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Big Brother 24- Monte’s Game Summary

September 24, 2022 | 11 Comments
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Author: Mel

On night 1, Monte was in the middle of everything. Most players spoke as if they liked him and wanted to work with him. There was definitely something about him that drew people to him and it’s one of the things I remember noticing the first night on the feeds.

He bonded with Kyle almost immediately (ya, I know that’s not Kyle in the pic) and landed himself in both of the 2 large alliances that were formed. He was in Oasis with most of the men and Po’s Pack with Kyle, Michael, Ameerah, Paloma and Alyssa. In the first part of the game, he had the same problem Taylor had all season. He talked too much and gave up too much info.

Screenshot (167).png
Screenshot (167).png

He felt the best about the Po’s Pack alliance and you could tell because he told them about the Oasis alliance Pooch started. Other than Kyle, he was close with Ameerah and Paloma the first week. Although Daniel didn’t want to stick with a mens alliance, he didn’t want a bunch of bros after him either so Monte was looking good heading into the 1st nomination. Daniel was brought into the Oasis alliance, which would keep Monte safe that week.

Taylor also wanted to work with him because she gave him some info. She told him the women were nervous about a guys alliance and thought it would be good if he talked to Paloma and reassured her there wasn’t one.

I don’t know if Monte misunderstood her or if he twisted the info on purpose. He held onto it but after Daniel needed a replacement nom, he used the info to tell everyone Taylor was a liar.

The guys were already pushing for Taylor as a target but Daniel wanted Michael out. Once Michael won the veto and Daniel needed a replacement, Monte pushed for Taylor to go up. The guys won this round over the women because they’d been pushing for Joseph. It didn’t matter because Paloma left and the eviction was canceled. Regardless, Monte had built up alot of social capital the first week.

When Jasmine won the 2nd HOH, Monte still wanted Taylor out. He may have gotten his way except…Pooch volunteered to be a pawn. Looking back on it, this was actually one of Monte’s worst weeks. He was partially to blame for Pooch being targeted. He was the one that told the women in Po’s Pack about Pooch starting the all guys alliance. He was also the person who decided (on his own) to bring Nicole in to replace Paloma. For some reason, he also told them Indy made an alliance with Joseph and himself.

Almost immediately, Ameerah wanted Pooch to go. Monte’s new friend Nicole, sided with Ameerah over him. It’s kind of funny but if Monte hadn’t outed Oasis or brought Nicole in, Taylor may have left the 2nd week. Michael liked Taylor but I don’t think he would’ve gone against Po’s Pack and used the veto on her, not that early. On top of that, Monte spent way too much of his newly acquired social capital trying to save Pooch.

He sketched out Ameerah, Nicole and Alyssa by pushing so hard to keep him, when he’d already said he didn’t care if Pooch left. It’s part of the reason the women wanted to keep Taylor. They wanted someone around who was planning to take Monte out if needed. Ameerah made the mistake of telling Monte that Taylor wanted him out but pushed to keep her, so he had reasons to want Taylor gone.

By the end of that week, Monte told his alliance, he was fine with Pooch leaving but this was after he’d done damage to his game and Pooch was leaving anyway Monte and Kyle didn’t like how they’d felt strong armed over this eviction.

This was around the time Kyle told Monte about Alyssa spilling the Old School alliance. At first, Monte doubted it was real but when Kyle said he also knew about Monte’s F2 with Ameerah, Monte knew it was true. Kyle said, Alyssa had told him about it too. After doing damage control with Kyle and telling him the F2 was nothing, he knew the women were in more than one alliance. This, combined with a pretty good convo he had with Taylor, caused Monte (and Kyle) to want to form something new and maybe use Taylor for their side.

Turner was the next HOH and the Festie Bestie twist started. The members of Po’ Pack teamed up with someone not in their alliance. This is the one thing that almost prevented the Leftovers from happening. Even if they couldn’t trust Po’s Pack, they may as well stick with them, since this twist was easily gamed. Monte was going back to targeting Taylor and would stick with Po’s Pack. It changed again when….

Kyle told Monte, Turner and Joseph that Alyssa also spilled how Ameerah was the person behind Pooch’s eviction, not Taylor. Everything changed again. (Wow, for someone who didn’t game, Alyssa sure caused alot to happen) This is when and why they formed the Pound, brought in the other 3 and created the Leftovers.

They decided to target Ameerah and hoped they could get Terrance to join Monte and Joseph’s FB duo. Monte already had security with Joseph as a partner, since Joseph wasn’t in Po’s Pack. He could get it back if Terrance joined his duo. This was a good plan but Kyle and Joseph were the ringleaders of it. I can’t give Monte credit for the Leftovers but I can credit him for having a good relationships with Kyle, which put him in a good position.

When the Pound made their pitch to Taylor, Monte did alot of the talking at first. He was actually botching it pretty bad. Kyle and Joseph stepped in and sold her on it. (She still didn’t trust Monte because of the Paloma thing) Monte suggested splitting the votes for Ameerah to hide the new alliance. He said he’d liked BB20 and the whole “who flipped” thing and would like to do something similar. They split the votes and were temporarily successful. Ameerah was evicted.

Monte won the next hoh and told Taylor he’d leave it up to her about whether to target Nicole or Alyssa, since she’d have to be otb with Nicole. Monte wanted Nicole out but Michael convinced him Indy or Alyssa would be better for his game. Michael and Brittnay still needed protection for their FB duo but Monte didn’t care, he wanted Nicole out.

Once Michael told him, they weren’t sure how the twist worked, he changed his mind. Michael said, if Nicole left and Taylor lost her partner, she might have to take Terrance from Monte. They didn’t know if Taylor would be joining another existing duo/trio or not. (Michael was secretly hoping he could get Indy to join his duo with Brittnay) Michael said it could leave Monte and Joseph vulnerable again if Nicole left. After that, Monte preferred Alyssa be the one to go.

Alyssa also knew Monte had lied to her about the Ameerah vote and she didn’t trust him anymore. (Like Turner with Taylor, she never trusted him again) This was when they used the lie about Taylor overhearing Ameerah talking about Po’s Pack, saying they panicked it was outed and voted her out. The problem was, Alyssa asked Monte right before the vote how he was voting and he said he was keeping Ameerah.

It didn’t matter because somewhere in the middle of this, Kyle began running TO Alyssa, instead of away from her. He and Daniel won the veto, used it and forced Nicole and Taylor otb. Monte did some good work that week….on the surface. He gave real info to Daniel and Nicole, which was people were saying they didn’t trust Nicole. (this part was true) Monte said he was afraid Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa would vote Nicole out over Taylor if she went up. (not true) Daniel and Nicole didn’t believe him and thought he was trying to protect Taylor so they called his bluff. (they lost) It was a fun week but Monte became the new target for the ‘other side’ of the house or the non-leftovers.

Monte built some trust with with Brittnay and Michael when he stuck with the LO’s that week. They weren’t sure if he would or not. Even with Taylor being blindsided, it built some trust with her too. (She hadn’t been told she’d be going up because it happened so fast) Monte and Taylor had a very rocky start but he seemed sincerely apologetic that she was surprised. He explained everything he’d said to Daniel and Nicole, trying to get them not to use the veto. (They didn’t realize Kyle had encouraged it)

Monte gained with those 3 but he lost with Turner, Kyle and the other side of the house, who were good with him before. (I believe this was when Kyle and Turner made their f2) They didn’t like feeling the LO’s were trying to force Alyssa leaving over Nicole on them. Alyssa didn’t trust Monte and now, Jasmine, Terrance and Indy were giving him the side eye. Nicole was evicted.

Monte could’ve been it trouble the next week with Michael winning the hoh. Instead, Michael decided it was too soon to bust up the LO’s and kept him safe. This week is the 1st real break Taylor got from feeling like she was everyone’s target. I’m bringing this up during Monte’s recap because…he took her place. Michael pretended like Monte was his target to everyone who wasn’t in the LO’s. It was the first time Taylor wasn’t the fake target.

Monte kind of was a backup target for Michael. He’d worried about Monte the most, as far as competition, but something happened. Part of the reason Michael had concerns about Monte was because he was so good with the other side of the house. After Monte’s HOH, all of them came to Michael, tried to get Monte targeted, and Michael realized he didn’t need to take Monte out anymore. Terrance even threw the veto comp, while otb, to help get Monte out. Monte didn’t have the other side of the house anymore. It’s one more reason why Michael didn’t buy into Kyle’s cook out 2.0 theory. Kyle and Daniel went otb and Daniel was evicted.

Monte was able to take a back seat for a time even with being a new ‘house target.’ (The LO’s kept winning) Joseph took his place, after Michael and Brittnay get worried about how close he was to Taylor. Kyle also seemed to have some Joseph issues, even if they were based in jealously imo. This all helped Monte’s game. He didn’t even talke much game for a while around this time.

Taylor won the next hoh and the FB twist ended. Monte was irritated when Taylor asked to use him as a pawn but unlike Turner, he moved on from it. He even excused it and said, she probably wasn’t thinking since they’d been using pawns every week, because of the FB twist. It’s what they’d gotten used to doing.

He wanted Indy out over Terrance but quickly agreed to get rid of Alyssa after Brittnay suggested it. (This was the week Michael and Brittnay began pitting the LO’s against each other) Monte and Kyle barely talked game by this time and the Alyssa thing finished them off as allies. They just faked it from here on out.

Monte was annoyed during this week with Joseph too. (Who wasn’t?) One, he felt like Joseph did too much at times. (He did) Two, he wanted the charade to end with people playing both sides. He said the Five Swatters thing should end but Joseph didn’t agree. Joseph and Kyle were in that alliance, not Monte, so he didn’t benefit from it. Three, after Montes last hoh, he couldn’t play the middle anymore and didn’t want anyone else to either. (Smart) Indy was evicted.

Michael was the hoh when the house split and Michael chose Monte for his side. If he realized he was the backup plan, he never let on. (He would’ve gone if Jasmine won the veto) Monte used the week to put in some good work with Michael and Brittnay. The biggest flaw in Monte’s game this week could’ve been talking about getting rid of Michael. (Every time Michael was HOH, Monte talked openly to other people about taking him out. It wasn’t smart but he got away with it) He also volunteered to go otb against Jasmine. Obviously, this was a given but the fact that he volunteered before they discussed it as a group, was a smart thing to do. Michael appreciated it and it was one more way for Michael to feel good about Monte. He was saying without words, ‘I trust you Michael so trust me back.’

He talked to Taylor a lot about taking out Michael, he had good convos with Brittnay and Michael ended the week trusting Monte wouldn’t go after him soon. Since Michael had Joseph as a new target, he wasn’t as worried about Monte. Jasmine was evicted and the inside LO’s made a F4, assuming the outside LO’s were probably doing the same.

Monte and Taylor worried all week that Joseph would be targeted and Michael and Brittnay spent the week hoping he would. They lost Joseph but this week could’ve gone a lot worse for Monte. The outside group formed the After Party and the original plan was to target Monte next. After Joseph spilled Michael, Brittnay and Taylor had a F3, Michael became Kyle’s new target.

Once reunited, Turner won the hoh and Kyle said they should ditch the LO’s. Monte was able to briefly convince Turner to go after Terrance instead. It didn’t last after Kyle talked to Turner again, and Taylor became the backup target for the After Party, instead of Monte. Monte even suggested Taylor to Turner. He put in good work with Turner and faked it pretty well with Kyle. He joined the After Party alliance temporarily and knew Michael was the target. He was saving himself.

Michael won the veto, destroyed Kyle’s game, Turner put Kyle otb and Monte was saved. I do believe Monte would’ve gone home that week. Kyle and Alyssa both agreed if Monte and Taylor were on the block, Monte should go and you know, Michael and Brittnay would’ve kept Taylor. He didn’t go, Kyle did and Monte and Turner made a F2 since they were the last two left from the Pound.

Heading into the double, Monte was spending more time with Terrance. They were both upset with Kyle, Michael & Brittnay and even Taylor, for not being more upset with Michael & Brittnay. With Joseph gone, Monte was flirting alot with Taylor and getting shut down. (for now) He and Terrance also trash talked Taylor and I guess, bonded over that too. They never trusted each other in the game but I think they were both fine working with each other, if the chips fell that way.

Michael won both the next hoh and veto. This was also around the time Monte was getting frustrated with not being able to beat Michael in comps. He’d already been talking to Taylor about targeting him and this continued. He briefly pushed for Taylor to keep Terrance over Alyssa during this week but she wouldn’t budge. He blamed Taylor for Terrance leaving and Terrance bought it.

Knowing Terrance was leaving, Monte and Turner (at Turners suggestion) made a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with Michael. This was after Brittnay had her late night talk with Turner and leaked a girl’s thing to him. It was meant to take the target off Michael and it worked.

Turner and Monte felt if Michael left, the 3 women would go after them. Taylor did a good job of convincing Monte the girl’s thing wasn’t real. Turner and Monte started debating whether they should go after Taylor or Alyssa next. They agreed they still wouldn’t target Michael but couldn’t agree between Taylor and Alyssa.

Monte and Turner were talking like they really wanted to stick with Michael. Monte began answering Taylor differently when taking out Michael was discussed. He started sounding more iffy about it and saying he didn’t know if they should wait another week. In one convo, Monte said he was worried about becoming the next target if he took out Michael. Taylor told him she would back him on it and he seemed to realize, there weren’t many people left to target him anyway. He finally felt confident there wasn’t a womans alliance coming after him if he did it.

Terrance was evicted and Turner won the hoh in the double. Monte won the veto and made the move to take Michael out. Michael was evicted.

Monte won the hoh and successfully lied to everyone that week. He had both Brittnay and Alyssa thinking the other was the target. He had both Taylor and Turner thinking the other would go up if needed. Brittnay won the veto and he put up Taylor. He was honest and said he knew they’d vote Turner out but believed Turner would keep Taylor. His hoh was fairly smooth since he even hooked up with his pawn but one of his decisions could’ve cost him the game.

No, I’m not talking about hooking up with Taylor. I’m talking about the extremely condescending conversation he’d had with Brittnay. Taylor won the next hoh and Monte won the veto… 9 seconds! You can bet your ass Brittnay would’ve considered evicting Monte over Turner if she’d won that veto. I don’t think Taylor wanting her to keep him would’ve made a difference if she’d wanted to do it. Brittnay was upset enough with Taylor the week before to try and evict her because Taylor wasn’t spending enough time with her.

You think she’d have cared about getting rid of Monte? Maybe because of 9 seconds, Brittnay was evicted. That could’ve been a 750k conversation because he wanted to put her in her place. He’d told her their game relationship was irreparable. That could’ve been a great reason for Brittany to get rid of him if she’d won that veto.

This isn’t an issue now but the way he’s spoken to Taylor this past week is sort of the same thing. It’s just not a good idea to piss off the people who could hold your game in their hands at the very end. Taylor won’t be making that decision but Monte didn’t know that when he was doing it.

This brings us to Turner winning part 1 of the final hoh and Monte winning part 2. (He beat Taylor by 21 seconds) He’s in as good of a spot as he can be in, without winning part 3 and he may do that too.

Monte won the comps he needed to win because like Taylor, he had the safety of the LO’s. He may have lost Brittnay’s vote but the rest of the jury seems to respect his game. He’s been viewed as a calm, steady and dependable player. The same people who left saying they were rooting for Taylor, also left saying they thought Monte was playing the best game. We’ve seen him be a complete jackass this past week (and at other times) but Monte definitely has charisma when he wants to use it.

Turner could win the final hoh and be lying about taking Monte but he went into it positioned the best of the 3. He refused to do what Taylor wanted at the F4 with the veto because he knew it benefited her, not him. He had both people telling him they’d take him to F2. Based on the comps he’s won, he’s also capable of taking himself.

When thinking about Monte’s game, I’ve had to take some of his recent behavior out of it. (as recent as last night) The jury isn’t seeing his dysfunctional fling, shomance, whatever you want to call it. I’m just looking at the game he played.

I talked about the type of speech I thought Taylor needed to give if she made it to the end, but here’s the type I think Monte needs to avoid. He’s talked alot about playing “a clean game” and “an honest game” this season. He’s proud of it too. He needs to be careful making that the thing that separates him from whoever he’s sitting beside. People like Michael, Indy, Brittnay and even Terrance could have a problem with it. He had a final 3 with Indy and put her on the block. He made Brittnay feel terrible before she left. He could get Michael’s vote but that’s not the way to do it. Terrance knows Monte asked him to join his FB duo just to be a shield. “An honest game” isn’t a good angle in my opinion.

He got himself in a few messes by talking too much but he also got through them. Monte got lucky a few times too but this game has always involved some degree of luck so that’s not a knock against him. Michael could’ve taken him out more than once but he did a good enough job of convincing Michael he didn’t need to do it yet. He’s played a good social game, (with most of the jury) a somewhat strategic enough game and he’s won a respectable amount of comps. He’s basically the typical winner we see on Big Brother and he’d be a well rounded one. It might make him a boring winner but he’d be a decent one too.

You can point to his mistakes, his good games moves and the weeks he layed low when needed. Monte has a game that’s straightforward and easy to analyze.

I’ll get Turner’s posted as early as I can tomorrow but I’ll have a 5 yrs old running around all day and will be going to a baby shower. I’m asking you to set the bar pretty low for the last one. Have a great Saturday!


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