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Big Brother 24- Mels Recap 9/19/20

September 19, 2022 | 18 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, hope you all had a great weekend. Since this BB week was practically over on Friday, I’m afraid this recap will be more pics than content. There’s been a few things happen over the weekend but nothing that should change the game too much….except for maybe one. First, thank you so much Knikky! I really appreciate you and your kindness.

I’ll start with the one thing that could change game decisions even tho it’s the last thing that happened. Monte got mad at Taylor, gave her a lecture that lasted waaaay too long and I’m wondering if he’s looking for a reason to cut her at the F3. They were laying in the hoh bed, he was napping and Taylor was talking to Brittnay. Taylor, (thinking she was being funny, I guess) yanked her headphones off of Monte. She knocked his sunglasses loose when she did it.

It wasn’t cute or funny and I wouldn’t want to be woken up that way. However, it’s the kind of thing that would piss you off for about a minute or two and then you’d move on. (Not Monte) He had to talk to the therapist and he told Turner about the new change in his relationship with Taylor. (Turner already suspected)

Monte mostly did this because Terrance is gone. What does Terrance have to do with it? Well, he needed someone to talk to about how terrible Taylor is and Terrance was the go to guy for it. Turner asked if he thought the relationship would continue after the show and Monte said no. He said Taylor wasn’t the person he was going to marry. (Did anyone think that would happen? No, but I did think it might last a week.)

He went on to say he didn’t like the way Taylor “presents herself” and said she’s different with him when they’re alone vs when they are around other people. (No shit? First, they’re playing a game and second, they’re having sex. I wouldn’t want them behaving the same way around people) He said he likes to keep things private in his real life but it didn’t dawn on him that he was basically saying he’s different when in private too. (This entire thing is so stupid)

After pouting and venting to Turner, he moved his toiletries out of the hoh room. (I don’t think Taylor noticed as she was occupied with Brittnay) Later, while Taylor took a bath, Monte talked to her about the many wrongs she’s caused him. He ended up telling her maybe she was the reason she was treated so poorly at the start of the season…multiple times. She cried, apologized and they both agreed things moved too quickly. She asked about flirting so she’d know the boundaries and they ended up kissing. (It was more of a ‘it’s been fun’ kind of kiss)

My honest opinion? Taylor does and says things she thinks are cute when sometimes, they arn’t. Monte is an insecure man who thinks almost anything is disrespect. I don’t think he ever really Iiked Taylor and instead, just wanted laid. What I don’t think he can handle is that she may feel the same way about him. (If I’m wrong about this, who cares? I hate showmances, I hate talking about them and my having to devote this much time to it, is a big part of the reason why I hate them)

I’ll move on and backtrack a bit into the weekend: (I honestly don’t know how long this one will be because I have a lot of screenshots I want to use so I can delete them)

As you saw on the episode last night, Monte won the veto.

This leads into some secret sharing over the weekend because Monte told them his degree is in mechanical engineering. He had a Bronte moment and said he was really good at math. He proved this (not) by discussing Taylor’s math when she won the hoh. She’d said she was trying to answer the tiebreaker somewhere between five and ten minutes. (She did) She told him how she’d used some simple math to arrive at an answer that was….between five and ten minutes. He told her she’d done it wrong, pretty much repeated what she’d just said and arrived at the same conclusion as she did. (If you’re gonna mansplain, please bring something new to the convo at least) Taylor let it go and just said she wasn’t good with pressure and math combined.

Brittnay worked with M&M’s all weekend because she wants to show Monte why keeping Turner is a mistake. (Even if it’s hopeless, I like that she hasn’t given up) I’m not saying either direction would work but she’s definitely going the wrong direction. She’s got diagrams and charts to go over every comp Monte played in against Turner and Brittnay. This is to show why mathematically, Monte will always beat Brittnay.

For me, it would scare the hell out of me if someone could demonstrate how well they remember every comp, who played in it and where they placed. (She doesn’t seem to be aware of this though) Her biggest problem is that Brittnay beating him at the final 3 isn’t his reason for getting rid of her. He wants her out because if by some chance, she won the last HOH, he knows she’s not choosing him to take to the F2. That isn’t something she’s addressing and I don’t think she can, because he’d never believe she would take him.

Taylor’s continued to work on Monte to get him to see the same thing. Again, he doesn’t care because it’s better for his game for Turner to stay. Even before they had the problem that popped up yesterday, Monte was never going to do what was best for Taylor’s game and he shouldn’t.

I think the new plan is for Taylor to take the M&M diagram and go over it with him instead of Brittnay. (I don’t know if this is still the plan after last night but it probably is)

Brittnay was naturally upset about the veto, Taylor consoled her and promised to work on Monte for her. (You can tell, I’m out of order on this because I’ll type and go back and add things sometimes. Sorry)

Taylor also offered her room and music to Brittnay so she’d have an place to be emotional if she needed it. This was shortly after the 1 to 1 vote against Taylor.

After Taylor left the room, Brittnay said “I don’t deserve her.” (Hey, Brittnay tried to make a game move and it didn’t work. Maybe her guilt really came from knowing she didn’t exactly make the move for strategic reasons. Her feelings were hurt because Taylor wasn’t spending enough time with her)

Brittnay told everyone about her real job. Monte humored her and pretended to be interested.

After Monte, she told Turner but he’s still upset with Brittnay and didn’t give a shit.

Where Monte had an actual conversation with her about it, Turner was more like ‘that’s cool’ and went on with his pool game.

Taylor was the only one who gave her the reaction I think she was hoping she’d get. Taylor was excited and made some genuine guesses before Brittnay told her.

They also got messages from home. This is what they looked like when the feeds came back on after getting them:

I know it’s an emotional moment for them but it’s also usually uplifting.

It seemed to have the opposite effect this season.

They all just looked really sad.

Taylor tried on her finale outfit, the one that caused so much controversy in the house the first week.

Brittnay continued to annoy Monte but mostly Turner. She followed them around wherever they went in the house to you know, hang out. (I thought it was pretty funny)

This was Turner when she left the room one of those times:

Here’s one of him listening to her talk:

Full disclosure: I’ve moved through the stages of irritation with Brittnay and now I’ve arrived at entertainment. She doesn’t annoy me anymore, she just makes me laugh. I was already almost there and last nights episode finished it off for me. (Her DR’s are great, the voice she uses is ridiculous!)

She’s ridiculous and I can’t help but find it funny. She runs around doing too much, talking too much, saying the wrong things, making the wrong moves, etc. She’s all “I’m mad at Michael” and “this is for you Michael!” She’s a mess. She owned it in her DR”s last night and I found that enjoyable to watch.

Turner, Taylor and Monte named their final 3 the breakfast burrito club. (As if it matters)

Taylor enjoyed her new Beyonce album and apparently, so did Turner. (I listened to it over the weekend too and would agree, it’s pretty great!)

Monte and Taylor confirmed their final 2. (Up till now, Monte has been careful not to say it to Turner. He says things close to it but not quite)

Taylor talked to the cameras about needing to get to the final 2 with Monte in order to win. (This was assuming she couldn’t keep Brittnay) Later, she was counting jury votes and said she didn’t think she could beat Monte.

The perception of players games inside the house is often different from how we see it. I don’t know about Monte but Taylor and Brittnay see Turners game as more impressive that it may actually be. On paper, Turner has made bigger moves than Monte. They don’t think he’s burned jury votes the way he’s claiming either. This is why I don’t think it occurs to Taylor to try and get to the end with Turner. (I wish)

I sound like a terrible person but watching Turner in misery was probably the best part of the weekend. Haha

Seeing him try to avoid Brittnay when the only other place to be was with a shomance was funny too.

Before having it confirmed that Monte and Taylor were shomancing, Turner just roamed the house looking for Monte, not knowing he was in the hoh room.

After last night, Turner may have his BFF back.

They also got the traditional tie dye kit and made tshirts, (Turners turned out great)

and other things. They did hats yesterday and Brittnay asked Turner to take her picture.

As for Turners dislike of Brittnay and the games she’s played, get over it. Ya’ll know, I love me some Turner, but come on? The guy who lied to his friend up until the moment she walked out the door last week, doesn’t approve of the way Britnay’s playing the game??? Hahaha

They all sat together (finally) and just had some chit chat about the game, what they want to do with their careers and even bigfoot too. (the usual)

Taylor’s made a couple of comments about this ‘still being her HOH,’ like that allows her some kind of input over what Monte will do. It doesn’t. (There’s a bit of hohitis happening this week)

I absolutely loathe the way Monte spoke to Taylor last night but one thing has nothing to do with the other. Taylor IS on a bit of a power trip this week. She may have moments where she forgets she doesn’t decide shit this week or she may have felt she’d have some pull with Monte since their relationship had become intimate. I don’t know and I just write what I see.

I don’t know what will happen today. I don’t know if things will be awkward between Taylor and Monte but honestly, they may not. Taylor’s shown herself to be a very gracious person all season. It’s also not the kind of excitement I’m looking for.

I know this is probably already too long but I wanted to mention a few things from the episode.

Watching that veto comp should’ve told us one thing. It will take a miracle for Turner to win the final HOH. His studying’s been terrible, his method is terrible and if what we saw last night is how he has to remember his days, It’s just really terrible!

I did enjoy the side eye he gave Brittnay when Taylor nominated her tho:

One of his answers was 70 something. (He was saying one of those pictures was from a couple of days ago? What the hell?) Actually, none of them were impressive. This was a pretty easy comp for a final 4 veto. This may be the worst final 4 at knowing their days that I’ve seen in a really long time.

I noticed how they added Monica’s name to the women Taylor listed off when she was talking about black women making it to the final 3. She did NOT say Monica on the live feeds. Production had to go back and add that into the edit.

Lastly, I actually loved the editing they did for the convo Turner tried to have with Brittnay in the bathroom. Her blank stare while he was talking was so funny. She actually looked like a bad ass when the only thing she added was “thanks for your comments.” They also showed Turner going to cry to Monte and Taylor and the whole segment was just great! I’d seen it on the feeds but I think with the different camera angles, it was better on the show. It’s usually the opposite so I thought it was worth pointing out.

Well, I’ve rambled long enough on crap people probably don’t care about so I’ve done enough damage today. Have a great Monday!


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