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Big Brother 24- Taylor’s Game Summary

September 23, 2022 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello BBJunkies! We’re almost at the end so it’s time to take a look at this F3. I’ll warn you, this first one is long, but it’s because I’m using the first one to refresh our memories on the season, while also talking about Taylor’s game. I have the spoiler for the 1st part of the final HOH so stop reading now if you don’t want to know. (I’m sure Steve’s already posted it anyway) I also want to thank Jenny and Joy. You guys are awesome!

The only 2 bits of info I have from the feeds yesterday are Brittnay finally told Taylor she was the vote to evict her and….Turner won part 1 of the HOH. I think part 2 is happening now. (Sorry, I’ve been working on this instead of the feeds) Let’s get into Taylor’s game.

Taylor didn’t have the usual experience in the BB house. There’s often a player or two that is ostracized or at least ignored by the rest of the house. What we don’t usually see, is a group of people rally around them and let them join the alliance that runs most of the game. That’s what happened this season that makes her experience different.

Now that it’s many weeks behind us, people minimize just how badly the hg’s treated Taylor. It was night 1 when the Girls Girls alliance was created. It was formed around the dislike of Taylor. It included all the women except Taylor and Nicole, although Nicole wasn’t treated badly. The first night, Taylor was called a problem, explosive, a guys girl and many other things. She was talking to Joseph about wanting to work with women this season…also on night 1. (This is something that continues thru the season too. Taylor giving up too much info)

When she tried clearing up any misunderstanding about wanting to work with the women, they decided Taylor must be a plant for the men to get info for them. When she got emotional during a group sharing convo, they called her an actress with fake tears.This was how her game began.

Daniel won the first hoh and wanted Michael out. After a convo between Daniel and Taylor, he decided he’d like to work with her so he put up Michael and Terrance. Nicole liked her too so that helped. Taylor also spent some time with Michael and Brittnay. (they were about the only people who would talk to her) She told them she’d like to work with them.

On day 4, the women encouraged Taylor to do a fashion show after more of their clothes were delivered. She did and immediately, she was called cocky, arrogant, conceited, etc. by most of them. They began leaving rooms when she would enter or just ignoring her. This is around the time Jasmine told everyone Taylor called her fat, which was a lie. Most things were said behind her back but not all of them. Besides, you can feel it when people don’t like you. You can certainly hear it when people are making fun of you from another room.

After Michael won the veto, Daniel needed a target. The women wanted Taylor out but preferred to see Joseph go since they wanted a man to go first. They lost this battle to Oasis, the mens alliance that was everyone except Michael and Terrance. (Daniel didn’t want the bros after him and wanted to play it safe) Monte encouraged him to put up Taylor. Pooch told him Taylor would explode when she went up so she was better as a backdoor anyway. (Less days of Taylor’s terror) Paloma told Daniel, Taylor was a terrible person and only an idiot would come in the house and admit they were “a pageant girl.” Daniel (doing the Lords work I guess) put Taylor up as the replacement. He gave a speech about Taylor using it as an opportunity to apologize for “some of the wrongs” she’d done to people. Picture yourself being the recipient of that speech the first week you’re with everyone.

By this time, the entire house was talking about her and sharing disgusting things about her behavior, like when she told Paloma she’d dropped her pineapple on the floor. (Wow, that’s evil!) Taylor cried alone in the bathroom, trying to figure out who she’d hurt so she could apologize to them.

Taylor had tried to warn Monte that Paloma and the women were worried about a guys alliance, he ran it back to Paloma but said Taylor said something she didn’t and the shit talking escalated. They either laughed at or were offended by Taylor campaigning to them.

They were ready to vote her out but….Paloma left the game. Some will say Taylor would’ve been gone if not for that but I disagree. With Brittnay given safety, Pooch would’ve either had Alyssa or Paloma compete to stay. We saw the comp and saw Taylor cream Alyssa. If Pooch had chosen Paloma, I can’t believe she’d would’ve done any better, based on her size. I think Taylor would’ve stayed so Paloma leaving probably didn’t change the course of the game.

Week 2 rolled around, Michael threw the hoh to Jasmine, Nicole was brought into Po’s Pack and Jasmine wanted Taylor out. Michael didn’t but knew he couldn’t push too hard. Pooch volunteered to be a pawn and Ameerah saw they could use Taylor for a while and take out Pooch. (Taylor was spreading the word that she’d go after Monte and it worked) They would use her but didn’t want anything to do with her.

Michael tried to throw the veto to Taylor, which didn’t work so he won it. He didn’t use it tho since Pooch was the target. Taylor stayed otb. Pooch was evicted.

By this time, Nicole was talking more with the women in Po’s Pack and began to dislike Taylor too. Daniel decided Taylor was the cause of Paloma’s exit AND her emotional state.

Festie Besties were announced and Turner became the hoh in week 3. With Jasmine as his partner, her job was to convince Turner, getting rid of Pooch was Taylor’s idea. Some of the Girl’s Girls still wanted Taylor out but Monte and Kyle started to think they could use her to take out some of the women. (Taylor had a good talk with Monte about her life and it turned him around a little)

(The weeks will speed up from here, I promise!) I just wanted to show how big the hole was that Taylor needed to crawl out of and how she was already using her social game to do it. Being kind to people who are being unkind to you isn’t as easy as it sounds. Taylor has this skill and it’s a huge part of why she’s where she’s sitting. Getting people who despise you to leave the house feeling good about you is an accomplishment.

Alyssa told Kyle about Old School so Monte & Kyle didnt trust Po’s Pack as much. Turner also found out Ameerah was behind Pooch’s demise. Taylor had made a F3 with Michael and Brittnay by this time too. Joseph noticed the nasty comments about Taylor continued and she spent much of her time alone so he told her if she needed someone to talk to, it could be him. Monte and Kyle spoke with Turner and Joseph, formed the Pound but they needed more people. They invited Michael, Brittnay and Taylor to complete the Leftovers.

Daniel went OFF on Taylor after an intentional misunderstanding (imo) on Nicole’s part. Everyone assumed Nicole was crying over news about her sick mom. Taylor told Nicole to do what was best for her and her family and said she shouldn’t worry about any obligation to her. (Nicole was her FB) In reality, Nicole was crying over the viewers thinking she was a bad person. Taylor’s treatment had become so bad, Nicole was being asked about it in the DR.

Daniel yelling at Taylor was the last big ‘Taylor hate’ moment (but alot more of it continued in small groups) and it played a big part of the LO’s forming. If you remember, she thought he was joking because NO ONE, not even Michael or Brittnay, bothered to tell her what people were saying about her. He accused her of being mean to Nicole and blamed her for Paloma leaving.

The newly formed LO’s rallied around her….but not out in the open. Turner did give a great speech about her being bullied and Joseph told her she was a sword and not a shield. (that was a great moment) Ameerah was blindsided and they let Taylor live happily ever after, right? (Hahahaha) Wrong.

The Leftovers felt they should pretend they were still targeting Taylor to keep the alliance hidden. They didn’t fake dislike of anyone else in the alliance, just Taylor. This caused her to go into week 4 still having to isolate herself and pretend she didn’t have anyone. They also wanted her to spread a rumor to Terrance, hoping he’d share it. Taylor reluctantly did it, knowing she’d take the blame for it. She had an alliance but she was still the verbal punching bag for the house.

Monte won the next hoh and the LO’s wanted Nicole out. Taylor did too after learning Nicole only chose her as a Festie Bestie to help get rid of her. (Remember, Nicole threw the veto but got mad at Taylor for ‘not trying hard enough to win’) The LO’s almost decided to go ahead and get rid of Alyssa or Indy in the hopes Michael & Brittnay would gain a third person to their FB duo, but Kyle and Daniel won the veto, used it and Taylor was otb again. She didn’t know she was going otb and was kind of blindsighted by it. Nicole left and Taylor stayed.

At this point, Taylor had a F3 with Michael and Brittnay, a F2 with Brittnay, the LO’s and was getting alot closer to Joseph and Turner. (They were a late night trio) Monte was willing to take out a weaker player so she could avoid the block the prior week. This was because she ignored a lot of the nasty things said about her and kept working her social game.

Michael was the next hoh, he took out Daniel and that was good for Taylor. He and Terrance continued to treat her horribly and say nasty things about her. (‘Ho on a stroll’ for example) She’d began spending more time with Joseph and they created a fake shomance so she could talk game more often. Joseph was still being questioned by people any time he talked to her. Taylor tried working Joseph for a f4 with Michael, Brittnay and herself. (This didn’t go anywhere as Joseph was with the Pound)

Taylor’s hoh was next and ho-ly shit! (What a mess) She thought pawning Turner and Monte was a good idea and this is the moment she lost Turner completely. She tried to bond with her new FB duo by telling Alyssa and Indy they were safe.

Skid and Fancy arrived and made an even bigger mess of her hoh. Her social game was great but she was getting outplayed. She was too influenced by Joseph and he had too many plans. She wanted Terrance gone and the LO’s said it wouldn’t happen, even before she made the noms.

Taylor picked up on Michael & Brittnay playing both sides over Alyssa leaving. It wasn’t long after this, she started talking about taking Michael out earlier than 7. Her game relationship with Kyle and Turner had deteriorated but was still so so with Monte. She did some work with Jasmine this week too. In spite of Jasmine continuing to say mean things about Taylor, she’d pretty much stopped targeting her. Alot of this had to do with Taylor allowing Jasmine to give her version of the past weeks. Taylor accepted her explanations with friendship and a smile. (Don’t underestimate what letting someone off the hook can do for your game)

Indy left which isn’t what she wanted but leading into this week, Indy probably despised Taylor the most. She had conversations with Indy about wanting a woman to win. At the time Indy left, she was rooting for Taylor and didn’t blame her for her eviction. (No, it wasn’t exit interview hints. Taylor hid 2 of her dresses in Indy’s suitcase that Indy had admired) I think that had alot to do with it too. Indy said nice things about Taylor before she had her exit interviews. Exit interviews may have caused them to catch on that Taylor’s treatment was an issue this season. Taylor’s treatment of them, allows them to be on her side now and pretend, ‘it wasn’t me.’

Once the house was divided with BroChella and Dyre Fest, Taylor’s working relationship with Monte progressed. Before this, she’d agreed with Michael and Brittnay about targeting Monte soon. I think this was the week, she started looking out more for herself. Taylor started talking more game with Monte and he trusted her more too. They talked about the taboo in the house….taking Michael out. Michael also chose Taylor for BroChella, which kept her safe that week, because Monte would’ve left if Jasmine hadn’t. Jasmine left feeling good about Taylor.

This would’ve been Michael’s 2nd shot at Monte and one of the reasons he and Brittnay didn’t do it, was because they were locked in on their F3 with Taylor. They didn’t want to harm that relationship. They knew Taylor was too close to Joseph for their games so they wanted Joseph out instead.

The house reunited, Joseph was gone, Turner became hoh and wanted to target Michael. (Well, Kyle did) This was probably the most danger Taylor was in since week 1. This was also probably her lowest point since everyone had ostracized her in the beginning. The players who came back inside made up or twisted info about Joseph. This hurt Taylor personally and they knew it. (I’m not saying it was wrong for them to do it. It’s just weird, there was a lot of talk about Michael hurting Brittnay but Taylor was hurt the same way and it was dismissed by many)

Taylor was otb again, Michael won the veto and saved Brittnay. No matter what we think of Michael’s timing, taking out Kyle saved either Taylor or Monte too. For the part of this that was strategic, it meant Taylor was valuable to Michael & Brittnay in the game.

Double Eviction: Next out was Terrance with a Michael hoh, and Michael left right after him on a Turner hoh. The debate is whether or not Monte or Turner gets the credit for taking out Michael. The jury doesn’t know it but Taylor played a big role in taking out Michael. Both Turner and Monte were saying they’d stick with the new trio with Michael UNTIL Taylor worked on Monte for days. (Turner and Monte were afraid Taylor, Brittnay and Alyssa might team up) Taylor kept pressing Monte on taking the shot at Michael if they got it. Maybe it would’ve happened in the heat of the moment anyway but it sure wasn’t how they were talking about it just days beforehand.

Alyssa left next on a Monte hoh and she was also feeling great about Taylor and her game. Taylor won the f4 hoh to get herself to the F3. Brittnay, who just left, said she’s going to try to rally the jury for Taylor. Brittnay tried to vote Taylor out but Taylor didn’t let it rile her up. Instead, she played it cool again and said “its ok.”

No, Taylor doesn’t have 1 big move to hang her hat on but Joseph was right. He told Taylor she was the face of BB24 and in a way, she has been for this jury. She was targeted more times than anyone, even Michael, and she escaped 5 evictions. She was talked about and isolated way past when the Leftovers formed. Part of the Leftovers strategy was to keep everyone thinking they didn’t like Taylor and wanted her out. It’s hard to make alot of big moves if you’ve spent half the season otb or isolated.

Taylor’s strategic game wasn’t great. She told Brittnay, Monte and Joseph way too much. (See a pattern here?) I think Taylor spent most of this game looking for someone she could trust and any time she thought she’d found it, she gave up too much. She also never really escaped the misconceptions about her. Most of the false impressions and lies about her started before day 3. We were past day 70 when she finally found out about some of them.

It’s also still being used against her. Monte did it just this week by telling her, maybe there was a reason people had an issue with her the first week. He said this knowing but I guess forgetting, he spread one of the biggest lies about her in week 1.

What she does have is a story. If you can get people who hate you to root for you, you’re doing something right. This jury, at least to some extent, is rooting for her. If Taylor goes the direction of the underdog and girl power in a F2 speech, she can win this game. Not every season has a great strategist (this one didn’t) or a comp beast. (he’s in jury) I think she needs to ask this jury, “how many of you either wanted me out or tried to get me out at some point this season?” Tell them “I’m still here.”

Sometimes, it’s ok to vote for the person that just made you feel good and Taylor’s story could do that for this jury. She also won 2 hoh’s: The wall, which is usually impressive to players and F4, which gets you to the F3 on your own. I mentioned earlier, Taylor has been kind to people who weren’t kind to her all season. The kindness and grace she’s shown many of them could pay off for her. If she can get them wrapped up in a Cinderella moment, she’ll win the game.

Can she do that with a speech? I don’t know but if she can win the final hoh, I think that could go a long way too. Taking herself to the F2 might be the only thing she’d need to clinch it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit concerned about the jurors finding out about Monte & Taylor. It isn’t fair but the reality is, they could view this situation with a double standard. We already saw a hint of it on last nights episode. Why should Taylor be judged one way for this and Monte another way?

The next two won’t be this long. It’s not because I think they shouldn’t win. Monte and Turners games are more straight forward plus, no one wants to read a lengthy week by week refresher 3 days in a row. Taylor’s one of the people I’ve been rooting for all season but after recapping her game, I’ll admit, I think her win would mostly be for her story. It’s a really good story though so I’d be ok with it.

I’ll have another one up tomorrow and the last one on Sunday so for now, have a great Friday!


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