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Big Brother 24- Turner’s Game Summary

September 25, 2022 | 17 Comments
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Author: Mel

During Turners first week, he bonded with Pooch, Alyssa, Paloma plus Joseph & Terrance to a lesser extent. Still, he was seen as a bit of an outcast.

I’d forgotten on day 2, Brittnay tried to suggest Turner work with Michael and her and he turned her down. (Monte did this to Jasmine the first week too. See? Not a great player to be found this season) Turner did make an alliance with Pooch and Daniel tho and agreed with Daniel about targeting Michael.

This is why he bonded with Terrance the first week. Turner was the first to tell Terrance he had his vote to stay.

After Michael won the veto, Turner suggested Taylor go up as the replacement. He was irritated with Taylor because she’d made some comment about him doing his own dishes. He also had Paloma, Pooch and Alyssa in his ear about not liking Taylor. He tried to get Alyssa and Paloma to form an alliance with Pooch and himself too.

He eventually found himself in a larger alliance when Turner, Pooch and Daniel, added Kyle, Monte and Joseph to make Oasis. This didn’t help much because Monte was loyal to Po’s Pack and he told them about Oasis. If you add to that, Paloma left and Taylor didn’t, his first week wasn’t great.

Moving into week 2, his #1 ally volunteered to go on the block. Jasmine was hoh and other than doing some campaigning for Pooch, Turner wasn’t involved in much. The entire house knew Pooch was leaving for most of the week except Pooch, Joseph and Turner. He did vote Pooch out because he found out what was happening almost last minute, and didn’t wan’t to stand out that early. (Our opportunity to say Turner & Pooch all season ended)

(This will be the long week for Turner’s recap) Turner realized he needed to win the next hoh and did, barely beating Ameerah, who would’ve targeted him. (or maybe Taylor) He got Jasmine as his Festie Bestie partner by default and planned to target Taylor. Jasmine (sort of) convinced him Taylor was behind Pooch’s eviction by claiming Taylor overheard something about Oasis and spread it. He was getting closer to Joseph since they’d both lost Pooch.

Kyle told Turner that Ameerah was behind Pooch leaving and said she was running the house. Several things were happening at once: Joseph already didn’t believe Taylor could’ve orchestrated Pooch leaving and was saying so to Turner, Turner noticed the trash talking of Taylor getting nastier and Daniel, Nicole and Indy were giving Turner bad vibes. He also didn’t care for Jasmine and she was the source of some of the info about Taylor.

Kyle, Joseph, Turner and Monte made the Pound to take back control of the game and go after Ameerah. (Turner came up with the name, in honor of Pooch) They started talking about bringing in Michael, Brittnay and Taylor and Turner told them about the things people were saying about Taylor to him. He was hearing more of it because he was the hoh. They talked more about how Taylor had been treated. Things were falling into place for Turner but I have a feeling, Turner was included in this alliance because he was the hoh at the time.

They got all 7 together, talked about being left out and Kyle & Joseph gave Taylor THE big pep talk. (This was a hilarious night on the feeds. They tried to lure Taylor upstairs and it took forever) They told Taylor they didn’t like how she was being treated, wanted her to work with them and Joseph said she’d be a full member of the alliance. He told her she wasn’t a shield for them, she was a sword. He also said “just because we know you’re strong, doesn’t give us the right to test how strong you are.”

I’m including this because although I believe Turner was becoming turned off by the trash talking of Taylor, I also think this pep talk to her, pumped him up too. It’s also where alot of his speech came from that he gave later. I’m not trying to make it sound like Turner wasn’t an active participant. I’m only saying he wasn’t the driving force behind it.

The next day, Daniel went off on Taylor in the bathroom, in front of everyone. Once this happened, Turner almost backed out of backdooring Ameerah. He told Kyle and Joseph, maybe they should take out Taylor and go after Ameerah next. He didn’t want everyone mad at him. Joseph and Kyle ignored him and kept making plans to do it anyway and eventually, got him pumped up again.

Turner had already put up Michael and Brittnay as pawns to backdoor Taylor, they won the veto, took themselves down and Turner put up Ameerah and Terrance. Half the house was shocked but were more shocked by his speech. He said he was tired of the bullying and dog piling on Taylor and said as the youngest person in the house, he shouldn’t have to be the one to say it. Taylor cried, I cried, we all cried. (If Turner loses the game, he’ll always have that moment and it was a great one)

Half the house scrambled, pointed fingers and tried to figure out who Turner was talking about. He went from being a target to someone the other hg’s had to respect. What were they gonna do? They couldn’t say “Turner sucks because we love bullying.” He suddenly had influence and the hg’s asked if he was talking about them and cared about his answer.

This speech did alot for Turners game. I remember it as the week he became a player. He started camera talking too. He told us he actually liked Taylor and Brittnay and wasn’t sure why he’d been saying he didn’t. He admitted he’d been involved in saying bad things about Taylor and felt bad about it. He started bonding with Taylor alot more that week. She’d had no idea he was going to say those things in his speech and she was grateful to him.

He came up with a plan to tell Daniel before the veto ceremony Taylor wasn’t going up and later, told other people Daniel knew Taylor wasn’t going up. The other side, except for Nicole, didn’t really trust Daniel afterwards. He did this on his own, told the other LO’s after and they thought it was great. (It was smart and made me think he was better strategically than he probably was)

He also managed to put up Terrance without losing him as a friend. He kept reassuring him and sharing as much as he could that week with him. That worked too. When Nicole “broke the news” to Terrance he was leaving, (another hilarious moment) Terrance was able to laugh about it later with Turner because Turner had let him in on the plan. Ameerah was evicted and everyone except the LO’s were stunned.

Monte won the hoh in week 4. Monte and Kyle were in Oasis with Turner but they weren’t loyal to it. They WERE loyal to the LO’s so again, great for Turner. He went from being seen only as Pooch’s sidekick, expendable and the guy who doesn’t shower, to an important part of a big alliance. He didn’t do alot during this week but he didn’t need to after the last one.

He didn’t like when the plan switched from taking out Nicole to taking out Alyssa. They were friends and he didn’t want her to go. He tried to argue against it but it didn’t matter since Kyle and Daniel used the veto, putting Nicole otb anyway. Turner approached Kyle with a F2, assuming Monte and Joseph probably had one with each other already. He and Kyle were annoyed the LO’s were pushing for Alyssa to go over Indy before Nicole went up.

The only thing pertaining to Turner this week, other than getting closer to Kyle, Alyssa and maybe Taylor, was being a have not. It’s only relevant because he shared the experience with Jasmine. He already didn’t care for her but the way she irritated him increased during this week. It was a rough week for him with Jasmine asking for things all the time and Nicole using up what little od his hoh food he could eat because he’s a vegetarian. The end of this week was Muffingate and Nicole was evicted. (Who ate the half?)

Michael won the next hoh, and again, Turner didn’t do alot of gaming. He messed with Jasmine more and began hanging out with Joseph and Taylor alot. They became the late night crew. Turner hung out with all the LO’s socially but didn’t talk much game unless it was with Kyle. Daniel was evicted.

On week 6, Taylor was hoh and things began to fall apart for the LO’s. Taylor suggested Turner as a pawn and he didn’t appreciate it. He felt like he’d risked his game to help her and it wasn’t being appreciated. After Indy and Terrance went up, the push to get Alyssa out was immediate. Kyle was already wanting to break from Joseph, Monte and Taylor by this time. Michael and Brittnay were stirring the pot and Alyssa told Turner about her magical 10 seconds with Kyle.

Again, Turner pushed back over taking out Alyssa and he thought Taylor’s reason was petty. Kyle won the veto, refused to use it and Turner backed him on it. Turner told Kyle, Alyssa told him their secret sex and said he shouldn’t take Alyssa out right after that happened.

It was also Jasmine’s birthday, week, month, whatever. This was also when Turner pissed her off by telling her she’d kill a bird and hurt the environment by releasing the balloon she’d requested. Between this and the muffin, Turner lost a jury vote.

After not getting very far with Michael the prior week, Kyle started hinting to Turner about forming their own alliance. When Kyle asked Turner if he thought anyone might go against the group, Turner said no because they’d be the next target. Kyle tried several times and always got a similar response. Turner was either not catching on or pretending he didn’t.

Turner hinted to Joseph and Monte about Alyssa and Kyle having sex, hoping they’d let go of wanting Alyssa out this soon. He also started talking about wanting Taylor out first when they got to 7. Kyle refused to use the veto and Indy was evicted.

The house split and Turner was chosen by Terrance to be with his group. Being the closest to Terrance, Turner got him on board to put up the shomance to backdoor Joseph. That was Terrance’s plan but Turner was planning to take out Alyssa. He felt he had to at this point since she was the only non leftover there. This didn’t last long because Alyssa talked Terrance out of it about 5 minutes later.

After Kyle outed the LO’s, Turner was blindsided when he went otb with Joseph. He was surprised again when Terrance used the veto on him. Turner chose Kyle over Joseph and Joseph was evicted. They formed the After Party and headed back inside.

Meanwhile, the inside group had been talking about targeting Turner. They’d blame Kyle if Joseph was gone but thought Turner was a wildcard. Alot of this was because he didn’t talk much game with them anymore.

Turner won the next hoh, pulled a Taylor and promised everyone safety. He’d walked in ready to work with the After Party but after talking to Monte, he changed his mind. Monte convinced him they were still the LO’s but more importantly, the Pound. Turner tried to get Kyle to agree to take out Terrance. Kyle convinced him it was too late and Turner went back to targeting Michael. He put up Taylor and Brittnay but Michael won the veto. If the stuff with Kyled hadn’t happened, the plan was to take out Monte. Turner would’ve still had Kyle and been in a better position because Kyle would’ve been targeted before him.

Michael & Brittnay told Turner about Kyle’s prior accusations and partially convinced him he’d have to put up Kyle. Monte finished convincing Turner they couldn’t keep Kyle based on the situation when Turner still wanted Taylor to go. They made a F2 since they’d be the last from the Pound. Kyle was evicted and Michael knew they’d tried to backdoor him. Turner also made a F2 with Alyssa.

Michael won the next hoh and Turner got very lucky because Michael wanted to keep his word and not put Turner otb. He went after Terrance instead. After Brittnay got Turner and Monte convinced the women may team up, he convinced Monte they should make a deal with Michael.

Brittnay succeeded in getting the target off Michael but everything else backfired. When she suggested she and Turner team up and said she knew Michael had to go, Turner was put off by it. Why would he trust her if she’d toss her #1 under the bus? (good point) Terrance was evicted heading into a double.

With Turner as the hoh in the double, Monte forced him to take out Michael by winning the veto. He was prepared to take out Brittnay and stick to this “gentleman’s agreement” with Michael. Instead of owning the move, his good bye msg to Michael was more of an apology and blaming Monte.

Monte was hoh at F5 and to avoid the block, Turner agreed to vote out Alyssa. The original plan was to get rid of Brittnay but she won the veto. Turner did try in several conversations to get Monte to keep Alyssa but it didn’t work. He wasn’t open to Brittany’s hints to him about keeping her. Brittnay was his new Jasmine by now and he didn’t want to team up with her. He knew he should keep Alyssa but wasn’t going to do it without Monte’s ok.

By eviction night, he believed Brittnay was voting Alyssa out so all he could’ve done was tie the vote and piss off Monte. Before eviction night, he had several options. He could’ve made a F3 with Brittnay and Alyssa and kept her with a 2-0 vote. At the very least, He could’ve taken Monte up on his offer at the beginning of the week to give Alyssa a sympathy vote. At the very, very least, he could’ve told Alyssa he couldn’t vote to keep her before she left. Alyssa left hurt and pissed off.

Taylor won the F4 hoh and Turner may have gone if Monte hadn’t won the veto. Instead of doing something or anything to work for Brittnay’s jury vote, he spent the week avoiding her because she’d set him up, tricked him and tried to blame her vote on him. Brittnays’ vote was cast against Taylor but she managed to stay good with Brittnay before she left. He could still have Britney’s jury vote but it would be because of what Monte did, not anything Turner did.

By the time he realized Monte and Taylor were ‘a thing,’ it was too late and heading into the F3. He won part 1 of the last hoh, Monte won part 2 and he’ll be dependent on Monte keeping his F2 deal unless he can will part 3. I don’t fault him for not working Taylor last week for a F2 because he still needed Monte to keep him over Brittnay. That also doesn’t matter anymore since Taylor won’t be competing in part 3.

I also wouldn’t blame Turner for choosing Monte over Taylor, especially after Taylor gave him some info. After Turner won part 1, he started working Taylor a little as a backup option. He was shocked when Taylor told him, he’d have Brittnay’s vote over Monte. (not the beat way to get Turner to choose her imo)

After the final 4 veto, I said it would take a miracle for Turner to win the final hoh. Once I saw how bad he was with his days, I didn’t think he stood a chance. Taylor’s been helping him study but he’s trying to play catch up to Monte. Unless this last comp can be won by guessing or rug making, I still think he’s screwed.

Turner’s an interesting player and if he had a bit more maturity and game savvy, I think he could be a really good player. I said awhile back, I felt like Turner’s game was simple. He wanted a bro alliance, got in one and was loyal to it He was loyal to the Leftovers until 7 and wanted the Pound to be the F4.

I mentioned Monte’s social capital yesterday, which he had more of than Turner. I said Monte burned some of it early in the game, trying to save Pooch. Turner didn’t have any until after his 1st HOH. He didn’t burn his, he just never used it. He was good socially with the people he liked and ignored the people he didn’t. He didn’t fake it and was always himself. I think he’d have to really lean into this if he made it to the F2.

Turner has the most impressive resume of the F3. He took out Ameerah, Kyle and Michael. The problem is, I think most of the jury knows they weren’t really his moves. He didn’t help himself when he avoided owning it in his good bye messages.

I think his path to win would be reversing that and owning all the moves at the F2. He would somehow need to channel the energy from the speech he gave about bullying. He’d have a better shot if Monte pissed people off with the jury questions. The problem is, there’s more potential for Monte to piss people off if Monte is sitting next to Taylor. The speech Monte’s been working on involves outing his showmance and saying Turner made the biggest moves and he took out Turner. Giving Turner that kind of credit would be great for Turner except….Turner would be sitting with the jury when it happened.

He had good luck getting the LO’s and bad luck with Dyre Fest and the situation with Kyle. He made good moves if he can convince the jury they were his but his game was too passive. He won enough comps to compete with Monte but I don’t think Monte plans on taking him. After Taylor clued him in on what type of questions the final comp might be, he’s been studying. He’s gained just in the last day but he may still be too far behind Monte. I knew Turner wasn’t a great player but I had thought he played a better game than the one I’m recapping. By the end of this, I’ve realized, I just really liked Turner. For loyalty, his game was fire but his strategy at times, well….it was disgussin’.

I can’t wait for tonight and have a great Sunday!


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