game to keep Alyssa but I don’t think he sees the reason it’s better for him to keep Brittany longer. Brittany’s been too focused on taking out Turner during an HOH that doesn’t belong to her. Because of that and other reasons, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to her, she should be teaming up with Turner. Turner and Brittnay are accusing the other of lying this week so I don’t see them working together. Like I said, I don’t see Taylor leaving but it could happen.

This is from yesterday’s feeds:

Either very early morning or very late from the night before, everyone but Brittnay stayed up to watch the sunrise.

Monte was having a moment, talking about nature and trees, Taylor sighed loudly which ruined the moment and everyone cracked up.

Turner gave it another attempt to campaign for Alyssa to stay. It didnt work and he let it go….for now. I’m curious to see if he tries again, even with this new F3.

Turner, in what may be a first, did a little cleaning too:

Brittnay tried again to get Monte to take out Turner. She promised him everything that she would stay loyal to Monte over Alyssa next week and has even offered her wedding ring as collateral.

Britney isn’t good at putting herself in other peoples game positions.(Say what you want about Vanessa’s messy game in BB17 but she was a genius at doing this. She understood it’s always about figuring out the other persons incentive and using it) Brittnay’s only focused on comp threats. She doesn’t understand that Monte’s issue isn’t simply not trusting Brittnay to keep him next week. The issue is that it’s better for Monte’s game to keep Turner in the house. (It’s bad for you Brittnay, that doesn’t make it bad for Monte)

It’s probably even more crucial from his perspective, for Monte keep Turner, now that Brittnay won the veto and almost won the hoh. I actually think he’d be wanting to take her out this week if it was an option to eliminate her as a comp threat.

Alyssa tried to join the Brittnay/Taylor discussion but Monte asked her to give them a few minutes. That was a little awkward because Alyssa just sat in the backyard while everyone else planned her eviction. (Sorry but that’s what happens when you don’t play the game until final 5) She even said, she knew they were probably talking about her and that it was ok. (No, it’s not ok Alyssa)

Instead of being swayed by anything Brittnay was saying, Monte used the convo as a chance to call her out on a couple of things. He said he felt like she was threatening her jury vote when they talked before. He also questioned the timing again of she and Michael sharing the info about Kyle.

To summarize: Monte isn’t feeling Brittnay anymore, he doesn’t like her game and he doesn’t trust her. For Brittnay, she isn’t as persuasive as she thinks she is and she has tunnel vision. Brittnay ended up crying and said she didn’t know she lost her entire game when Michael left.(Really? I think she kind of knew it)

After Monte filled in Turner on the Brittnay convo and got his back lotioned by Taylor, there was just alot of chit chat. Alyssa continues to talk badly about Joseph around Taylor which seems a bit insensitive but whatever. Alyssa said she probably won’t be dating Kyle after the season and Brittnay called it a night before the others.

Taylor asked Alyssa about the comments she made after she won the wall comp. (her hug with Kyle) Alyssa said there isn’t a mean bone in her body and she’s just a jealous person.

They laughed about it and it wasn’t a big deal. Is this new friendship between Taylor and Alyssa over after Taylor goes on the block today? Probably.

Brittnay cam talked again before going to bed about how she’d liked to have targeted Turner this week. (WE KNOW!)

Monte suggested a sleepover in the hoh room which everyone (minus Brittnay) accepted. They crammed in the hoh bed together. I don’t know how much of this was about having a fun night and how much of it was not wanting anyone else to have alone time with Monte. I do wonder if Brittnay will have a meltdown over it when she finds out.

I only touched on a couple of things from last night’s episode but there’s one other thing I’d like to bring up. No matter how you feel about Michael’s overall game this season, he did something specific that I think we should love in a game player. Once he knew he was going up, he said whatever he could to get Monte to change his mind.

When he realized he was getting nowhere, he ended the conversation and said he needed to campaign. He didn’t worry about being polite or wasting time. He went straight to the only 2 votes that mattered. He grabbed Alyssa and Taylor, ignoring the fact they were talking to other people.

He called Turner out in front of everyone and he continued giving Alyssa and Taylor reasons to keep him in front of everyone.

He gave a kick ass speech, threw Brittany under the bus and apologized to her afterwards.

How many times do we see somebody leave in a double eviction simply because they didn’t even try? With only a couple of commercial breaks to talk to people, you can’t waste time waiting for your turn. Just grab the people you need and be rude if necessary, it’s ok. It’s what I’d like to see every player do when they find themselves in a tough spot. If Michael had spent his week planting those ideas ahead of time, I think he could’ve stayed. He didn’t so he left but I really enjoyed his fight.

That’s it for me today. I know it was long for almost no activity in the house. They usually are on Monday’s because I’m kind of recapping the entire weekend, mostly to keep it straight in my own head. Thanks for the patience and have a great Monday.


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