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Big Brother 24 – Week 1 Live Eviction? Thread

July 14, 2022 | 106 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

If you aren’t aware by now, we had something happen in the house which may or may not have had Paloma leave. There are no details yet, but Julie did say she would discuss it on the show tonight.

I would have normally have written down all types of thoughts on what is going to happen tonight, but honestly I really have no clue. It’s very possible they scrap the eviction, but even more probable that the eviction happens and they just skip a double eviction they had planned later on down the line.

Yea, I’m going to go with the latter. I think they’ll still have an eviction and they’ll still go through with the twist and all that jazz. It’s just the way they are.

If it stands, Taylor is set to go home, but we have no clue on where the house actually is on that point as well. Paloma was the driving force sending Taylor packing and if she’s indeed gone, it’s hard to say. However, Daniel knows Taylor is a bigger threat than Terrance and will probably want her gone regardless because he wouldn’t want her pissed at him.

Alright, time to finally find out what happened over the last 24h….

  • Julie starts off saying ‘Expect the Unexpected’ is true tonight.
  • She’s going to tell us later? C’mon Julie.
  • On to some highlights
  • Ugh, 15 minutes in and still nothing although Julie basically confirmed someone left
  • On the bright side, we get clips of Brittany throwing her game away by overplaying the week
  • Okay, sounds like we’re getting the story.
    • This is going to be about Paloma just cracking. She has had very little sleep
    • On the bright side, this wasn’t a racism issue which is good. Paloma has shown zero signs of racism and people were speculating.
    • Yes, she disliked Taylor for what seemed like no reason but I got no impression of racial motivation.
  • They pray over the loss of Paloma. Sleep well, my princess. Oh wait, she didn’t die. Let’s not act like it lol But for real, do sleep well when you get home
  • On another note, Brittany was saved from the vote but things are changing.
  • It was going to be a battle between a nominee and one of the backstage pass holder. The loser would have gone home.
  • I guess that makes sense to squash it because it would have been extremely unfair to Alyssa.
  • No eviction this week at all
  • Pretty early HoH competition. Wonder if it’s a long one or they have something else planned.
  • 7 races and if you win you get a chance to be HoH
    • Race 1 – Pooch vs Michael = Michael wins!
    • Race 2 – Taylor vs Alyssa = Taylor wins!
    • Race 3 – Indy vs Joseph = Joseph wins!
    • Race 4 – Ameerah vs Brittany = Ameerah wins!
    • Race 5 – Jasmine vs Terrance = Jasmine wins – maybe. Maybe not!
    • It looked like Jasmine touched the ground and it sounded like Julie was going to break that to her but she injured her ankle jumping off the platform
    • Looks like they’re letting her off with the win. They checked tape So yea they were about to tell her they were checking.
    • Race 6 – Turner vs Kyle = Kyle wins!
    • Race 7 – Monte vs Nicole = Monte wins!
  • Finalists –
    • Michael
    • Taylor
    • Joseph
    • Ameerah
    • Jasmine
    • Kyle
    • Monte

Alright, that wraps up the episode. They will do the second part later on, likely not on the feeds but I will let you know who wins!

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